It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 33 Bon, I am willing to protect you

Huang is dreaming of Sun Hao, and if you want to say.

"If you dream, is there any questions?" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, do you want to open a doctors in Jiangyang City?" Huang asked.

Sun Hao listened, his eyes were bloomed.

This sister can be.

As I said, she can guess what I think in my heart, amazing!

"Yes." Sun Hao said.

"Bonkee, do you want to find a trick to protect you?" Huangru dreams.

"Well!" Sun Yizhen is head.

"Bono, if you don't have to give up, I am willing to protect you!" Huangru dreams.


Sun Hao got up and down, the phoenix is ​​like a dream, looks at the look.

The phoenix is ​​on the body, and there is no temper at the immortal.

How to protect yourself?

"Can you protect me?" Sun Hao asked.

The Phoenix is ​​a smile, go to the front of Sun Yanyu, reach out of the weak little hand, pull Sun Hao, "Bonology, you come with me!"


Sun Hao is doubtful to follow the phoenix, and the mind is eager.

She won't be a cultivator?

If so, the trouble is big.

The first time I got a few where I didn't touch it.

Also, these days, the two got along, but as a couple, they were repaired.

If she has repented, she can't shoot it, she can't ...

At this time, Sun Hao is in the heart.

"Bonology, I will take you, can you be good?" Huang asked.


Sun Hao's eyes are gloried.

I want to go to the world, I am happy.

Can let such a beautiful woman fly, life, and seek.

"Good." Sun Yizhen nodded.

"Gong, you stand all."

"it is good."

"Come over."

"is this okay?"

"Hold me tight."

"This is not very good."

"Waiting for you, I may not pick up!"

"Well, do you have this way?"

"Tight again."

When I heard this, Sun Hao was dead to hold the Phoenix.

A burst of wind, rushing.

Large in the chest, Sun Wei did not consciously reacted.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, holding Sun Hao, "Mon, I am going to start."



The two slowly flew, soon, they jumped over the stone tower.

"Hey, this tower seems to be less!" Sun Haoyi.

"It seems to be, the son!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

Stone Tower in Sun Hao's eyes, sharply narrowed.

Sun Yan looked at the ground, a dizziness sent.

He hugged the Phoenix, did not dare to let go.

"Mon, how?" Huang asked.

"It turns out that this is flying, it feels good!" Sun Hao said.

"The son, this is not flying, next, is flying, I have to speed up!"

This start.


The ear came from the ear.

If the whole person is sitting in the mountainside, the horror acceleration is not smooth, the chest is not breathed, and the heart is like jumping out.


The wind is blowing, hit on the face, a hurt.

Sun Yu is also open.

Terrible, it is terrible.

The heart is dramatic and can't stop.

It is uncomfortable.

"Dream, stop ... stop, stop, I have asthyed!"

The Phoenix is ​​slow, gradually stopping.

She looked at Sun Wei sweating, her eyes bloomed so much.

"The son is unable to imagine, this mortal is too image, even I can't see the slightest!"


"If you dream, slow down, take me back, your speed, it's almost like plane." Sun Hao said.

"Airplane?" The Phoenix is ​​a dream.

"That is a kind of flight spirit, people can sit inside." Sun Hao turned to think, said.

"The son is a boating? The boating is not so fast." Huangru dreams.


"Do you need to consume Lingshi?"

"Don't need it, it is consuing kerosene."


Huang is dreaming of Sun Hao, a face worship.

These things have never heard of it.

It is something that is talented in the higher world.

Look, the son is here from a higher world.

"The son, you are so powerful, know so much." Huangru dreams.

Seeing the hot eyes of the Phoenix, Sun Hao quickly retracted.

These things are common sense.

Which is very powerful.

Now, the Phoenix is ​​also a cultivator, and you must be careful, you can't get annoyed.

"It's not too powerful, take me back!"

"Yes, the son!"

The Phoenix is ​​accelerating again, and Sun Hao is almost spit.

He even shouted slowd down until the Phoenix was slower than one tenth, this is a lot.

It is a test of this mortal body, and it is a test.

Going back to the yard, Sun Hao said: "If a dream, why do you have the kind of breath?"

"Bonology, I practice special, can hide the breath." Huangru dreams.

Sun Hao heard it, nodded.

This is the case.

"If you dream, we will take a lesson every day, that is, you take me to fly, until I am completely adapted, we will go to Jiangyang City, how?"

"All by the bonus."

The Phoenix is ​​like a slight.

"Okay, let's take a look at this stone tower!"

Sun Hao looked up, looking at the stone tower of the world, his eyes, the eyes, kept flashing.

This stone tower has several tens of layers.

Hope to height, at least a few hundred meters.

If standing on it, we will fix the view in the mountains.

This is a perfect viewing platform.

Compared with flight, it is still safe.

"Okay, son."

The two stood in front of the stone tower and patted the door.

" ..."

Dark spoke.

"Gong, let me try!"

The Phoenix is ​​coming, the idea is moving, takes the body strength, integrates into the palm, released in Shimen.


Shimen was shaken.

The dust falls above, revealing an incomparable ripple.

It looks, the vicissitudes of life.

There are many places, and the texture has been found out.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, after pouring into the ripple, lit up a red manner, walking along the ripple, and begins to flow.


The Phoenix is ​​a clean, and it cannot be filled with a pattern.

Recovered power.

The Phoenix is ​​like a stone door, and it is shocking.

"These are all lines, very old, at least in the middle of the ancient times?"

"This stone tower, I am afraid that it is not simple!"

The Phoenix is ​​a dream station to Sun Hao, and a face apologize, "The son, my strength is too low, I can't open."


"This thing, can open, don't have to force!"

Sun Hao touched the stone door texture road and shook his head.

"This texture, who is engaged? This painting is too bad, or I am coming!"

Sun Hao took the knife from the engraving room and stood in front of Shimen.

"Mon, what is this?" Huang asked.

"I look at these textures is very hard, some places are allowed, I will fix it!" Sun Hao said.


The Phoenix is ​​shocking.

This ancient quaque, a big man is engraved, the son actually said that it is blunt?

No way?

The son really treats himself as the mortal?

This thing, the surface seems to be ordinary, and it is very uncommon.

Don't say repairs, even touch it.

However, the son has no mana, and there should be no things.

So thinking, the Phoenix is ​​relaxed.

Next second.

She is stunned, I haven't calmed it for a long time.

I saw that the tricks were in the hands of Sun Hao, flexible, like Dragon walks.

Ancient flames, no anthrophhage.

A road line, rapidly presented on stone door.