It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 51, I amlaria

Western region, Shang Cang West.

In a hall, a white-haired old man stands on the stage and looks at several men and women under the lower part.

"Yangzhou Jiangyang City, how do you have a view?" The old man opened.


A burly man stands out.

"Hou Xing, you said." White haired old man said.

"Dean, Jiangyang City, not credibility!" Hou Xing said.

"Why?" Asked the old man.

"First, the cultivar rumors will be exaggerated! Last, some people say that the demon is like a mess, the result, the result, just a small demon that has just been practicing!"

"Second, Yaochi palace master-Luo Cow, I am in the Cangsi University student, because of the peace, no hope promotion, I went to the Yaochi Palace! Can she save Jiang Yangcheng, kill the land? Dean, do you believe? ? "

"Third, as for that God, I saw that Zi Ziwu is, it is the Luo Liu Du Du, confused all beings."

"Fourth, the world, only in the legend, there is no! What is the Buddhist high person, it is a Du to make it!"

"Comprehensive above four points, Luo Liu smashed, set with a conspiracy, I am afraid that those evil spirits, the roots are not dead, but with Luo Liu smashed, bad me on the Cangyuan foundation!"

"Dean, students think that the army should be sent, and the Yaochi Palace should be sent to the Yaochi Palace.

Hou Xing said, respectfully worship the ground, and rude.

"Dean, Student Adult!"

Then, several men and women stood came out, worshiping the ground, requested the army.

White-haired old people stand in place, close their eyes.

a long time.

He opened his eyes and looked at a blue woman.

"Mu Ice, isn't you talk to Luo Cow? Why don't you talk?" The old man asked.

"Dean, you have an answer in your heart, the student said that he did not say," Mu Bing said.

"Oh, then you are listening!" The old man asked.

"Dean, if I stand comes out for the Luosius smoke, I will only affect the dean judgment, and the Hou Xing will take the opportunity to accuse it." Mu Bing said.

"You fart, I Hou Xing is the kind of little person! I see you don't make good satisfaction, take the opportunity to fall into me, dean, please punish her!" Hou Xing said.


The old man opened faintly, and Hou Xing immediately closed his mouth.

"go on!"

"Yes, the dean!"

"Hou Xing said, all fart!"

"One, he pursued Luo Liu, was ruthlessly refused, and he hated in the heart, he just took the opportunity, framed Luo Liu smoke!"

"Second, Jiangyang City, is not, Shang Cangyuan foundation, will you be a small door to shake? Hou Xing exaggerates his words, useful sinister!"

"Third, as Shang Cangyuan students, in the case of the truth, please conclusion, is a big taboo!"

"The above three points, I want the dean, I have already been on the chest!" Mu In said.

Hou Xing heard these words, the fist was holding him.

The eyes are extremely comparative, and it is like to swallow Mu Ying.

Joien Dean is majestic, he does not dare to attack.

White-haired old people heard this, he got a long and nodded, "" What should I deal with you? "

"That is naturally sent people to investigate all, then conclusion!"

"As for the evil magic attack, no matter if it is false, it is necessary to tell the general court, and make a prevention!" Mu Ice said.

"Haha ..."

The old man laughed, and a satisfaction.

"Okay, good! It is a person who Mujia. This matter, the old man will send you to investigate! How do you see?" White haired old man said.

"The dean arranged, the student liver and brain is placed, and the will be completed!"

Mu ice is calm,

It seems that everything is not related to her.

"Okay, let's go, what you need, go to the treasure building, in case there is a god, you can't neglect!"

"Also, the Buddha is explicit, and it has to be investigated!" White haired old man said.

"Yes, the dean!"

After finishing, Mu Bing is a fragrant blow, and go quickly.


Hou Xing shouted.

"Live your mouth, don't think that the old man doesn't know what you are thinking!"

"Useless things, immediately give the old man to close the door! Forbidden to go on a year!" White haired old man said.

"Dean, students ..."

When he saw the fierce light in the eyes of the white hair, immediately closed his mouth.

"Yes, the dean!"

After that, Hou Xing retired.

"The old guy, Mu Bing! There is always one day, I Hou Xing must tear you into pieces!"

"There is also Luo Liu smoked, what is the high!"

"You are waiting!"

Hou Xing wooeded that the fist was holding.

Then, he turned into a Changhong, flew back to his peak.

Just landed.


A Changhong, flying quickly.

After landing, it turns into a man.

The style is lying on, look at it, it makes people feel self-defeating.

"Hou old brother, how is the face?" Said the man said.

Hou Xing returned to the front, full of angry, "Qinghai Yuan, less yin and yang, I don't want to pursue your Mu Bing?"

"This doesn't have to worry about the younger brother! Today, the status of Hou Lao is in the eyes of the dean, it can be said that it is a thousand feet! Do you not lose a lot of ice?"

"The damn mushroom, don't let me catch the opportunity!"

Hou Xing clenched his fist and his face was resentful.

"Hou younger brother, there is a plan, keep you down Mu Bing, put Luo Cow to smoke in your hand, let you take it! And, this matter does not know, do you want to listen?"

"Ask you? There is this thing, you used it early, but also used to run to me here?" Hou Xing said.

"Oh, don't listen, good people are difficult!"

"I look, I still watch fire on the shore!"

After that, the Chai Yuan was turned around, turned into Changhong, flew it in the sky.

That look, no barter love.

See this scene, Hou Xing frowns, finally, shout: "Wait!"

"Oh, do you still have something?"

The first stopped, and smiled.

"Don't install it, say it!" Hou Xing said.

"This matter, it is not convenient to say!"

"Come with me!"

The two came to the secret room and arranged several layers of isolation array.

Next, the first opening of Shimai Yuan said.

Just start, Hou Xing is full of resistance.

When the charter is completely confined, Hou Xing face is getting more and more prosperous.

"You said that it is light!"

Hou Xing shook his head.

"You see this!"

At this time, the Thai Yuan took out a space ring and handed it to Hou Xing.

Open a look.

Hou Xing was surprised to face his face.

"Too good, there is these things, I can leave the wall of the body! These two women, I have to survive, you can't die!"

Hou Xing was excited to have the body slightly fuse, for a long time, he calmed down.

"Let's talk, what is your favor?" Hou Xing said.

"I as long as you put ..."

The Chai Yuan was attached to Hou Xing Ear and whispered.

After Hou Xing heard, he nodded and "no problem!"