It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 35, Thunder, Radiator


"Zi ..."

Nine-color electricity, the more you get more.

It seems that the whole world is shining.

Terrorism, seems to be destroyed.

Seeing, you have to brew the first Tianlei.

At this time.

"Zi ..."

Nine colors of electricity, a disappearance.

Then, it is a dark cloud.

Legally, the sun is high, the sky is sunny.

As you have just now, it is illusory.


Sun Yu is in the same place, but it can't believe it.

"I wiped, disappeared? I didn't talk!"

Sun Hao muttered, showed a bitter smile.

Look, drink back the cloud, there is no relationship with you half a cow!

Control weather?

Do dream!

Fortunately, do more tests.

Otherwise, the shame is lost.

There are more novels, not a good thing, always doing that you are a dream of cultivating fairy!

Receive your mood, Sun Hao looked at the Phoenix.

I saw her closing his eyes and didn't move.

The corner of the mouth, it is like a smile.

In her Dantian, the eighteen-color electricity is intertwined, slowly integrated.

Dantian in the demon baby, turned into a green phoenix.

Eighteen colors, with green phoenix, intensive.

This process doesn't have a little bit of pain.

Phoenix is ​​like a dream top.


The heart is burning shouting.

Others did not find that he clearly saw everything just happened.

Not long ago.

Horror thunder, rolling.

In the dark clouds, I hide a thunderman.

It, all over the body, exhausted.

Looking at it, it is uncomfortable to let people want to crack off.

As a heart magic, he also looked at it and received his attention.


Next, it is a simple meaning.

Thunder giants are gathering the first thunder.

When I saw Sun Hao, when I was staring at him, I was scared.

I didn't think I didn't think it was, and I was gratifying, I didn't stop.

Moreover, it also said that the sound of Hearts: "Adult, I am wrong, I don't dare!"

"Adult, you can rest assured, I know what to do!"

These two times have passed.

Thunder, a giant right hand.

Nine-color electricity, in its hands, flying into the Phoenix.

More than being punished, and, it is still giving the phoenix.

Is this good?

Thunder giants, in order to discuss the mortal, become a licking dog?

Mamma, this world, swollen?

Do you have a dream?

Nai, it's too terrible, too shocking.

This mortal is absolutely not a person!

"What should I do? I am finished! I am dead!"

"He has finally discovered me, did not shoot, just disdain!"

"The heart of the devil, you are in the Spirit, save your eighty-eighth generation grandson!"

"I beg you!"

Incinery inside the hairpin, shivering, keeping praying.

"No, I want to escape, I want to escape!"

Burning carefully drifting from the hairpin.

"Zi ..."

A black smoke fluttering.

Almost put the incinement electricity.

He hurried in the hairpin, did not dare to move.

"The death of the dog, actually trapped the old capital, thundered giants, I ..."

The words are not falling.

"Zi ..."

A few pieces of electricity, rapidly condense, scared burning, and a word dared to say.



Sun Yu looked at the phoenix,

"This gimmick, look like it is not simple!"

"I want to have high people's protection in the dark, I know that she is afraid of thunder, she broke the cloud!"

Sun Hao is dark.

a long time.

The Phoenix is ​​like a double eye.

Her mouth rose, the spring breeze.

Just everything, she can clearly look at the eyes.

The son is afraid that he has something, staring directly at the thunder.

That thunder giant is a rumor.

Scared Sithers tremble.

And put the nine-color Thunderstand give yourself.

This kind of confidence is not there.

Monal gay, not returned.

By the way, the son is clearer, and now is mortal, it is unable to break.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, walking to Sun Hao, gentle his hands.

"Bonology, you don't say to take me to see pet, can you now?" Huangru dreams.

"Oh, I forgot this, line, take you today!"

After that, Sun Wei stood up.

"Bonology, the pet you raised, where is it? I have been looking for it out, I didn't see it." Huangru dream.

"That's because I didn't raise the backyard." Sun Hao said smiling.

"Bon, where?"

"In the Western Court!" Sun Hao said.

"Western Catering?"

The phoenix is ​​shocked.

Son here, is there a western house?

I didn't see it.

With doubts, the Phoenix is ​​tight next to Sun Hao.

"If you dream, the western house is only now I can open, start today, I will give you permissions, you can also open it in the future!" Sun Hao said.

"Permissions? Be son is a mailing?" Huang asked.

Sun Hao smiled slightly, did not answer.

This scene, I saw the Phoenix.

It is full of high-profile.

Gongzi's means, incredible.

I actually even have a marks, I can't feel.

Too strong!

Monster, are you a Almighty Cactus?

In the eyes of the phoenix, it comes out, all worships.


Before standing on a stone wall, Sun Hao smiled.

"Bono, this is a wall, we have to wear it?" Huang asked.

"of course not!"

Sun Yu's mouth rushed, arrogant.

This is a machine!

Have a machine, has reached the situation!

Look at dreams, I don't think of it.

This shows that you can do it yourself. Generally, the immortal also does not look.

Sun Hao stood in front of the stone wall and waited back and forth, and he was dazzling.

Gradually, her eyes appearance, rapid change.

She saw a unioneer and showing a hand.

Terrorism, destroying the earth.

These techniques are like engraved in the mind and cannot forget.

"Sore Hand?"

The Phoenix is ​​in the heart, shocking.

Just learned the way, it is actually a silence.

Legend has it, and it is sneaked to the big, and it is broken.

The son actually teach himself to yourself.

This big grace is not reported.

"Gong, you are so good to me!"

In the eyes of the vintage, flashing tears.

Looking at Sun Hao, it is always movable.

After a while.


A heavy stone friction sound.

The stone wall slowly sinks.

In front of the two, it is an extremely vast farm.

Jin Cancan, very dazzling.

Daoxiang, rushing.

"Bonology, this is?" Huang asked.

Sun Yu's mouth rose, and it is proud of his face.

This is the farm of the system reward, can accommodate all things.

But unfortunately, you can't carry it with you, or bring this farm, where you can go!

"Is this my farm, look good?" Sun Hao said.


The phoenix is ​​stayed.

The son, there is an idea of ​​open up space!

This, self-sufficient rules.

Compared with the stunning, it is not a grade.

The bonard is a world.

"Bono, you are really a treasure house!"

The Phoenix is ​​looking at Sun Hao, between the time, no god.

"Don't you see the pet me? Don't be stunned, let's go in!"

"Okay, son!"

The phoenix is ​​followed by Sun Yanyu, and walking in the future.