It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 39th chapter gives the drawing, which is greatly opened.

Time flies, turning into the second day.

Sun Hao finished breakfast, opened the door, was preparing to step out.

But see, standing at the door, there is a white book.

"Gong, hello!" White Books Hold the Boxing.

Sun Hao got the white book, and I wiped my huge rays.

This look, it is a nerd, it is likely that you will like your own painting.

Stay, send a pair to him, want him to accept it?

I thought so, but there was no change on my face.

"Hello, do you have anything?" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, my name is Ning Ming, see the child's temperament, I want to be a reading person, I will come over and meet, I don't know if there is any buddha?" White book student introduced.

"You are also a reading person?" Sun Hao was surprised.

Ning Ming's eyes are light, and even nodded. "Yes, I don't know the name of the owner."

"My name is Sun Hao, since it is a reading person, please please!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

Ning Ming is also not polite, walk into the door.

The two sit together and start talking.

Sun Hao learns from profound, talking, and comes with a charm.

Ning Mingzhi listened carefully, nodded frequently.

That look, such as Mouton, if you suddenly realize.

Down, Ning Mingzhi looked at Sun Yizhen, just like a high-spirited gentleman.

Worship, admire the light, touched by Ning Ming.

"The son learns, wisdom admires the extreme, today's life, first speaking."

Ning Mingzhi stood up and greeted Sun Hao, holding a fist.

"Ning brother, you and I have been seeing, there is a painting here to send you."

After that, Sun Hao took a picture and gave Ning Ming.

"Mon, this is your work?" Ning Ming Zhi asked.

"Yes, I hope that Ning brothers should not give up!" Sun Hao said.

"How come! Can you get the master ink, this is my blessing, I will definitely collect!"

"The son, I will leave."

After that, Ning Mingxi quickly retired back.

Until the disappearance of Ning Ming, Sun Hao still stands in the same place, and it is not a way.

"What about the franchise?"

"I rub! I don't have a blessing value?"

"Where is the problem?"

Sun Yu frowned, secretly thinking.

Subsequently, he hoped from the Phoenix as a dream, "as a dream, just the Ning Mingzhi, is it a cultivator?"

"Bono, he is just a mortal." Huangru dreams.

"Where is the mortal? Do you say that the painting volume is sent to the mortal, will you get a blessing value?"

"It's like this!"

After some thinking, Sun Hao continued to speak: "Let's go, like a dream, let's find the address of the hospital."

"Yes, the son!"

The two sequently walked out the inn and disappeared on the street.



Jiangyang City, Zongmen is worth more than the venue.

"What? He is also victorious? How can this possible!"

"The tyrant is very powerful, I actually go out this genius!"

"The game will not take a break! Win a game again, you can enter the championship! This kind of person must know, what is his name?"

"I know, he is Chen Xiu Ming!"

Intense discussion, constantly sound.

On the ring.

Chen knife graves the knife arm, standing there, moving.

It looks like a peerless knife.

In his opposite, it is a height of two meters.

Muscle knot, power explosion.

It seems that it is like a sky, it is not confrontational.

"Kid, I don't want to hurt you, accept it!"

Giaan looked at Chen Xiu Ming, the sound roared, and the waves were shocked.

This scene, saw the audience, surprised.

"What? Is him! Iron Armor!"

"I have a good show, Chen Xu Ming pair him, you think, who will win?"

"This is not good, Chen Xu Ming is now, there is no knife, I don't know, will this time?"

For these sounds, Chen Xu Ming completely ignored.

Or, in the face of armor, he also ignored.

He just standing there, closed his eyes, waiting quietly.


I all ignore it.


Iron armor is roaring.

As a bull, I hit the past.

The horror impact, such as a high-speed train.


A loud noise, the ground is slightly trembled.

"You still don't die here!"

Iron armor's eyes, where is there Chen Xiu Ming?


After the back, the air hits the sound.

Iron armor is a hemp.

When I turned back, I just saw Chen Xiu's sheath.


The scabby is on the brain.

The iron armor is like a shell, and he hits it on the ground.

The whole game is three trembling.



Do not believe.

Write over everyone's face.

one move.

Helping the armored giant rhinoceros?

And, didn't you cut the knife?

Diamond is not bad, when is this fragile?

Many spectators have a tongue, I have been calm for a long time.

After a while.

"Chen Kao Ming Dafu, might!"

"Chen Hao, I love you, wait for me, come on immediately!"

"I haven't married it in this life!"

"Chen Xiu Ming, Wei!"


Many people waved their fists and shouted Chen Xiu's name.

Soon, many people follow.

They cheered for Chen Xiu, shouting for Chen Xiu.

That intense appearance, the words are not good.

For a long time, the scene is gradually quiet.

"You said that Can Chen Xiu win the championship?"

"That is nature, didn't see it, did he have a knife?"

"Not necessarily, he faced Zhao Xiaobo, that is the genius ranked 98 in the birth of the Dragon List, until now, there is no sword!"

"Zhao Xiaobo became famous in the name, this Chen Xiu Ming is coming today, and these two people fight, I really look forward to!"

Talk about the sound and constantly sound.

When the host opens the next game, the scene is gradually quiet.

"After the audience, after a dragon, the two outstanding genius was born!"

"They will carry out a great war, regardless of winning, his day, both will become Taishan Beidou! Become a character!"

"Applaud for our future two wind characters!"

This is over.

The applause is like thunder, lasting years.

"The game is now in the present, there is no announcement of the championship!"

"Now, I will announce it!"

"Get the champion, will be awarded a nine-way Xuan Ling Dan in the Cangyuan!"

This is out.

The site is limited to a short period of time.

After a while.


"What? Nine turn Xuan Ling Dan? That is the best spirit!"

"Heaven, that is, it is a 10,000-sheet spirit!"

"I want to be a championship, this kind of medicinal medicine, I will be a lot of live!"

On the competition.

When I stood there, Chen Xu Ming, suddenly opened his eyes, and his mouth raised a bruises. "This Ling Dan is a son!"

For a long time, the scene is gradually quiet.

"Well, finally, start now!"

The moderator waved his right hand and announced the start of the game.