It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The forty-fifth chapter of the blood sea,

Awareness in the Samus Inn.

", Fuyuan +80."

", Fuyuan +100."


Sun Yuri, the prompt sound is constantly.

For these sounds, Sun Hao completely ignored.

At this moment, he is seriously playing the piano and enlays with the Phoenix.

Directly played the piano, Sun Hao opened the Fuyuan panel.

Above, it shows: 3780 point Fuyuan.

"Playing the piano here, I just got more than 2,000 blessings?"

"Is this not a dream?"

Sun Yu looked at the Fuyuan panel and surprised his face.

If so, I am playing the piano here every day, isn't it possible to get more franchise?


", Fuyuan +100."

At this time, it is a sound.

When I heard this sound, Sun Wei was very happy.

This shows that there is no relationship with the blessing value that I have just got.

After a while.

", Fuyuan +120."

It is another sound.

I have won the franchise, there is no law.

Sun Hao shook his head and sighed.

It is essential to find the harvest franchise method.


" ..."

Sun Hao heart arouses.

A inexplicable panic, flocking to the heart.

"Gong, let's play a song?"

At this time, the Phoenix is ​​open.

Sun Hao put his hand, shook his head, "No, take a break!"

After that, Sun Wei stood up and lying on the chair.

"! ! ..."

Heart beats, more intense, completely uncontrolled.

He presses the chest and is ugly.

"Mon, what is you?" Huang asked.

"I always have a kind of uneasiness, is there anything happening?" Sun Hao asked.

The phoenix is ​​like a dream, and the face is slightly changed.

"Bono, there should be no more? You think more!" Huangru dreams.

"No, I have to wait for a while."

After that, Sun Wei went to the desk and picked up the "heart".

"I am thinking, will not affect you?" Sun Hao said.

"The son said! You read, I listen!" Huangru dreams.

"it is good!"

Then, Sun Hao took the heart and read it.

[Slelei, color is not empty, empty is not different, color is empty, empty is color, you can understand, it is also like it ...]

His voice, forming a scripture symbol that can't be aware of the cavity, and quickly aggregates on him.

After turning a few laps, he flew out from the door.



Zongmen is worth the scene.

"Master, don't watch it, come out, or you can't see it."


This is over.


Sky shock.

A blood sea, there is no boundless, hanging in the sky, slow down.

Above the blood sea, countless skeleton, floating in the sea, with the wave ripple.

Infinity, rushing, rushing, as nine-day Galaxy pouring down.


Gangyang City, only felt brain roars.

The whole person soul seems to be averaged, extremely uncomfortable.

An unbearable fear, spreading the whole body.

Most people, the body is not controlled.

Even if it is Luo Liu smoke, at this moment, it is also a white slum, the face is bigger, "the apprentices, you will go! It's too late to come!"

"Master, I ... I don't go, I want to fight with you!" Su Yi Ling said.


Luo Cow smoked,

"The ground appears, the son can not be counted, you quickly go to the big Mountain, tell the son of this matter!" Said Luosi smoke.

"Master, don't, go together!"

On the face of Su Yi Ling, tears rolled.

"Come on, you can't get it later!" Luo Liu smoked.

"It's too late!"

Suddenly, a sound.

A green man appears in front of Luo.

When did he come, Luo Cow is not known.


See the tannie man, bloody respect.

On the face, there is a rest after a robbery.

The tannie man has a bloody and shakes his head.

"There is no thing, usually call you more cultivation, you don't listen, even the dolls that have a successful dolls are can't deal with!" Tsing Yi men's voice is cold.

I heard this, the bloody low, shy.

"Look, you are really a place!"

Luo Liu smokes the green jacket, saying it opens.

Tsing Yi men look at Luo Liu smile, smile, "Not bad, there is a vision, but is you ready for the words?"

"Oh, shouldn't you say this?"

The corner of the Luo wisdom is yang.

"Oh, can't you turn it over? If you give you a chance, what is a means, despite it!" Tsing Yi man said.

"is it?"

Luo Liu smiled slightly, and the right hand speared, it looked like a tea cup, extremely natural.

"Do you want to drink tea? Still want ..."

The words are not falling.

The green dress is giant, and the brain hair is backed up.

He looked up and contracted pupils.

I saw it, an invisible big hand, pressed from the sky.

The horror horror makes him fried.

This big hand, if it is hard, will be injured.

The magic treasure is sea, and the cover is on a higher sky and blocks others to escape.

Now I want to recruit, I can't come.


Not thinking more.

Tsing Yi men make the law, run fast.

During the runfield, there is no use of various beam masks.

"not good!"

Tsing Yi men look back and find that I forgot to take blood to escape.

Now I want to go back to save, and I will be careful for love.

If the female doll can use this trick unlimited, I am not a discount in her hands.


The hands of big love, pressing down to press down.

From the point, the air layer is fried, bursting, and continuously.

"Master, save me!"

"The earth is the big, life!"

Bloody and evil, while opening.

Tsing Yi men heard this, smirked, did not come back to save them.


"Do not!"

Two desperate shouts, suddenly stop.


Two loud noises.

Both people, cracking.

Bloody body, all evaporate.

Even if there is any resurrection, no resurrection may.

The evil king is that in the first time, the body cracked into powder.

"not good!"

I saw the Tsing Yi man hiding past, and Luo's smoke was not good.

I don't want to think of Su Yi Ling, run fast.

"Want to escape?"

At this time, a sound.

Tsing Yi men appeared in front of the two, reaching out of the palm, and breened to the quasius cigarette.

See this scene, the color of Luo smoke has changed.

Without any hesitation, she took a picture from the space ring and blocked in front.

"Red beans are born in the South, spring will send a few branches ..."

Among the drawings, a woman came out of the way, it's just a step, she stood in front of the green man.

Looking at this scene, the green dress is giant.

"How is Dao Run? How can this?"