It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The forty-ninth chapter of the ghost Longtan

Located 500 kilometers south of the Dawa Mountain, there is a few kilometers of water pool here, which is called Ghost Longtan by the world.

Legend has it, there is a ghost dragon, swallowing the land, horrible.

Within ten miles, no one dare to be close to Ghost Longtan.

On this day, a fisherman's back fishing net, took the fish fork, carefully touching the ghost dragon pool, looking at the ghost Longtan, his face is exhausted.

"No matter, I can't get a family member of the fish."

"The head is falling, the bowl is big!"

After that, the fisherman carefully went to the bidelong Dragon Pool, pick up the fishing net, and throw it hard.

"... ..."

The fishing net is falling water, the earthquake is corrugated, spread around.

The fisherman took the fishing net, pulled hard, and the big fish was lively.

The fisherman's face is smile.

"I have sent it, I sent it, sell this fish, at least one month, life is not used!"

The fisherman is muttered, and she will go back to go back.

However, this time is coming.


In the ghost dragon pool, huge blisters were drumped.

The water pool is as cooked, and the whole boiling is boiling.

The whole ground is also followed in dramally.

The fisherman seems to have discovered the same, turned back, and scared the original place directly.

I saw it, a head of the faucet, like a giant mountain, is generally standing half.

The two blood red eyes, the light of the chance.

"It's here, even if you are on the gods, you don't dare to break into this land, you have a mortal, even if you are dead!"

After finishing, the giant faucet, open the mouth, and take force.


The fisherman's body is uncontrolled, followed by the big fish that I just came, flew, was biting by the faucet, gently chewing a few times, and swallowed into the belly.

Then, the faucet slowly sink into water.

The water is calm again, as if there is anything happening.

On the shore, the fishing net is lying there in calm.

On the Southern Sky, Ghost Longtan, Changhong is flying quickly.

This Changhong is what Sun Hao and the Phoenix.

Not good, forget the address of Ningming!

I blame myself, too nervous, just want to escape, and the result is forgotten.

Now, it has been flying for a long time, even if you can't get back, I want to leave.

Some people are willing to listen to themselves, and they actually become like this.

Forget it, go back first!

Sun Hao relaxed and started to visit the surrounding scenery.


He glanced in his eyes and he saw the waterhill.

The water chain is rippling, and it is a lot of mood.

"Dream, we went to the water pool to play for a while." Sun Hao pointed to the bottom and said.

"Okay, son!"

The two quickly landed.

Sun Hao stood on the side of the water pool, closed his eyes, and took a sigh of breath and exposed a look.

"It's a good place, I don't know if there is any fish in it?"

"I haven't eaten a cold for a long time. I don't know such a deep water. Can you catch a fish back?"

Thinking of this, Sun Hao is four sweep, just seeing not far from there, there is a fishing net, and a fishk.

Who is this? Just use it!

Good people!

"If you dream, we will catch a fish here, I haven't opened it for a long time." Sun Hao said.

"Everything heard the son command!" The Phoenix was smiling.

"If you dream, you are watching it next to you, let me fight!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Sun Hao picked up the fishing net, went to the sideline, sprinkled the big network, and throw it quickly.

Then, pull up the fishing net with force.

However, nothing did not catch.

The bottom of the water chamber,

"The dead bug is coming again!"

"The place of this seat, what can be chaotic?"

After finishing, the fierce is tampering into a lightning, which is rushing.

On the edge of the water pool.

"It's impossible, is my fishing not there?"

"How can I catch a fish?"

"Such a big water chamber, according to the reason, there should be fish!"

"Big fish come to me!"

Sun Hao screamed, sprinkled the fishing net, throwing it into the water.

After the body, the Phoenix is ​​like a ghost dragon pool, the heart is dramatic, and there is an uneasiness on his face.

"There is something below!"

The Phoenix is ​​like the bottom of the pool, and it is not bombed by the scalp, and quickly collects the knowledge.

"There is a peerless fierce, which has reached five steps, and it is horrible than it."

The Phoenix is ​​looking at Sun Hao, and quickly bowed to him and stop him from going down.

However, where is it.

The fierce is straight, and the fishing net is coming over.

"Small bug, fish in this site, find dead!"

In the eyes of the fierce, it is cold and killing.

Next second, it does not cause a faceset.

I saw that the fishing nets wrapped it in a fast crazy, and wrapped it in an instant.

"If you want to trap this seat, find it!"

The fierce is so hard to squat in the fishing net.

" ..."

A very slight sound sounded.

This hit, the fierce glare, almost fainted.

"This ... What is this?"

The fierce face is giant, crazy struggles.

However, it is useless.

Every time I encounter the fishing net, I will have a feeling of soul tear.

In the whole western region, I have no existence, no one is bailled.

Every month, you must swallow an eight-class zone, and even the Cangyuan is not daring.

I don't even dare to manage myself, will it fall into a mortal?

Not sweet!

The fierce roaring, crazy struggle.

Nothing, its body, follow the fishing net, getting down and smaller.

Finally, it was cooked to the water.

"If you dream, you look, it is a big yellow!"

A surprised voice came.

I heard the fierce ears and could not help but hed.

"You are big yellow!"

"Mud horse is a big braquise!"

However, let the fierce are frightened, what it is saying, just screaming, just like the jaundice is called.

"My God, he ... who he is?"

"Do he want to dry?"

On the fierce face, it's horrified.

"Gong, you are really too powerful!" Huangru dreams.

"The prize, like a dream, we have a good blessing tonight, such a big jaundice, a meal!" Sun Hao said.


Want to eat yourself?

Old days!

You don't know if I am a dragon?

Although it is unified, the identity is here!

Even if you are powerful, in front of the dragon, what do you have?

Let me let me go!

The fierce roaring, roaring.

In Sun Hao, it is just a crazy jump in the big net, and it is not a role.

"Hey, don't jump, useless!"

A big hand, reach into the fishing net, and arouse.

"If you have a mortal, I want to catch me? See if I don't swallow you!"

This idea has just been formed.

Next second, the fierce face became a big change.

It finds that he is unable to struggle in this mortal.

What makes it more fear is that all power is sealed and cannot be used.

"It's over!"

This is the last idea of ​​the fierce.

The Phoenix is ​​looking at this scene, and there is no movement for a long time.

Even the dragon is as a yellow squad, this world, in addition to the son, who else?