It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 32 Master, what do you realize?

The pavilion.

On a table, five or six small dishes were placed, and the color is full.

Sun Hao four people sequentially.

"Two girls, don't you have to polite, eat it!"

Sun Hao started, others started the pickle.

Luo Cow smashed a radish, biting a bite, shocked in an instant.

Infinite spirit, full of mouth.

Among the spiritual power, there is a few fairy powers.

Fairy entered the meridians and flooded all over the body.

Luousi smoked can clear the flesh to become stronger.

There is below the cave, and the light is light, and it is afraid that it can resist everything.

Only when I bite, I have such a role. If the whole swallowed, then?

Rouli smoke in the darkness, chewing.

A stunning, and quickly strengthen the whole body veins and flesh under her guidance.

I can't take a moment.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

Obstacles to repair the barriers and instantly crack.

In one moment, Luo Liu smoke has reached a successful life.

"Is this a dish? This is clear that there is no demon!"

"I didn't expect that the son was eating, it was such a thing!"

"I left today, it is really worth it!"

Luo Liu smashed, I won a radish again, and chewed fine.

Su Yiti has a slower than her.

Careless Wing is like a thin ice.

"The girl is eating, it is slow!"

Sun Hao shook his head, put a radish, three or two.

Shortly after.

Sun Yu looked at Luo Liu smoke and asked: "Liu smoked girl, I ask you a matter!"

Luo Liu smashed, the body trembled, secretly said: "The test is coming! Be careful, every word, you have to write down!"

"Gong, you said!"

"Open a hospital in Jiangyang City, what do you think?" Sun Hao said.

Open Medical Museum? Jiangyang City?

There is no short clue between time.

Luo Culi smashed, I can only answer: "Bonus, Jiangyang City is the main city of Yangzhou, the location is excellent!"

Sun Hao nodded and continued to speak: "Is Jiangyang City safe?"

Safety? Open Medical Museum? Jiangyang City?

It seems that there is less than one piece, please write down.

"Jiangyang City has a sharp management of the top capital, very safe!" Said Luo Cow.

"Two girls, is Yao Chi Palace?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, the son." Luo ko nodded.

"Can you ask Yaochi Palace to protect?"

Sun Hao trusted courage, testing two people.

If she said, I will ask them!

That way, go to the hospitality and fall in mind.

On the other hand, Luo Liu smoke is also frowning.

Where is the people ask Yaochi Palace?

So many people, is protection? Totally impossible!

What is the problem of the son?

Why can't you think?

"The son, in Jiangyang City, the mortal is safe, does not need to be protected!" Luosi smoke said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao shook his head.

Look, the cultivator is arrogant, and I don't want to protect the mortal.


The cultivator, I can't look down on mortal.

Seeing Sun Hao's face change, Luo Liu smoked.

Look, I have no time to understand the mean!

Trouble, trouble!

"How do I am so dull!"

"Who always gives me a look! The son just a doctor, what is it?"

Thinking of this, Luo cigarette is sitting uneasy.

Those who contain immortals, eat in their mouths, and tasteless.

Southern, who is eating, seeing Luosi smoke, silently putting down chopsticks.

"Bono, thank you for treatment, Zongmen do things, let's definitely!"

Luo Cow stood up and greeted.

"Liu smashed girl, go back and then go!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you, the son, the Zongmen affairs urgent, come back next time!" Said Luosi.

"In this case, then I don't retain two, remember to come often!" Sun Hao said.


After that, Luo Cow with Su Yi Ling and quickly got out of the hospital door.

Along the way, Luo Cow's face is very ugly.

"Master, what happened to you?"

Su Yiling said, Luo Liu smoked, but did not hear it, he said to himself.

"How is I am so stupid?"

"The son, what is the meaning?"

I heard these, Su Yi Ling was confused.

"The teacher will not be stupid?"

"How this is a good, the evil family invaded the people! The teacher is stupid, how can I face it?" Su Yiling muttered, full of bitterness.

Unexpectedly, I ate a meal, the teacher has become this.

Those delicious tastes too delicious.

I haven't eaten themselves.

Why will the Master have this reaction?

"What did you just say? Let's say it again!"

Su Yi Ling looked up and saw Luo Liu smoke and stared at yourself.

"The teacher will not be stupid?"

"Next sentence!"

"How is this good, evil people ..."

"Yes, it is here, I realized, haha ​​..."

"Bono, you can rest assured, you give me something, order to complete the task!"

After saying, Luo Liu smashed the direction of Sun Hao, hugged.

Su Yiwei looked at Luo Liu smoke, doubtful face, "Master, you are nothing? What do you realize?"

Luousi smoked, relaxed.

I didn't understand the meal that I didn't understand the meal.

After receiving, I know how high the son is!

She looked at the Eye Sin, with her finger to point her forehead. "You, you know how to eat, let you have a little bit, always don't listen!"

Su Yi Ling is a mouth, "Master, that is, there is no demon, don't eat it!"

"Look, I will teach you when I am," Luo Liu smoke shook his head.

"Okay, don't say, we must return to Zongmen as soon as possible, transfer the elite disciple, and go to Jiangyang City!" Luo Cai said.

"Master, what is this?" Su Yiwei asked.

"The son just wakes us, saying that Jiangyang City has a evil family, let us protect the mortal!" Said Luo Cigarette.

"Have it?"

Su Yi Ling broke the head, and he didn't think of Sun Hao to say this.

"Master, what do you realize?" Su Yi Ling asked.

"The son just asked, can you remember?" Luo smoke said.

"Of course, remember!" Su Yi Ling nodded, "the son asked, in Jiangyang City opened the medicine hall, what did you think?"

"Open Medicine, used to dry?"

"Save the death of the wound!"

"Yes! Next, the son said, Jiangyang City is safe? This is not to tell us, Jiangyang City is very dangerous!" Luo Cigarette said.

If Su Ying is thinking, "the son said whether the mortal can I ask Yaochi Palace to protect? Is this tell us that let us protect the mortal?"

"Not bad!"

Speaking here, Luo Liu smashed a bit of bitterness, "And I replied, mortal is very safe, does not need to protect, I am a fool!"

"Master, then you now explain to the son?" Su Yiwei asked.

"It's absolutely not! We can only prove to the master with practical action!" Luo Cai said.

"Master"! "

Su Yi Ling nodded, there is a doubt on his face, "Master, but I still don't understand, where is the son saying is a evil family?"

" ..."

Luo Liu smashed the head of Su Yinding, "Is the son going to the evil family early?"

"It seems to be Ye, Master, how is your brain so easy?

"Right, Master, don't we tell this in the Cangyuan?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Do not!"

Luo Cow smile shook his head.


"First, the evil family has been quiet for many years, and the Shang Cangyuan may not believe."

"Second, the master test, can you fake your hand?"

"Third, the evil family just dispatched, only testive attacks, I will have to block!"