It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The forty-seventh chapter, the son is hints me to go home.

Yue Jun Inn.

Ningming is looking at the front painting, frowning.

"The master, give me a picture, what is it?"

"Don't this hint me, can I take the way to cultivate?"

"How do I be stupid? How many books have been read?"

Ning Ming smart, full of bitterness.

At this time.

"Slelei, color is not empty, empty is not alone ..."

A voice came.

Ning Ming's eyes before, and immediately started.

He is like a roll, standing on the mountain, looking at the front scene, full of face shocking.

I saw a huge Buddha, gathered in the Golden Mang, looking at yourself.

Buddha statue, have a word.

Every sentence contains the Avenue Buddha.

I heard the human ear, my heart roared.

At this moment, Ning Ming is in an unrecognizable man.

Because of the mortal, the strength has not risen.

But his mind is rapidly improved.

Until the scripture stopped.

Ning Ming wishes to wake up.

In his eyes, it is all shocking.

He slammed himself.

"Ning Ming Zhi, Ning Ming, you are really stupid!"

"You see, this painting is in this painting, don't you refer to you? The son is not to tell you, you must go to the temple as soon as possible!"

"And this temple, followed the son, evolved the Jinguang Buddha, this is not to hint you, do you have a cultivation of Buddha?"

"The son said that this is obvious, you are still stupid, it is really dull!"

"You should immediately go out, follow the son, cultivate the Buddha!"

After finishing, Ning Mingzhi picked up the scissors and cut himself.



Zongmen than a test.

Chen Kao Ming holds the Buddha statue, and the heart has been astonished.

His body is milled, in his eyes, flashing some tears.

"Bonology, you ... you have long been good, I know today, I have this robbery!"

"So, you give me this Buddha, let me pass this robbery!"

"Bono, your big en, the knife is in mind, never forget!"

He slowly took the statue, and he was relieved.

"Too insurance, it is too dangerous!"

"If I first, I greedy, careless, took another statue, the ending is absolutely not the case!"

"I have to give this Dan medicine to the son as soon as possible!"

Chen Xiu Ming muttered, opened the jade bottle, confirmed that the inside of the medicinal medicine was intact, and it was secretly tone.

Then, he walked out of the game and went fast.

Luo Liu smokes in the back of Chen Xiu, the look is more complicated.

"It's him?!"

Others have not seen, Luo Liu smoked, seeing, sky Buddha statue, flew back to Chen Xiu's hand.

In other words, people who have killed the land today are Chen Xu Ming.

A small baby guy!

Save the whole Jiangyang City?

Is he a high person?

No matter what these, I will tell the son first.

This is the urgent task.

I think so.

Luo Liu smokes in Su Yi Ling, "Anshus, this is something, put the disciples back, we will go to the son!"

Su Yi Ling is in the same place, and he will calm down a few breaths.

Everything is too terrible today.

The blood magic war appeared this top masters.

Which is what they can confront.

Fortunately, there is a Buddhist high person to crack down.

Otherwise, yourself is really broken, and you die.

"Yes, Master!"

Su Yi Ling nodded.

Two women are preparing to move.

"it's here!"

At this time,

Follow it.

A group of cultivators, like torrents, rushing.

In the blink of an eye, there was a group of Luo Liu smoked.

"Fairy, thank you for your life! Today, if you don't have you, I will die!"

"Female Bodhisattva, this is a cold grass, although not worth a few money, but I am a little bit!"

"Two gods, you are me, etc., this is a hot, this is crystal, chatting!"

These cultivars have taken out their own most valuable treasures, presented in front of Luosi smoke.


The two women were completely stunned.

Save them, although there is a credit.

But truly rescued everyone, it was the knife.

If you accept these things, don't you admit yourself to save everyone?

This credit, dare to go?

"Dear friends, I want everyone to misunderstand, save you, and others!" Luo cigarette said.

"Female Bodhisattva, you don't be modest!"

At this time, the Liu Rudder stationed from the crowd.

"If you are not in time, I have been killed by blood!" Said Liu Rudder.


Another cultivator stood out, "Save me, but Yaochi Palace fairy, or you bring them to save us, I have already become a food!"

"Yeah, the goddess, you are so kind, save everyone, not admitted, this kind of mood, I admire the extreme!"

"It is a female bodhisaty that saves the rescue, it is not famous!"

"Please wait for me!"

A cultivator, worshiping in front of Luo Cow, starting hoe.

Luo Liu smoked.

They are all truth.

But this is actually nothing to do with you.

If it is not a bonus, you guide yourself!

How can you save them?

"Everyone, it is really misunderstood, let's come here, in fact, it is a high-person guidance!"

"He told us that the evil family will invade Jiangyang City, so we can lay out in advance!" Luo Cow said.

When I heard this, everyone exposed the color of it.

It turned out that the Yaochi Palace was actually guided by a high person.

So how much is this high person?

It is too terrible to be able to count this.

This person will be a surprising.

"Female Bodhisattva, can you tell us, where is the high person? I will go to visit, grateful!" Liu Rudder said.


Luousi smoke faces, quickly stopping, "the high-person love is quiet, if everyone goes, it will not help!"

I heard this, everyone nodded.

"Fairy, then this fascinating, trouble you help me to high people!"

"Female Bodhisattva, this spiritual medicine, trouble you help me to the high!"


Everyone took out their own treasures and handed it to the Luosi smoked.

Luo Liu smashed his mouth and shook his head.

These things, can the son can see?

She revealed a bitter color, said: "Everyone, everyone is so good, I have told the high people!"

"However, you also know that the highcomers will lack these things?" Luo cigarette said.

This time, the cultivar nodded.

That's it.

These things, in their own opinion, is a peerless treasure.

However, in the eyes of the high-person, the root is waste, there is no one more.

Send a bunch of waste to the high person?

It will cause a high person who caught high people.

"Thank you fairy point!"

A cultivator nodded and gave a gift.