It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The forty-fourth chapter of the blood is shrouded, endless despair

There is no accident.

The firewood falls into the bloody hand.

"If you hurt you?"

The bloody up and down did not find any abnormalities.

How to see, the firewood is still a firewood knife, and it will not be ordinary.

"Brother, don't look at it! Just now, the little child, use this, show a trick of ghosts!"

"Ghost God is not test? Don't be funny ..."

The words are just turned.

Bloody face changed.

He found that this firewood is like a long, how can it be lost.

Moreover, the firewood is swallowing its own strength.

"Damn, what is this ghost!"

Blood and dark, make a variety of means, crazy struggle.

However, it is useless.

Any means, in front of the firewood, can only burn black smoke.


Bloody reveals a squat, a roar, cutting his entire arm.

" ..."

The arm is dropped with the firewood.

"Zi ..."

Such as the fried meat sound.

The blood of the blood, visible with the naked eye, quickly dry.

Finally, becomes a little black, and there is no rest after the wind blows.

On the firewood, there is a touch of light brilliance.

"Damn, this is a buzzard knife, actually swallowing the two-made strength of this seat!"

"In this case, let you compensate!"

The evil king sweeps, staring on the cultivator.


Surrounded by blood fog, quickly flowing, heading towards the immortal.

A cultivator saw this scene, the face changed, crazy.

However, he didn't ran two steps, and he was shrouded by the blood.


He sent a bad sound, it was very hard.

The skin, ulce, the blood in the body, the flying dance.

Fusion with surrounding blood gas, can not be separated from each other.

The blood of the blood, flew to the blood, fused with him.

He disappeared arm, visible speed in the naked eye, growing quickly.


Casually screamed.

The cultivator kept down.

I can't take a moment.

There are hundreds of cultivators to die.

Other cultivars are scared to spooky, fell to the ground, revealing a look of desperate.

"First is a human, after the blood magic, how is this?"

"Who will save us?"

"I don't want to die, heaven, save us!"

Many cultivators, kneeling on the ground, shivering.




The scream continues to ring.

The cultivator is falling quickly.

Chen knife looked at blood, fist, green and white.

"Damn, damn!"

"Dare to win the treasure for me, you must die!"

Chen knife bite his teeth and said angry.


The firewood seems to hear him call, crazy tremble, flying back.

A force, flowing into the arm in the firewood, through the meridians, flocking to Dantian.

At this moment, he can make a trick.


Chen Xu Ming did not reserve anything, put all the strength, fill it again into the firewood.

Wave gently.


The sky is once again.

A giant, falling quickly from the sky.

Evil is seen this scene, I can't help but yell, "I'm, be careful!"

"This ... this is impossible!"

Bloody looked up, the face changed.

This white man is doubled than just now.


Bloody roar,

"Zi ..."

Black smoke rolling.

Blood hand quickly disappeared.


Blood and sorrowful.

Crazy to transfer power, under his unremitting efforts, finally grown.

"not good!"

I saw it again, I was so powerful, Chen Xiu Ming was weak, sitting on the ground.

"Damn, damn!"

"I harm me 30%, today, you must die!"

Blood looks at Chen Xiu, hate.

"Hao brother, let me refine his adult, so, better than killing him!"

At this time, the evil judge hurriedly stopped.

"That is good!"

The blood is nodd, and the eyes are again staring on those cultivators.

"In this case, then you all become the strength of this seat!"

"Fighting with this seat, you are not glory!"

After that, the blood is right.

Blood fog surge.

The rapid moved toward those cultivars wrapped.


However, the sputum that is covered, will spray blood, and the blood is not controlled from the skin.

Flying to the sky, mixing with the blood of the four-square blood, can not distinguish each other.

"No, don't!"


"I am not easy to practice, adult, let me go!"


Such a sound continues to ring.

The whole scene is like a Hello, horror is boundless.

A cultivator, like cutting wheat, is not stopped.

Liu Rudder saw this scene, don't say to save those cultivars, I scared into the ground, Sherpha's trembling.

"What happened? If the evil family is eye-catching, it is even in combination with the magic, dealing with a small Jiangyang City!"

"Do they want to kill the people of Jiangyang City?"

"What should I do? Who will save us!"

Liu Rudder muttered himself and began to pray.

Shortly after.

There is less than eight thousand.

At least two thousand modes, dead in the bloody hand.


The scream is still going on.

The cultivator piece fell.

No one, can stop him.

"Haha ..."

"It's so strong, just in the style! This is going to recover, and you can break through!"

The bloody looks, and if it is crazy.


"Bold Magic, dare to invade people, find dead!"

A big drink, from the sky.

Then, the two movements are slow to fall from the sky.

These two people are being Luosi smoke and Su Yi Ling.

They are standing in the air, and they are cold and cold.

"The cave is satisfactory ?!"

Bloody looked at Luo Liu smoked, and the color was born.

However, it quickly recovered.

He grinned, "Two female dolls, are you going into this food?"


Luo Liu smoked.

The right hand is lighter, and the charm is full.


Air shock, surrounding blood, evaporated into virtual.

Bloody is like a broken kite, fly.


Blood spurting a blood gas.

A serious injury!

"How is this ... What is possible?"

Bloody muttered, his face did not believe.

"Fairy is going to save us, so good!"

"They are the people of the Yaochi Palace!"

"What, seven-level forces Yaochi Palace? They are here! This is saved!"

"Thank you for your life!"

A cultivator, worship, and grate on two women, greeted.

"Okay, get up, let's leave here first!" Luo Cow said.


The mutackers got up and escapeed in turn.

Chen Kao Ming also struggled and followed in everyone, go out.

"From the trick, you can give you a happy!"

Luo Cow Tobacco stood in front of the blood, and he said cold.

"If you rely, you want to kill me?"

Speaking of this, bloody laugh.

"Master, don't watch it, come out! Otherwise, you will not see the disciples again." Blood scream.