It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 41, the whole city is changing, people

Sun Hao returned to the inn and looked at the breath.

I went to half of Jiangyang City today, I didn't find the location of the hospital.

If so, then the mood will be better.

Today, I sent a pair of paintings to cure a mortal.

Similarly, a little franchise is not available.

Look, the mortal is nothing.

In the future, I opened the hospital, the patient, I couldn't treat the mortal.

"Mainly causing cultivar, mortal, then follow it!"

Sun Hao made a decision.

"Gong, you take a break!"

Huangru's dreams of tea, handed it to Sun Hao.

"If you dream, you are so good."

Sun Hao took tea and said.

"Bonology, you save my life, this little thing, don't boast me!" The Phoenix is ​​full of face breeze.

"That's good, drink tea, we enhamble the song, how?" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​nodded, and a face is high.

Sun Hao has opposite the room.

Ning Mingzhi sat in front of the table, his eyes stared at the "worship Buddha" painting, and his eyes moved.

"The master gives me this painting, it is really wonderful!"

"This makes me feel a feeling!"

Ning Ming muttered himself, and the light flashed was not destroyed.


Suddenly, if there is something wrong.

This sound, scared Ning Ming, and quickly took the painting, and kept the painting.

"I just seem to be a scream of people. Is there anyone in the duel?"

Ning Ming wishes to go to the window, pull the seam, look at the window, not from the scalp.

I saw that the darkness on the ground was spread and slowed the city.

In the sky, I don't know when I have disappeared.


It is also a scream, from the black gas, if there is something, it is extraordinarily.

In the dark, a red lantern is inevitable, the speed is extremely fast.

Seeing this scene, Ning Ming wisdom his body.

"This ... What happened this?"

Ning Mingzhi heart dramatically jumped.

As a mortal, in this poor and evil world life, how is it is not easy, he is very clear.

He ran to the door and quickly bolted the door.

After finishing these, he is still unfinished.

Look for a wardrobe, hide inside, move it.

"God bless!"

Ning Mingzhi prayed.


In Jiangyang City, there is a chaotic.

"Help, who will save me ..."

"Don't come over, don't come over!"

"Monster, all monsters! What should I do?"

This sound is around the city.


"Do not……"

Desperate cry and screaming, like hell ghost, listening to people's creepy.

A little girl cries while running on the street, "Mother, monster to eat me, save me!"


After her, a whole body is dark, a step, stepped on the ground.

Seeing, the people have to catch the little girl and tear her to the slag.

At this time.

"Enchanting, looking for death!"

A roar.

A cultivator, the sword rushed forward, and the people were gone.


Fireflower four splash, cultiva, the long sword, the response is broken.

The cultivator stood in place, and the whole person is stupid.

"The knife is not in, this ... this is a human!"

I just finished this.


A knife sword stunned into the blood.

The people don't worry about the immortal body.

"Hey ..."

Feed in your mouth and chew quickly.

Blood splash, full of scarlet.

The little girl saw this scene, scared his liver and gentle, fell to the ground, and shivered.

Her face is white, holding his mouth with his hand, and hind it.


When people eat the heart, they are staring on the little girl, and I am excited.

Then, he quickly pursted his little girl.


The little girl closed his eyes and shocked a high frequency.

Next second.

I have to be eaten by the monster.

Very miserable.


Waiting for a long time, there is no body fragmentation.

She tried to open their eyes and saw the scene in front of him, the look.

I saw it, a woman, step by step.

After the woman, the people had fallen to the ground, and they were dead.

The woman is fluttering, like a fairy.

"Little sister, you are fine? Don't be afraid, you are safe!"

Such as the sound of the sound.

The little girl is on his face, showing a naughty smile.

"Fairy sister, is you saved me?" The little girl asked.

"I am the disciple of Yaochi Palace, not fairy, you call me Yaochi sister!" White woman said.

"Yaochi sister, thank you!"

"Little sister, you don't have to polite, stay here, don't move, your sister will go to kill monsters!"

After that, the woman's figure is too unneaffected, and the blink of an eye disappears.

"Yaochi sister, it's so powerful, in the future, I have to enter the Yaochi Palace!" The little girl secretly clenched the fist.

And like this scene, there is no morning in Jiangyang City.

That one is only, in the Yaochi Palace, the elite disciple is killing, falling quickly.

Yue Jun Inn 8th Floor.

Ning Ming hide inside the wardrobe, shivering.

He heard it, it is more and more big.

In other words, the monsters are getting closer and closer to him.

"Not good, the son seems to be mortal, I have to tell him this! Let him act!"

In this way, Ning Ming is grateful, walks out of the wardrobe, and dare not get a half sound.


Suddenly, a strange call came downstairs.

Sound like a ghost, hear people's creepy.

Ning Ming was scared that his body trembled, almost fell.

He opened the door and whispered to the corridor, looking down, no abnormalities were found.


"Help, Ah ..."

A scream, extra harsh.

A geeks who are full of blood, holding a bloody head, is taking food.

Miserable scene, I can't draw.

At a point, Ning Mingzhi has been facing the past.


The monsters roar, more and more.

Black fog, the more you get more.

From the black fog to the bottom, there is only one pair of blood red eyes.

As with red lanterns, scarlet is terrible.

"This is a human, this ... this death ... is dead!"

"Gong, run ... run ..." quickly ... "

Ning Mingzhi sounds, Xiao Shu, you can't hear it.

The black fog quickly put the whole Yue Jun Inn and shrouded.

Ningming is difficult to distinguish between

He can only go to Sun Hao in all rooms.

"Ah ..."


Surrounded by gratification and screams constantly sound.

The sound is getting bigger and bigger.

As those people, I am running quickly.

"Well, you must tell the son as soon as possible!"

Ning Ming's heart seems to be jumped out, and dramatically beat.


His look is hysterested, and the hair roots stand up.

Endless fear, the whole body.

I saw it, in the black fog in front of him, two blood red eyes, stared at him.

Ning Mingzhi closed his life and slowed down.

This turned, he couldn't help but hell, and he was standing up.

Endless despair, full of whole body.