It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 42, Qinhe, Evil Burning

Sun Wei is in the room.

"That's good, drink tea, I will have a song." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​nodded, and a face is high.

She is preparing to sit down.

At this time, the face is giant.

"The dead evil, dare to come to the city to race, find dead!"

The Phoenix is ​​ready to act.

She hurriedly stopped, her face, revealing a fear.

"Is wrong, more than a evil family, and the blood magician is coming!"

"There is even a breath that is more than I am still too much. If I rash, I am afraid that the person will pay attention!"

"When I arrive, I will not be enemies! It is necessary to make a son, if so, the son is in the heart!"

"This is definite! Hey, I can only keep the son, can't let him have something!"

After some thinking, the Phoenix is ​​a decision.

She waved his right hand, a stereo waves, wrapped in the room, the outside sound, completely blocked.

"If you dream, just as if you hear it, have you heard it?" Sun Hao asked.


The Phoenix is ​​as a descendant, the vertical ear is listening, then shook his head, "Is there? Be son!"

Sun Hao listened to a while, then, slight smile, "I look like, I have heard it wrong, come, drink tea, drink this cup, we play the piano!"

"Okay, son!"



"Finished, finished!"

Ning Ming is sitting on the ground, and the whole face is desperate.

In his weigh, like a lantern eye is staring at him.

The whole eighth floor, the scream is endless, soon, it will come to an abrupt.

I want to be a son and die in the hands of the monster.

Now I have only left yourself.

"If I can practice, I fell to this field, not sweet!"

Ning Mingzhi hands holding his head, and the whole person curled into a group.

Next second.

He will be torn into a piece of monster.

Then, they are all eating, and the mold monster is a pile of feces.


A roaring.

All monsters are moved, and they flutched to him.


Ning Mingzhi screamed.

Seeing, the monsters have to rush to Ningming.

At this time.


A piano came from.

All monsters, looks, red, and dim.


Four black fog, evaporate.


A monster wakes up, and the direction of the sound is coming.

Other monsters, I have followed it.


The piano continues to ring.

Road sound waves, rush towards the monsters.


The monster roars, crazy struggle, but it is difficult to enter.

As the piano is getting more and more urgent.

People are gradually quiet.

They, the whole fell on the ground.

They are in the same way, and quickly melted into a beach pus, flowing on the ground.

Ning Ming wisdom is trembled, screaming loudly.

Waiting for a long time, there is no pain in the body's tear.

He tried to open his eyes and see a scene in front of him, completely stunned.

"Dead, the monster is dead?"

"Is it these piano?"

Ning Mingzhi and strong, in Yue Jun Inn, turned a circle.

He found that the ground is a deodorant border in addition to the pus and malodation.

Finally, Ning Mingzhi station outside Sun Hao room, his eyes sparked.

"This is the son room, intact, look like, the son is fine!"

"Using the piano sound to the monster,

"Look, the son is not mortal, but a high person who cultivated the piano!"

"Not late, in my most dangerous time, I saved me, the son, wisdom and never forget!"

Ning Ming muttered himself, standing outside Sun Hao, I want to knock on the door, but I am afraid to bother.

"Forget it, thank you next time!"

Ning Ming wishes back to his room, Chang Shu Yiqi.

He opened the window and looked at Jiangyang City and was not contracted by pupil.

I saw that Jiangyang City has been completely covered by black fog.

Yue Jun Inn, there is a layer of intangible waves, within two meters, the black fog can not be close.

"The son is controlling the piano, there is no spread!"

"This strength is certainly a peerless person!"

"The son is equal, why should I send a pair of" worshiping the Buddha "to me?"

I think so, Ning Ming wishes to open the scroll and start looking up.



Competition site.

Chen Xu Ming stayed at the right hand, the whole person stunned.

" ..."

At this time, a blame came.

A black shadow, the floating is not.

Finally, it turns into a man.

This man, half of the face, half of the face, Sen is terrible.

He is the evil.

He took the jade bottle, opened the bottle cover, and laughed after seeing things inside.

"Haha ..."

"Sure enough, I will turn Xuan Ling Dan, good things, good things!"

"This kind of thing should be enjoyed!"

Due to the evil king, laughed again.

"Not good, he is a person of the people!"

"What? People? Is it not a evil person?"

"Tian, ​​the evil family is coming, running, help!"

After a moment, the auditorium was confused.

Many people, squeezing the crowd and ran away.

the other side.

Liu Rudder looked at evil, obese body, slightly shaking.

On his face, it is a taboo color.


Liu Hudu is vigilant, and he is drinking.


He is dozens of golden saints around, and it moves.

Dao Jinmang, flying from the golden armor, forming a golden shield, cover in Liu Hudmer.

Subsequently, the gold armor guards Liu Rudder, slowly retreat, and there is no war at all.

For these, the evil king is completely unrestrained.

In his eyes, there is only the best panorama.

Chen Xiu looked at the evil jun, and the joint was gripped.

"The son of the son is also you can grab, die!"

After that, Chen Xiu crakes slowly to take a long knife.


The knife sounded.

Air is shock.

The air wave is shocking.

The whole space is like solidified.

Infinitely knife, such as the tsunami, follow the Chen Xiu Ming action, quickly chase the evil spirits.

this moment.

The evil king should be like a giant mountain, and the asthesia is not smooth.

He covered the jade bottle, looking at Chen Xiu Ming, his eyes, showing a shower, "Knife, a kid of a Yuan Baby, will there be a knife?"

"Heaven help me, you have your body, this is your business!"

The evil king licks his lips, just like a baby.


At this moment, Chen Xu fell in the middle of the knife and fully extracted.

An intangible large knife, fast aggregation forming.

For the junior, it is the past.

Silent, but it contains infinite power.

"What? Knife"! "

He ... he actually passed to this level, it is a enchanting! This is a bit trouble! "

On the face of the evil, it is dusty.

Various beams, quickly make it.


Intangible large knife, rapidly.

I will go to the evil judge.

It is very mild, but it is shocking around the immortal, the ear is stinging, and the seven is bleeding.

Even if the bodies of the bodies, they are not stopping, and they will crack off at any time.

" ..."

The evil king is like a broken kite, flying out, sprinkling the blood rain in the sky.