It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 34 is repaired, and also welcomes thunder.

The Phoenix is ​​looking at Sun Hao, his eyes, and the essence is not sparkling.

I saw that Sun Hao portrayed on Shimen.

The action is a cloud, no one is stagnant.

At that speed, I am full of dazzling.

After a short time.


A sound.

The stone door is completely composed.

It seems that it is natural, not half a point.


A aura that can't be perceived, quickly drilling into the stone door.

The whole stone door seems to have a spirituality.

"How? Good look?"

Sun Hao voice, wake up the Phoenix.

The son, this is a good look.

This is exactly the ghosts, I am ignorant!

Repair ancient flames, which is easy and simple.

In this life, in addition to the son, can anyone do it?

"Good look." The Phoenix nodded.

When I heard this, Sun Yu's mouth rose, and it hired.

Finally, some people appreciate their engraction.

Moreover, it is still a beautiful cultivator.

This feels very good.

"Bon, I think you can open the door." Huangru dreams.

"Then you open!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, gently pressing the door of stone.


Shimen topped road and shifted.


A dull stone friction sounded.

The giant stone door is slowly opened.


A simple breath, came from the door.

Treat the stone door opened, the two placed the eyes, showing a pair of disappointment.

The stone door is just a space that reaches one hundred square meters.

Thick dust, accumulated in the inside.

The stone wall is also wrapped in dust, can't see any traces.

Moreover, this stone tower did not have stairs!

In other words, can only stand in the first layer?

"Who is designed, how to get a few hundred meters, but the first layer is only 3 meters high, and there is only one floor!"

Sun Hao shook his head and walked out of the stone tower.

"If you dream, I will sweep again tomorrow. Today we continue to practice the piano." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son."

After a while.

The two were sitting in front of an ancient Qin.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, it is Sun Yixin.

"... ..."

The rhythm sounds and shocked.

Two songs are mixed, together, sway the melody.

I heard the human ear, and I was so comfortable.

The pond is a hundred lotus lotus, not right, it should be said to be a lotus.

At this moment, she is happy to shoot petals, such as applaud.

Two cherry blossom trees, ripple, branches.

Backyard fruit trees, tea trees, flowers ... At this moment, they are branches.

As a fanatics, it is very enthusiastic.

"It's so comfortable ..."

The sound that is unable to hear is sounded.

The phoenix is ​​like a dream head, and a transparent flexion is slowly condensed.

He is the burning of the heartman.

"This song is too nice, I feel that I am stronger!"

Incine it stretched a lazy waist, he said lazy.

Suddenly, his eyebrows were picking, looking at the two cherry trees, cold sweat DC.

"My God, two demon fairy, too ... it is terrible!"

"What? The flower in the pond is also a demon, the breath is stronger!"

Burning quickly hidden, hiding in the Phoenix, showing an eye, peeking outward.

When he saw Sun Hao's hand, the scalp was fried.

"That ... what is that? I ... I can't see it.

"At least there is also a unhappy device! Will it be a fairy?"

"Fortunately, the song of his play is not killing, or else, absolutely shocking me!"

"He looks a mortal, how can I use this kind of thing? Is it possible to have reached a return to return?" I can't see this. "

One thought here.

Incinement is frightened, the brain sweater is rolling and falling.

"What is this in the end, it is terrible!"

"Escape, you must quickly escape, if it is late, the fierce is less!"

Burning face, fulfilling it.

He carefully climbed to the ground and was preparing to move.


But see, the chair shocks.


Like the dragon.

The earthquake is in his mind, the soul is rippling.

Almost, the soul was shocked and died in the scene.

Incineed, fly to the top of the dream, hiding in the hairpin, no longer dared to come out.

"Look, I am going to die."

"Who will save me!"

Burning Tsese trembling.



Time is fast, and it is three days.

Three days, Sun Hao and the Phoenix were very regular.

Eat, sleep, fly, elath, cleanseed stone tower, engraving the lines ...

After three days of hard work.

The two finally took the first layer of stone tower and cleans it.

Moreover, the ripple of the stone taar is all repaired, more even before.

The inner tilt road is much more complicated, and Sun Hao must also treat it, it will not be wrong.

In addition to this.

After three days of flight training, Sun Hao has been adapted to the flying speed of the phoenix.

Even, you can also open your eyes and observe the ground landscape.

Progress is quite big.

The Phoenix is ​​also a sharp step.

She is alone, has already taken a charm.

The strength of the phoenix, such as the day of the day, infinitely close to the robbery.

The ferry is satisfactory, that is a big hurdle.

Because of this, it is necessary to face, will be nine-color thunder.

This power is thousands of six-color thunder than before.

It is not an order of level.

Two thunder robes, the son may be able to drink.

But this time, thunder is not necessarily sold.

The Phoenix is ​​trying to suppress the repair. On this day, it is finally suppressed.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

Repair water to the stream.

In an instant, she broke her wall bar.

At this time.


On the sky, I suddenly lift the black cloud.

The layer is stacked, quickly stacked, pressed toward the ground.

Within a few hundred miles, all of them were shrouded by the black clouds and didn't see every day.

"Zi ..."

Nine-color electricity, walk in the black cloud, exploding the thrilling power.

Let people be seen, the head is numb.

", thunder!"

"Great, thunder!"

"Heaven help me too!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dreamhead, and the burning is excited.

As a heart, it has its own mission.

This mission is to help thunder, disturb the host.

Once the host fails, as a reward, the Tiandao will repair the host to the heart.

This is also the meaning of the heart.

After a few days, I finally ushered in the day of robbery.

It's really dialing the cloud, the heart is refreshing, it is difficult to say.

"Come on, go out soon!"

Incine it looks at the sky, revealing the color of infinite desire.

When the phoenix, Sun Yu looked at the sky, and his eyes became gloried.

"It seems to be thundered, I don't know if I can't drink these dark clouds?"

"If I have this ability, isn't it a big that can control the weather?"

One thought here, Sun Hao heart, full of expectations.

"If dreams seem to be afraid, then I will wait!"

"When the first voice falls, drink it again, so, if the dream will look at me!"

Sun Yu looked at the sky and secretly waiting.