It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The thirty-seventh chapter is bigger, enter Jiangyang City

Time flies, the turn is ten days.

this day.

Dark swamp edge, a man in black mud walks out.

He is Chen Xu Ming.

"Haha ..."

After coming out, he used his hand to put your hair, smiled in the sky, and he had been enduring.

"Who said that the dark swamp has nothing?"

"It is completely fart! The son gives me a sword, all the whole!"

"After this compassion of Haro, I finally reached the Yuan Baby, now, even if it is a gentleman, I can't pick up my knife!"

"All this, thanks to the son!"

When I said, Chen Xiu did look forward to the direction of the big Mountain, and my face was grateful.

"The Zongmen is bigger, and it will be started!"

"This time, I have to get the first, get rewards, send and be son!"

"Call back to Zongmen!"

So thinking, Chen Xiu squad is long, rapid.



Jiangyang City, somewhere in the base.

A half-faced man is going back in place.

He is the evil.

"It's the big ratio of Yangzhou Zongmen, this blood, where is it?"

"The Mozu is really unreliable, this time, I can only rely on myself!"

Evil, half of the face, showing the color of disappointment.

At this time.


A sound.

A figure slowly emerged.

He is an old man, the breath, the floating.

"The evil family, it is you! Dare to come here, die!"

Evil, heard this sound, scalp.

He looked at the old man, his face, his mouth is a jealous.

The old man's chest clothes, embroidered on the mandrel mark.

This representative, the old man is the people of the upper hand.

Look at it, this person is likely to be old.


Careful, how can I know?

And, find it directly?

How can this be? !

How to do? How to do?

The evil monarch is angry, keeps thinking about thinking.

Thousands of ways, one is slightly.

I didn't have to grasp the old man's dean.

right now.

The hand is embarrassed, and it has been ambushed in all areas of Jiangyang, only one side.

But it is far less than the vectors of God.


Evil monarch is taking foot, rapidly running.

"Want to escape?"

The old man smiled coldly, as a ghost.

When you appear in the evil instruction, you will go back to him.

" ..."

The evil king is like a broken kite, and he hits it on the stone wall.

"Old things, I will fight with you!"

The evil king is right.

A transfer vortex has emerged.


A black man is like a zombie.

Subsequently, people were like lightning, and the old man rushed to the past.


Fire four splashes, jehaving.

At a time, the old man didn't make a chance.

"Hey, it means a bit!"

"Look, the old man is serious!"

After that, the old man took a palm, and he hit it on the head.

" ..."

The brains were splashing, and the body of the people fell to the ground. After twitching, they didn't move.

See this scene, the evil king was scared to smash the liver.

The strongest people can't stop.

I am an opponent?



The evil monarch is in the past and begging for mercy.

"Adults are on, please live a life!"

"I have eighty moms.

"You have a kindness, and a little life!"

The evil monarch is crying, and sad is extremely.

Although he knows that it is useless, he can only die the horse as a live horse doctor, only one trial.

However, he cried for a long time, but he did not respond.

Look up.

I saw that the old man was holding his belly and grinned.

"Haha, laugh ... I laughed at me, I didn't expect, the evil king is so small!"

I heard this voice, the evil monarch forehead, revealing a bunch of black lines.

"Bloody, don't take you so scary, and you have the strongest, how do you say this?" Said evil.

"Oh, how could it be, your is here!"

After saying, the bloody right hand, a transfer vortex, slowly agglomerate.

Then, a person stationed in front of the evil.

Seeing this, the evil king is long.

"Okay, don't say much, how are you ready here?" Asked blood.

"I am ready, what about you? What is going on? So long?" Asked evil.

Bloody mysterious smile, "Of course, it is a matter of doing things, I encountered an unknowingly on the road, I received it!"

"This time, you can rest assured, no luck!" Said blood.

"What medicine is selling in your gourd? Don't you say it?" Asked evil.

"The sky is not leaked, you only put your heart to your stomach, boldly do it, I will keep you safe!" Said blood.

"it is good."



Jiangyang City North Sky.

A Changhong, flying quickly.

This Changhong is the phoenix like two people.

The two stepped on a long sword, and the Jian flying, very handsome.

Now, Sun Hao has already done it in the eradication of the Phoenix, you can stand on the long sword.

Even, he can open his eyes and visit the scenery.

"It's so wonderful, this is more in front of the plane, you have to be more comfortable!" Sun Hao muttered.

"Bonology, the front is Jiangyang City, we have to land." Huangru dreams.

"Okay." Sun Yizhen is head.

After a while.

The two slowly landed, and she stood outside Jiangyang City.

There is a message, Sun Hao is quite safe.

City gate, a huge stone monument, next to it.

"Jiangyang City is within five miles, not flying, can not kill, can not robbed ... Otherwise, die!"

The writing is general, but the tone is quite domineering.

Look in Sun Hao, a bit of peace.

Look like, such as Luo Cow, Jiangyang City is safe.

"Place the team, row the team, each one or two gold, no, roll out the team!"

A guard in silver armor, holding a silver gun, pointed to everyone in the city, loudly.

It is full of power, and people don't dare to look directly.

A long dragon, exhausted from the gate of the city, I won't find the head.

Sun Hao heard this, looks at the look.

It seems that there is no gold, how can you go?

How is this better?

I know that I should find someone to smoke!

It can only be back, it is really trouble.

"Gong, don't worry!"

The Phoenix dreams seem to see that Sun Hao wants, and hold his hand and said.

"Well!" Sun Hao nodded.

There should be gold on your dream.

"Gong, come with me!"

"Don't you queue?"

"Ordinary cultivator queues with all people, we don't have to!"

"it is good!"

The two are going forward, guarding the silver gun, "Bold, Jiangyang City is waiting for people to be!"


The Phoenix is ​​hot and cold, and the smile is wrapped in the veil, no one mises.


On her, the earthquake.

The horror horror, put the silver gun guards and retreat, so long, only steadily.