It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The forty-eighth chapter is scared, and this doctor can't open.

Yue Jun Inn.

Sun Hao is inheond "Heart Sutra", secretly tone.

Read it over and over, the kind of palpitations feel, disappear.

The whole person is incomparably.

Look, the role of the system forced his own classics is here!

In addition, I have just won more than 1200 points of Fuyuan!

Not too comfortable!

"Mon, have you gone?"

The Phoenix is ​​looking at Sun Hao, in the eyes, the worship.

Just now, the son will read the scriptures.

This means, this strength is surprised.

Moreover, look at the son and don't know these.

So, the son is not damaged, and the whole Jiangyang City is still saved.

This makes her inside the way I can't imagine.

"A lot! The whole person is very comfortable!" Sun Hao said.

"That's good." The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

"If you dream, go, continue to look for the store!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​tightly followed by Sun Wei.



When I saw the scene, Sun Hao spit.

I saw it, and I had a dead miserable body, and I was lying on the corridor.

Broken brace, intestinal belly flow.

One of the men's men, Sun Hao knows.

This person is a buddy for yourself.

Yesterday, it was still good, today, people didn't.


The ground, spreading the dark pus, a stinky taste, and the face came.

Let people smell, the whole person is not good.

What is going on here?

what happened?

Sun Hao is stupid.


At this time.

A bald head ran quickly, and his face was excited to look at Sun Hao.

He is it is Ning Ming.

Seeing this bald, Sun Hao came back.

He is full of confusion, this person seems to know, it seems that it doesn't know.

"You are?" Sun Hao asked.

"Gong, I am Ning Ming! Yesterday, you sent me a picture!"

After that, Ning Ming Zhi took the painting and raised in front of Sun Hao.

I heard this, Sun Hao is.

It turned out that it was the scholar yesterday.

"Talking in the house, this is too unpleasant!"

Sun Haoqiang endured and entered the house.

"Ok, son."

Ning Ming worked behind two people.


"How do you shave your head?" Asked Sun Hao.

"Gong ..."

Ning Ming is ready to answer, at this time, it sounds in the ear.

"The son learns the red dust in the body of the mortal, it is uncomfortable, otherwise, I am welcome!"

At this time, the Phoenix is ​​brought into Ning Ming's ear.

I heard this, Ning Ming was reluctant.

At a point, it caused the son to doubt.

Too dangerous!

This seems that the son is not imagined?

No wonder!

No wonder is so strong, just lift the sound, you can kill people!

This means, it is a peerless fairy!

"The son, I want to pass some things, so I decided to go out for the family!" Ning Ming wisdom answered.

I heard this, Sun Hao looks.

The people of this world, the idea is strange.

Yesterday, I also talk about poetry in myself, I have to go out today.

I don't want to do it, I don't want it!

"Nang brother, there is so many people outside, what is going on?" Sun Hao asked.

Ning Ming is not directly answered.

Instead, I hope that the phoenix is ​​a dream.

Subsequently, start answered.


"A big thing? What big thing?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, the evil family invaded Jiangyang City, many people died, these people were being killed by people." Ning Ming said.


Look at life?

Do you want to stimulate so?

Still in Yangzhou Center - Jiangyang City, this evil family also dares?

If it is elsewhere, is there?

This world is too dangerous!

Sun Hao shocked, but there is no change on his face. "What is the people?"

"The son, the people will be in the Secrets, and the soul of the living people will be wiped off.

"This kind of embarrassment, after a series of drugs, the flesh is like a knife, it is very powerful."

"There are some powerful , you can destroy the earth, not strong!" Ning Ming said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao rose cold, and the body is cold.

One is so powerful.

It is a bunch of embarrassment, who can resist.


"Is there a evil family to attack Yue Jun Inn?" Sun Hao said.

"of course not!"

Ning Ming smartly, "the son, the whole city, there is a trace, last night, there should be a lot of people!"


Sun Hao pumped a breath.

Say good safety?

Say good, don't need to be protected?

Is this a lot of purgatory?

This place can't stay!

"Scared, this doctor can't open, or return to the place where you live!"

In case of this monster, you can at least hide inside the farm.

The farm is a secret space, there is no agreement, generally cultivating fairy, and it will not go into the way.

"Thank you, thank you, I have something to wait, I have to go back."

Speaking of this, Sun Yanwang is like a dream, "If a dream, pack things, we go home!"

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​nodded and starts to pack up.

A piece of item, is installed in the space ring.


Seeing Sun Wei to go, Ning Mingzhi quickly called him.

"Ning brother, do you have anything?" Sun Hao asked.

"Gong, I want to be with you, can you?" Ning Mingzhi asked.

"Hel with me?"

Sun Wei frowned, a face, "You said that you are going to go home, follow me?"

"The son, I want to hear you." Ning Ming said.


Someone likes to listen to myself?

This guy, will not hear himself, then I want to go out?

Looking at his head, it seems that it is just shaved, some places, and also fits the pits.

I want to be shaved myself!

Finally found a guy who likes to listen to himself.

If you read someone, you will be boring, or even a sense of accomplishment.

"Yes, but I will not stay in Jiangyang City, if you want to listen, come to me!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

He looked up, but he was as good as a dream with Sun Hao, rapid.

Between the blink of an eye, it turns a black point and disappears.

"Gong, where do you live?"

Ning Ming smart.

In response to him, only his own echo.

"The son let me go to him, but I don't tell where?"

"Why is this? Is this a test?"

"It must be the case, only to find the gong family, he will really teach me!"

Ningming muttered himself, thinking about every word of Sun Hao.


He took Sun Hao every word, and he thought it was, and he couldn't think of where Sun Hao lived.

"I am awkward, the son test, where is it?"

"Is it not a word, but painted?"

It is like this.

So thinking, Ning Mingzhi took the painting and looked carefully.

He returned to his room directly, just like wood carving.

I do not know how long it has been.

"I understand! Isn't this painting a mountain?"

"And this temple, watching his orientation, should be the south! The meaning of the son means, isn't it to refer to the southern position of the Demon Mountain?"

"When the son gave me this painting, I was now clearly!"

"The son is deeply embarrassed, I wake up, I am really embarrassed!"

"Gong, you wait for me, I will find your residence!"

After saying, Ning Ming returned to his room and started to pack up.