It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 46, Buddha, appearance, suppression 1

"I hope that I will pick up, this thing is the most important thing!"

The woman finished these two sentences, fingers gently press the front.


A red bean is like a rain dripping, flipping.

Red beans are rapid in the eyes of Tsing Yi men.

"not good!"

Tsing Yi men's face change.

His mind is moving, and the blood is rushing quickly.

Blood gas is like mercury gel, and the whole body is shrouded.


Sky blood sea, shock.


A blood column, split from the blood sea, straight into the top of the Tsing Yi, fused with him, and rapid rotation around him.


Rambouris continues.

Looking away, just like a storm, seeing the head of the skin.

"! ..."

The woman in the painting is red beans, quickly slamming on the blood, hits the layers.

The horror explosion is endless.

"call out……"

The woman in the painting is red beans, as if there is no end, like the arrow is general, not stopping.

Tsing Yi men's blood is not exploding, evaporates.

The ground is set off by the remaining wave layer.

The construction of the competition is collapsed in the middle of the storm, bursting into dust, shrouded.

The whole Jiangyang City is dramatic.

Looking away, just like a last day, horror is boundless.

Living people, staying at the storm in the game, the whole person is screaming.

Many people worship the ground, all hands together, secretly pray.


"Which fairy is painted? It is so terrible!"

"How old is this sad reminder, the first battle touched this treasure!"

Tsing Yi men roared, crazy, extract blood sea power, and confrontation.

"No, this will be done by her, can't hide again!"

Tsing Yi man is big, "come out, blood fairy!"

This start.


Blood sea shock.

A huge palm, extended from the blood sea, look down from the sky.

Cover the sky, suffocating.

Pressing everyone's breathing, the heart is stopped.

Infinitely pressure, put many modes of immortals in the ground, Surse trembling.


The palm of the palm, the woman in the painting, straight down.


A loud noise.

Painting women, body cracking into light, disappearing.

Phaseo, completely become blank paper, lose spirituality.

"Kill them!"

Tsing Yi men pointed to Luo Liu and other people, loudly.


The palm of the palm, the direction of change, and it will be quickly pressed against Malaysiu and other people.

The two girls have changed, crazy struggle.


Any means, in front of the palm, can't afford the slight effect.

The two women were pressed against the ground and could not move.

There is no chance to connect "rhinoceros".

"Hey, I can't complete the son test!"

"Master, this is not blame! Who can think of, Jiangyang City has a blood magic!"

"Yeah, the son did not count, the family is in danger!"

The two closed his eyes, quietly waiting for death.

the other side.

Chen knife looked at the sky and his face was desperate.

In the face of this strong, the Yuan Baby is not.

Now, it is extremely difficult to move your finger.

"The son, there is incompetent, let you down!"

Chen knife is closed on his eyes, quietly waiting for death.

"Do not……"


Chen Kao's side,

The face is desperate.

Look at it.

If you have a palm, you have to take everyone into a powder.

At this time.

"Slelei, color is not empty, empty is not alone ..."

The sound of the sound, came from the virtual empty.

A golden scripture, flying, golden light.

It looks like a golden butterfly in the same number.



Chen Xu Yumu Space Ring a shock.

A Buddha statue, sprint from the space rings.


Ray flashes.

Buddha statue rapidly went out, quietly standing in the sky, wrapped in billions of scriptures.


Each scripture, drilling into a Buddha statue, will shock.

Buddha statues, as the scripture is drilled, growing rapidly.

Between the moment.

Buddha statue is a thousand meters, and it is proud of the sky.

The dazzling golden light, shining.

It looks like a sacred.

Buddha statues are floating on the sky and slowly open their mouths.

"Slelei, color is not empty, empty is not different, ‰ is empty, empty is color, you can understand, it is like ..."

A scripture, spit out from the Buddha statue.

Every sentence, like the avenue, the power is absolutely.

The palm of the blood in the blood sea, disappears quickly with the naked eye.


A roaring, from the blood sea.

The sound is screaming, it seems to be endless pain.

"The damn baldness, is not good to stay in the world, run here?"

"Do you have to manage this matter? Is it true when our blood magic is bullied?"

Blood sea shock, exploding countless sharp sharpness.

One of the palms, drilled out from the blood sea, pressed toward the Buddha statue.

The whole world is like losing colors, leaving only bloody and gold in confrontation.

"Dragon, give this seat!"

A roar.

Thousands of palms, covered, and rapidly bombarded the golden Buddha statue.

The golden Buddha statue did not speak, but he had a profession of the scriptures.


A golden light, spread on the Buddha, spread around.

In an instant, it horses the palm of your hand.

" ..."

These cover the sky, after touching the golden light, instantly collapse.


I can't scream, and I have passed away from the blood sea.

The whole blood sea is in the madness, just like pouring down.

"Stlelet, is the empty phase, no" is not destroyed, no dirt is not clean, no added ... "

Buddha statues extended on the palm, the blood sea, and waved.

A Jin Guang imaginary shadow, quickly zoom in, shrouded the whole blood sea.

"Do not……"

It's not a sorrowful roaring.


A loud noise.

, directly evaporated into a virtual.

The blood sea is bone, and it is bombed as flying ash.

Tsing Yi men look at this scene, and the whole person is scared in the ground.

"It is impossible, it is impossible!"

His face is white, muttered in his mouth.

How can you have to bomb your own magic weapon?


He moved.

Tailor to Changhong, rapidly escape.



In the eyes of the Buddha, two golden men broke.

"Do not……"

Tsing Yi man roars, crazy struggle.

However, it is useless.

He can only look at the golden temper, and the body is burned into black smoke.

"... ..."

A drop of blood, out of the body, and go.

"Zi ..."

Another golden man, instant.

Put this blood, burned black smoke.

At this point, the Qingyi man is completely dead and cannot be resurrected.

The Buddha is swept away from the quarter, and the body is golden, and there is no shining.

Finally, countless verses, flying out from Buddha statues, returning to void, disappearing.


Broken arm statue, rapidly becomes small.

Legally, change the size of the palm.

"call out……"

The broken arm Buddha statue is a golden man, flying back to Chen Xiu's hand.


The sun is sprinkled, sunny is still.

Just now, like illusory.