It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 40, win the champion, the championship

In all of the people, I finally ushered in the championship.

Chen Kao Ming and Zhao Xiaobo were standing on the ring, and they were relative.

"You are indeed a genius, the realm is lower than me, I press a realm, let's fight with you!"

Zhao Xiaobo carrying his hands and temperate.

"Ha ha……"

Chen Xu Ming smiled slightly, the look was light, "Even if you use it, you don't match me!"

This is coming out, fried around.

Zhao Xiaobo is slightly smoked, and anger is full of chest.

"Hey, you will see the true chapter in the mouth!"

Zhao Xiaobo snorted and took the lead.

As a ghost, the shadow is more than the capture.

"call out……"

The sword is like a silk, and the Chen knife has smashed.

"It's just right!"

Chen knife sounded his mouth, his body flashed, quickly dodge.

A few swords and lights, I will be on him.


Chen Xu Ming's body suddenly retired, and it was shocked.

"It is a bit mean, continue!"

Chen Xiu's mouth is rising, and Zhao Xiaobo has pudoked.

Let's fight together, you come to me, no phase.

Everyone saw it, only sword light.

I heard it, just bursting.

After a while.

"Boom ..."

A few giant sounds.

Both people, simultaneously retreat.

Chen Xu Ming, full of intensive wounds.

Zhao Xiaobo looked at Chen Xiu Ming, looks micro-change, "How is it possible, fully attack, just let him be slightly injured?"

Chen Xu Ming looked at Zhao Xiaobo, grinned, "Receive it just now, you deserve to pull the knife!"

"Hey, what is the knife?"

Zhao Xiaobo snorted and quickly rushed.

"You have to be careful!" Chen Kao said.



A sound.

Air roar.

Hats noise, the shock of the four squares is constantly moving.

The whole game is dramatic.

" ..."

The tiles on the house, from the fall, burst on the ground.

The array of protects in the ring, not stopping, it seems to be a collapse.

The guardian people saw this scene and the face became a big change.

"Fully, make it full!"

They crazyly touched the physical strength and influent into the array.

"This ... What happened? Is the earthquake?"

"Will n't it? I am late, I don't come!"

"It's not an earthquake, it is Chen Xiu's knife, this is a knife!"

"My God, he actually realized the knife? This ... this is too terrible!"

The crowded people looked at Chen Xiu Ming, and it didn't move.

Zhao Xiaobo stopped, forehead sweat, rolling and falling.

His chest seems to be collapsed, and there is no breathing.

"How can I ... Will this?"

"I ... I can't lose!"

Zhao Xiaobo screamed and came to Chen Xiu.


He just removed the step, but he was pressed back and retreat.

The more struggling, the more stress is horrible.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

Zhao Xiaobo has a rib in the chest, and it is broken.

"Can't lose!"

Zhao Xiaobo struggled.

"Hey ..."

It is another rib to crackish.

As Chen Xiu's long knife pulls out, the knife is around, it is getting more and more strong.

Horror, it seems to tear the earth.


Zhao Xiaobo is an unstable, directly fell to the ground.

Follow it.


His body is like a broken kite and fly.


Finally, it fell to the ground.

"Really ... it is a enchanting!"

After that, Zhao Xiaobo spurted a blood, his head, fainted.

A knife.



very quiet.

Death is often silent.

Everyone stayed at this scene.

Many people are dramatic in the chest.

I stunned and shocked.

The knife did not completely pulled out, Zhao Xiaobo lost?

That is ranked 98 genius in the dive!

Moreover, the realm is higher than Chen Xiu.

Is there any chance to even resist?

Is it so defeated?


Dream, you must do a dream.

For a long time, everyone never came back.

After a while.

"My God, Chen Kao Ming lights with the knife, defeating Zhao Xiaobo? No superior enchantment!"

"He can stand in the dashboard, Wang Xinglou? Why is there no record?"

"This strength, I am afraid that I can be ranked 50 in the top of the birth!"

Intense discussion, constantly sound.

Many people shouted the name of Chen Xiu, enthusiastic.

The whole scene is not calm down.

Before the ring.

Several old embarrassed Chen Xiu Ming, in the eyes, revealing unable to suppress the essence.

Old mime, sitting, is the top of the top of the upper courtyard.

He is fat on his face and overflows fine pear.

Subsequently, it is revealed a madman.

"I didn't expect, I have this genius in Yangzhou. If it is on the Cangyang, I will reward me!"

"Originally, I also want to send the nine to Xuan Ling Dan to Zhao Xiaobo. He doesn't live, and you will not blame me!"

"This is a genius, and we have to leave a good impression!"

Liu Rudder is secretly thinking, make a decision.

The host is long, "" This is a big champion - Chen Xiu Ming! "

"Let's use the most warm applause, congratulations to Chen Xiu Ming to get this champion!"

"At the same time, congratulate the tyrants to advance to the eight-class zone, then the next step!"

This place is behind.


The applause is thunder, I have been long been.

Surrounded by the host, it gradually recovered calm.

"Below, there is, please Liu Huduant awarded the Chen Xiu Ming!"

Four-week resumes calm.

Everyone exposes unparalleled, seriously looked at the platform.

I saw it.

" ..."

The sound of the armor collision sounds.

A team of gold armored guards, fast step.

Among the gold armor guards, it is Liu Rudder.

"It's really Liu Rudder!"

"Liu Hudmer, you are my idol!"

Although Liu's rudder is very fat, it does not affect the enthusiasm of everyone.

Liu Hudmer smiled slightly, gently waved, and the scene was quiet.

"Yangzhou Washing Watch, the people are outstanding, genius is constantly moving ..."

Liu Rudder opened, did not stop.

After he said a bunch, he began awards.

"For the champion, reward the nine to Xuan Ling Dan!"

"Chen Xu Ming, I took the stage to receive the award!"

Chen Xu Ming went to the stage, and his eyes were shining.

"Chen Xu Ming, young, so talent, future achievement, not limited! I don't know if you are interested in joining Shangdang?" Liu Rudder said.

"Liu Rudder, thank you for your kindness, this matter, you will go back to discuss with Zongmen, can't reply you!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"That is of course! I don't know if you have time tonight? Come on a small drink on a small drink, how?" Liu Rudder said.

"Xie Liu Hao Lord! I am sorry, there is an urgent need to leave a trip today, and I will visit the door again!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Just say it, I am waiting for you!"

After the Liu Rudder, he handed a jade bottle to Chen Xiu.

Chen Xu Ming picked up the jade bottle, opened a look, his eyes became gloried.

"I finally arrived!"

Chen Xu Ming muttered, is preparing to put the medicinal medicine.


A burst of black fog fluttering.

" ..."

A laughter, loud in the ear.

Chen Xu Ming looks to the right hand, where there is a jade shadow!