It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 38 White Book Book


The silver gun guard looked at the phoenix, forehead, overflowing the fine pears.

The light is a pressure, and he will shocked himself.

This woman is definitely the top masters and must not be guilty.

After watching the woman, it is a long handsome man.

The man is dusty, let people look, know that it is extraordinary.

However, he didn't have any spiritual fluctuations as a woman.

There are only two possibilities, or he is mortal, or he is the same as the woman.

This kind of person is a sin.

"Two, there is an eye, don't know Taishan, please please!" Silver Gun Guards made a given gesture.

Just put the guard against the city, you can enter the city gate.

This world, really strong!

I have to be cautious, I can't take it.

Enter into the city.

In front of the two, it is a bustling scenery.

Car water horse dragon, pedestrians are constantly in.

The mortal and the cultivator are all in which no conflicts.

Walking is an orderly, it seems that Jiangyang City is good.

"So I am relieved, in the future, if I want to go to help me collect herbs, I live here, giving people a disease!"

"If you want to get a full blessing value, you can start cultivation!"

Thinking of this, Sun Hao showed an excitement.

"Dream, today we first find a inn to live, find a store in tomorrow, how?" Sun Hao said.

"Everything heard the son command." Huangru dreams.

"Don't listen to me! Say your thoughts." Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, my thoughts, everything is listening to you." Huangru dreams.


Sun Hao speechless.

"Yes, live in Yue Jun Inn today!"

Sun Hao pointed to the inn in front of him and said.

"Okay, son."

Into the Yue Jun Inn, Xiao Er immediately greeted.

"Two guest officers, please, please ask what room!"

"The best." Huangru dreams.

"Girl, no problem, but, this price ..." Xiao two said.

"Is this enough?"

The phoenix took out a piece of top stone.

Gyebean, scare the inn a large change in the young two.

Surprised, more than two, there are many guests.

"It's actually Shangqua Lingshi, too rich!"

"This is equivalent to 10,000 pieces of Lingshi, there is no problem in this for three years!"

"That is nature! Who are they? How is it a bit of spiritual fluctuations?"

Everyone looked at Sun Hao, in his eyes, it was envious.

"Two cactors, please!"

Little two hi, respectful to the two.

Under the small second lead, Sun Hao is on the building.

Many people stare at their back, the look is complicated.

"These two people are afraid of not simple!"

"There is no spiritual fluctuation, but it is heavy treasure, will it be a ghost?"

"How come? Glutenuts can't enter the city!"

"No matter what, this kind of character is not we can!"

After a while, everyone spread it.

Yue Jun Inn is circular, there are eight layers, far away, just like a round tower.

"Two cactors, you are really walking, just have a top room, if it is later, it is afraid that it is born." Xiao Xue is full of laughter.

"Do you have a business?" Asked Sun.

"Of course not! Mainly, the one-year sect is held tomorrow." Xiao two said.

"Zongmen big ratio?" Sun Hao was doubtful.

"Two cactors, this big ratio,

The second detailed introduction is a big ratio.

Sun Hao heard it, nodded.

In the eyes, the essence is shining.

So many cultivars come here.

Look, this Jiangyang City is indeed a good place to open the doctor.

Shortly after.

The two were invited to eight layers in a suite, which is large, and there are three rooms.

"Two immortals, from today, we are served as two!"

After that, the small second stopped at the door, quiet and other Sun Hao instructions.

"Have a work!"

Sun Hao, walk into the room.

Their room opposite the corridor and stood a white book.

Drawing show, there is an elegant, showing that he is a reader.

He looked at Sun Hao, in his eyes, and the silk was surprised.

"In this life, how is there so dust?"

"Look, this son is also a reading person, find a chance to meet!"

White Books muttered, waiting for Sun Hao to close the door, he received his attention.

Subsequently, he also walked back to the room and closed the door.

For this scene, Sun Hao did not know.

"If you dream, I am going to paint. If you feel boring, you will go out, it's safe, you don't have to keep me." Sun Hao said.

"The son, with you, I don't feel boring, I will help you with your dreams!" Huangru dreams.

"That's good." Sun Hao nodded.

The phoenix dreams from the space rings, takes out the utensils prepared before Sun Hao, one by one.

Pen ink paper, book kitchenware, flower tea herb ......

I have moved many daily necessities.

"I don't know what painted here, can I get the franchise value?"

"People here, should someone like paintings? Give them, can you get the franchise?"

"What is the painting? Yes, then the big Mountain!"

Sun Hao is dark, and after tile paper, you will start moving.

The pen is like a dragon walks the snake, and it is too unfair.

The action is a cloud, no one is stagnant.

A few times.

A mountain peak, crossing in the clouds, pounds, not shaking.

Above the mountain, a temple is built on it, and it is vainless, and it cannot be captured.

On the mountainside, a pedestrian, the look is in a hurry, go to the mountain.

In the dictation of the painting, write two sentences: no one is not my view, non-empty, nothing.

Question: "Worship Buddha".

Painting a mood, wonderful.

Huangru dreams look at this painting, the whole person is stupid, and it is moving.

She is rapidly changing in front of her eyes, a big Buddha, presented in front of the Phoenix.

Big Buddha arrogant, it is not very powerless.

A sentence is in the mouth of the Buddha's mouth.

To form a wonderful, the parcel is like a message.


The Phoenix Dream Station is in place, quietly sent it.

Her mood is rapidly improved.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

At this moment, the card was in the air barrier on the phoenix, and the response was split.

She is strength, instant breakthrough, reaching the flying misery!

It is a qualitative upgrade.

The monster is transformed into fairy.

Once the transformation is completed, you will become a half-fairy, no one is cultivated and demon repair.

For a long time, the Phoenix is ​​recovering the look and open his eyes.

"Finally reached the flying misery! Mon, thank you!"

The Phoenix is ​​as muttered, and looks at Sun Hao and his face is full of gratitude.

I saw that Sun Hao was starting to do.

That is a serious look, see the phoenix, like a dream.

"Waiting for the son to experience the end of the dust, will not forget me?"

"Do you want to do so now? Can you follow the son, for me, it is already a big creation! 10,000 people can't repair it!"