It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 43, Blood Devil, Shielding

"! ..."

Evil and the ground hit the ground and smashed a personal pothole hole.


He struggled and spurted a blood.

He looked at Chen Xiu, revealing a smile.

"Being repaired by a Yuan Baby, forcing this level, you will be dead, it is enough to smile!"

"Go out, black!"

The evil king waves, a transmission whirlpool appears in front of him.

One is dark, and the blood of the blood is red, and I will go out from the whirlpool.

Under the body, attach a black armor, or say that this black armor is long in his body.

Metal gloss is scattered, it looks like a human armor, it is not destroyed.

"Black, make him!"

The evil king right finger to Chen Xu, drink.

This is over.

"Hey ..."

A sound bone rubbing sound sounded.

The black head is rotated throughout the whole.


Two blood red light, the people are boring, focusing on Chen Xiu Ming.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Black Pan stepped on the ground, shocking the dust, rushed to Chen Xiu.

"Hey, come, hurt each other!"

Chen Kao sounded cold, hands long knife, floating.

A invisible knife, in front of him, quickly agglomerate.

Chen Xu Ming and the black, fight together.




Various gonatal sounds continue.

The black flesh is like the King Kong, it is not destroyed.

The knife is on him, can only leave the splash mark, even the skin can't open.


The battle center, the explosion sound continues.

The ground was split from time to time, dust was flushed.

Under the black fog, the cultivator even even their figure can't capture.

On each face, left, only the color of panic.

Liu Rudder hid in the corner and did not stop the sweat on his head.

"This ... this is still an attack of Yuan Baby, the immortal of the fairy? I am afraid that the gods are completely happy, but here!"

"It is terrible, but fortunately, I am far away, or if you don't die, you will be released!"

Liu Hudmer muttered his own words, his hands closed ten, and he kept praying.



A fried.

Chen Xu Ming and the black bodies fly at the same time.

Chen knife sounds mouth, overflowing .

He looked at the black and the battle Tengsheng.


Chen Xiu Ming's eyes are gloried, no happiness, take out half of the firewood from the space ring.

This thing is out.

The evil monarch looks.


Chai knife?

Or is it half a broken?

"Kid, it is difficult to do you want to deal with this black?" The evil kid smiled.

Chen Xu Ming did not answer, he looked in black, his mouth, "Next, the game is over!"

"Hey, the game is over? At the end is you!"

"Black, give me him, I want to refine him!"

The evil monk loudly.


Black Joy once again rushed over.

"Ha ha……"

Chen Kao was cold and smiled coldly, and the firewood in hand was gently waved.


Sky color.

All rays are dissipated at this moment.

In the infinite black fog, it flashes a white man.

That white man, it looks very common, there is no abnormality.

"... ..."

A sound.

Space break.

Everyone is restored at this moment.

See the scene in front of you,

The black fog is all evaporated.

Presenting in front of everyone, only Chen Tao is standing there.

Before Chen Xu, the black is there, there is no movement.

" ..."

The black body is slowly separated.

The eyebrow is centered, becoming two halves, falling on the ground.

A trick, the black is dead.

"This is impossible, it is impossible!"

Evil is not shaking his head, and he is not willing to believe in front of him.

He is very clear, he is very clear.

Even if it is the Chinese spirit, it can't hurt his flesh.

Don't say that Yuan Baby, the immortal, even if it is a strong, even the cave, and can't destroy the black.

It's so stronger, just here?

Do not!

I don't want to shout.

"This little child must die!"

"I have to die!"

The evil king eyes are blood red, watching Chen Xiu Ming, the teeth bite giggle.

"In this case, I summon all the embarrassment, see how you should deal!"

The evil monarch smiled coldly and was preparing to make the face change.

He induced his own donkey and died quickly.

"How can this? This is impossible!"

Evil is not moving.

Every embarrassment is the knife gun.

This little Jiangyang City, how can there live a number of cultivators who can kill people, this is unreasonable!

Is it that you have to attack Jiangyang City news, people who are on the Cangyang are killing?


The evil king is full of bitterness and keeps shaking his head.

That half-face, panicked.

Looking up, I saw that Chen Xiu Ming has already standed in front of him, and she took a jade bottle.

And picked up a half of the firewood pointed to him, "the son's things, what you can take, say, can you have a consequence?"

"Do you want to kill me?" The evil kid smiled coldly.

"Look, you are finishing, let's die!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming took the firewood, and the evil spirits were ignored.


Heaven and earth a shock.

Sunny sky, dull again.

Time solidification, space is stationary.

A giant, slowly falling from the sky, and comes to the evil spirits.

See this scene, the evil head is blowing.

Infinite, flourishing all over the body.

"Save me, blood!"

With the whole body strength, the evil king shouted this sentence.

At this time.


Tiandi color change.

The wind is four.

Infinite blood, self-escalation.

Between the blink of an eye, the entire competition venue is covered.


A tremor.

Bai Mang to the bloody, the earthquake layers.

Blood fog burned black smoke.

However, blood fog is like gangling, with white mount.

At last.

Bai mang is exhausted, the blood mist is like a red paint, the scarlet is terrible.

Blood fog quickly agglomerated, turned into a man.

He is bloody.


Bloody body, a shackle is crazy.

But those who touch, such as Shenji, full body tremble.

"It's really useless, I was hurt by a Yuan Baby doll, it is really shameless!" Said blood.

"Brother, this kid is not simple!"

"You have to be careful about the firewood in his hand!" Said the evil.

"Chai knife?"

The bloody smiled and gaked his eyes on Chen Xiu.

This stare, like hell, Chen Xu Ming, back, chills.

He looked at the blood, his face was dignified.

"What should I do? I just made two hits, it is already the limit!"

"I didn't expect that this blood magic can easily block me a knife!"

"This is troublesome."

Chen Kao federate, nor did you come up with an anti-blood?


Bloody right hand, calm, Chen Xiu, the firewood, uncontrolled tremors.


Finally, the firewood is like a shell, and goes to the bloody hand.