It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The fifty chapter, the son has already controlled 1 cut

Time flies, the eye is two days.

These two days.

The things of the evil magic bisqually, Yangzhou, spread throughout the Yangzhou.

In Yangzhou, spread to the western region.

Yaochi Palace was called the immortal of Xianmen, the name of Luo Liu smoke, but also a female bodhisattva.

Good heart, to save the world as our own responsibility.

This so high quality is a model of all cultivators.

The evil family is committed, not dangerous, not in the fame and fortune, this chest is simply shocking.

Every time I talk, many modes of repair are moving tears.

It is a great god of gods to the high people who point to Luosius.

Many people guess the high people behind the Luosi smoke, it is one of the nine fans.

Some people say that it is Ling Xi Dao, some people say that it is a jade, and some people say that the old man ...

Different enough.

However, these cactors have not been in the world.

Everyone took the guess and overthrew.

Finally, the immortal named this high person, named God.

After adding a vinegar, the god succulent campaign turns into a unless.

For the "Buddhism" of the Buddhist Taoist, the whole, Jiangyang City, it is a great god.

The world's birth news, spread throughout Yangzhou, and spread out to Yangzhou.

For these, Luo Cow is naturally not known.

At this moment, she has come to the vicinity of the Demon Mountain.

"Master, the son has experienced the mortal attitude, and we told him the news of the blood magicity." Su Yi Ling asked.

"What is wrong, we have no intention to mention, don't take the son of the son, the son is secretly dial, we only need to understand!"

"Take again, the nation is nine fairy, in addition to the people, other immortals have not seen, they must have to go to the fairy world."

"When you are guilty, it's a breakthrough, it's inconvenient to disturb, now, it is possible to force the tide, only a son!

"Master, is there a fairyland in this world?" Su Yiwei asked.


Luo Liu smashed, shook slightly, "I don't know this, maybe there!"

"If there is a fairy world, it should be very good. Do you have a lot of delicious?" Su Yi Ling's eyes flashing.

"If you know, try to improve your strength!"

"Well, we should go!"

Two women landed, looking at Shangshan Road, not from a glimpse.

I saw that a man is behind a long knife and walking on the mountain.

He is Chen Xu Ming.

"It's he, Chen Xiu Ming!"

The Luo Cow recognized him at a glance.

From the Liu Rudder, he knows that he is a tyrantist-Chen Tao Ming.

How can he appear here?

Does he know the son?

He is here, what is the so-called?

A series of questions.

Luo Liu smashed, and quickly chased it.

"Chen Zong, wait!" Luo cigarette shouted.

Chen Xu Ming heard the sound behind the sound and frowned.

Looking back, the face is changed.

It turned out to be the palace of the Yaochi Palace - Luo Cow.

Her trick, earth-shatter, almost smoked.

I want to come now, I still have a little affection.

"The Lord of the Palace, what do you tell?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Polite! Chen Zong, I just want to ask, do you know Sun Hao Gongzi?" Luo Cow said.

"What? You also know Sun Hao Gongzi?" Chen Xiu Yumei was shocked.

"That is nature, the son god machine is calculated, let me go to Jiangyang City to lay everything ..."

Luousi smoke said yourself.

Chen Xu Ming was dark, and his eyes were bold, it was shining.

The son is calculated, and it has already been controlled everything.

It's a heaven!

"But unfortunately, the son did not count to the magicity, but also have you, killing the land!" Luosi smoke said.

When I heard this, Chen Xiu fell on his face.

"The Lord of the Luo Palace, you are wrong." Chen Kao said.

"Wrong?" With the smoke face of Luo.

"First, the son is calculated, knowing everything in the world, a small land, as early as one month ago, it has already been counted." Chen Xu Ming said.


Two women in Luo, while exclaiming.

One month ago, I went out.

This means is afraid that the immortal can't do it.

The two women's face is shocked.

"Second, killing the land, not under, but a son."

After that, Chen Xu Ming took the broken arm Buddha statue.

"This thing is that the son is given to me to deal with the land!"

"As early as one month ago, the son began to lay out!"

"I am docus, I can't understand the meal of the son, so let the Buddha have jumped out and directly suppressed."

Chen Xu Ming took the test of himself and said it.


After listening, Luo Liu smoked, and a dark road.


On the face, it is shouted.

The son god machine is calculated, and it will be easy to completely.

I actually doubt that the son did not be able to come to the blood magic.

Special, you are a fool, a idol, it's really stupid!

Mono, these characters, they dare to quit!

Brain is not easy!

The heart of Luo Liu smashed himself 10,000, this is only a bit.

The son is not only calculated, and it is the purpose, the purpose is to test me.

Mono means, unimaginable.

I will wait for one person, then, then this is not crackdown.

It is a big death, and even the whole Jiangyang City is not a big death.

Fortunately, everything is shocked.

Now think about it, it is also afraid.

In the future, in the face of the son, there is no more than half of the point, and there is no more doubt.

Luousi smoke muttered, secretly decided.

Subsequently, she looked at Chen Xiu Ming, holding a box: "Chen Zongwin, your understanding, it is very admire, if you don't want to give up, we become a Taoist friend, in the future, I have encountered the master test, and how?"

"Luo Palace, oh, Luo Doyou, there is this meaning!"

"You can get your pointing, fortunately, you are rushing!"

Chen Xu Ming hugged, respectfully.

The two faces have their faces.

I have a smile, everything is in the case.

"Master, what are you talking about?"

"If you don't, let's go up the mountain, maybe you can take a meal in the son!" Su Yiling said.

"According to the spirit, you are not small, you have to grow, don't want to eat!"

"Through the test of the son, I got a horror, the strength of the strength, the future, what to eat, what to eat!"

Luo Liu smoked, began to persuade.

"Master, I know, let's go!"

After that, Su Yi Ling smiled and quickly went to the mountain.


Luousi smoke sighs, makes the hand gesture, "Chen Daoyou, please!"

"Luo Dou, please please!" Chen Xiu said.


Luo Cow nodded and walked forward.

Chen Xu Ming followed it, his eyes became gloried.

In the future, there is such a predecessor pointing, and you will pay less a lot of detours.

The son test, that is hard, and the predecessors can enlighten it.

This kind of understanding, Dengfeng!

In the future, when the son tested himself, it is necessary to ask the seniors guidance!