It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 36 9 Days God, is actually a bean pet?

Sun Hao walked into the farm.


A bird.

Then, a nine-color golden chicken is coming soon.

It is around Sun Hao, whispered, and his neck is in the feet of Sun Hao.

That look, like a dog in the discussion.

"You see, the chicken I raised, more spiritual!" Sun Hao said.


The Phoenix is ​​a dream.

It's surprising to the son for so long, every day is amazed.

Even if you have numb, this is still in the heart.

What chicken is this?

It is clear that it is a nine-day god.

Dare to call nine days of gods for chicken, when today, there is only a son.

Nine color Jinji is staring on the Phoenix, in his eyes, it is not good.

A stress, like a tsunami, the is like a dream pressure.

See this scene, the phoenix is ​​numb, and then hiding behind the sun.

Although there are nine-centered percentage, there is still a sturdy rush.

The Phoenix is ​​as vibrated, and his face is white.


Her Dantian, Lei Mang, which turned into the demon baby, sent a scream, and strive.

The Phoenix is ​​like this.

After a while.

The body is right, suddenly disappeared.

"Not bad!"

A sound is in the ear.

"Little girl, I didn't expect, in your body, there was a god of godfen, and it was a bit blood relationship with the oldness!"

"What? You actually have 18 colors of Thunderstand, I will be the guy, to please the owner, send you!"

Two sounds, like a thunder, bombing in the Phoenix Toman.

"Seniors, are you?" Huang asked.

"Laoimi is flourishing, I will not remember me soon!"

"What?! Seniors you are frossus?"

The phoenix is ​​in the heart, and then astonce.

Fluorine name.

Such as thunder.

She, but will be more than 100,000 years ago, the Ding Ding's four war will be.

At the same time, she is also one of the ancestors of the gods and has a shocking force.

The legendary, the stupid war is the four gods, which do not fall.

Finally, playing the four gods to fall.

That English posture, has been recorded in a ministening note in the ancestral Mountain, he just turned over.

Why is this strong?

Moreover, look at it, it seems to be licking the son.

Old days!

God's ancestors are licking their sons! ?

If it is not to get along with the son.

I am afraid, everything is everything today, I will scare myself directly.

and also.

I heard the gods of the son, it was ready to eat.

Even god.

Do you want to eat God's ancestors?


a long time.

The phoenix is ​​in peace.

Sun Hao is in her eyes, mysterious, can't see.

"Little guy, do you know me?" The stork is surprised.

"Your deeds, recorded in the ancestral mountains and hidden buildings, the old generation is fortunate!" Huangru dreams.

"I didn't expect it, the old deeds, there is still future record ..."

Falling sounds and moving.

"Seniors, how can you appear here?" Huangru met.

"Say the length, tell you later."

"Yes, why do you come here, and also related to the owner?" Said it.

The Phoenix is ​​like a touch of yourself.

After hearing, he heard it.

"You are not a monster, but the talent enchanting, some people are caught you, want you to die! Don't tell me, you should also guess!" Straightened.

"The ancestors,

"It's so very good, you are with the owner, learn a lot ?!" said it.

"Yes, seniors!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

"Little girl, according to the old observation, your body demon baby has changed into Lei Mang, you can practice the destruction, life, thunder, three avenues!" Said it.

"The ancestors, greedy, this is not very good."

"What do you know? Destroy the way, but inherit the blood of the gods, you can not repair it!"

"The way of life, it seems to be your father's inheritance, there is a great role in you! Don't repair it!"

"As for this eighteen color god, it is the guy to give you! Refining, it's easy!"

"You have such a chance in your body, but also said that you are not bad, want to die is old ?!" said.

"Thank you for your predecessors!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

Sun Hao standing next to it, watching the Phoenix, like a dream, in the nine color golden chicken, secretly nod.

"Look, like a dream, I like pets! This is good, let her take it around, solve the daughter." Sun Hao dark.

For a long time, the Phoenix is ​​coming together.

"If a dream, I like it?" Sun Hao asked.

"Well!" The Phoenix nodded.

"Since I like it, I will give it to you as a pet, how do you see?" Sun Hao asked.


Want to give God's ancestors to yourself?

This this……

Do you dare?

"Little girl, promise!"

At this time, the stork came.

"I dare not dare!" Huangru dreams.

"Faster, the owner opens, has its own deep meaning, must not violate, maybe, this is a test." Straightened.

"Well, my predecessors!"

Huang is looking at Sun Hao, full of gratitude, "Thank you for the son."

Then, Sun Hao took a part of the farm with the Huang.

The Phoenix is ​​here, flying there.

In the eyes, there is no shine.

"This ... this is a unlike rice, but also contains fairy!"

"What? This is a fairy rice! The son actually species a fairy rice!"

"What is this? I can't see it, it seems like radish, but the fairy, it is so much!"


Huangru dreams next to Sun Hao, a face worship.

"How?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, such a big farm, I am afraid that I have eaten for a lifetime!"

"Gong, you are really amazing!" Huangru dreams.

"If you dream, don't praise me, else, I will be proud." Sun Hao said.

"Gong, you have pride!"

The two have handed over to go outside the farm.


Following the two people, I sent a duck as soon as in the two.

"Dream, this is the way to open the technique, you remember."

When I came to the entrance, Sun Wei showed the agency method.

After learning, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream, "Thank you for the son!"

"If you dream, you are still so polite! In the future, I will not let me say thank you!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

Soon, the two came to the pavilion.

Sun Hao began to cook tea. Uu reading

"This ... this is Wu Wu tea!"

"Old days, so many enlightenment tea, scorpion!"

"I thought I had a fairy rice every day, it is already a big creation, with little girl ahead, high-stricken, see her appearance, I want to drink, I don't know how many times!"


The old decay has worked hard for more than ten years, but it has to make a little bit of little girl!


too bitter!

In the blurred eye, Baba looked at the hot tea, and it didn't move.

After a while.

The big red robes are cooked, and Sun Hao has poured a cup.

"If you dream, drink it!"

"Thank you gong!"

Looking at the two people drinking tea, it is frosted, and the two legs are hung.

"Do you want to drink?" Sun Hao asked.

"Hey ..." The glimpse point is like a mock.


Sun Hao picked up the cup and poured a cup.

Drink a little bit.

A cold air flow, full of whole body.

Through the meridians, drill into the mind, quickly and powerful.


In front of it, the scene changes.

At this moment, only her in the world, or said, she is a heaven and earth.

Let's reach the world.

She induces four squares, looking down, watching tender buds ...

Death is not the end, but another new beginning.

Road, everywhere.

It is highly fluorful to induce, and its strength is rapidly improved.

Finally, she stared at Sun Wei.

Seeing him to drink tea, not shocked by the heart.

A fairy skill, in her mind, rapid aggregation forming.