It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 52, 1 hand broken

"If you dream, there is a pavilion on the top of the stone tower, take me up." Sun Hao said.


The phoenix is ​​blessed on the dream face.

She clearly remembers that this stone tower is on the top of 100 meters, and I can't close it.

If you need to have a ban, you have a ban on the top, it is extremely horrible.

These prohibitions are very old, I am afraid that it is a half-fairy, I am afraid that it is not a problem.

The son actually wants to go, I am afraid ...

"If a dream, what is it?" Sun Hao asked.

"Gong, nothing, I take you." Huangru dreams.

Thinking of Sun Hao will hold a peerless monk, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

Huangru dreams out the long sword, floating in front of it.

"Bonus, I am in front of it." Huangru dreams.

"No, you will be good behind you."

After that, Sun Hao was gentle, standing on the tips, the whole person was stable as Taishan.


The two were rushing up and came to the top of the stone tower.

The phoenix controls the flying sword, standing outside the hundred meters, not dare to close.


If there is no ban, it blocks it in front to see the phoenix.

"If a dream, close to a little."

Sun Wei looked at the pavilion on the stone tower, and the eyes were light.

This space is like a pavilion, but it is much larger than the pavilion.

Poster a table and chair, play the piano painting, drink tea chat, enjoy the beauty, is it unhappy?

I think so, Sun Hao stretched out his right hand.

"Gong, small ..."

The words are not falling.


The ban collapse, like the shredded paper.


Huang is a dream.

Looking at Sun Hao, worshiping the essence, shining.

"The son has broken this ancient ban on the body, which is too terrible!"

"Look at the son, it seems that no ban!"

"The son, it's so powerful!"

This means, this strength cannot be imagined.

The more you look, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

Surprise energy?

Peerless dominate?

Is there a cactus?

It is possible.

"If a dream, take me in!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a few mouthfuls of breath, this is a lot.

"It's good scenery!"

The top of the stone tower, Sun Hao looks away, a smile.

"Yes, son."

The Phoenix is ​​standing next to Sun Hao, nodding.

"I want to paint now, like a dream, trouble you help me with the tool!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

Phoenix is ​​nodded.

After a while.

Sun Yuwu opened a rice paper and made a pen.

Pen walking the dragon snake, a pair of water in the water, jumping on paper.

On the paper, a man and a woman stand in the mountains and looks at the mountains.

Under the layer of cloud, it is a ridge of mountains.

This situation is extremely integrated with this situation.

Although the shadow is blurred, but the mood is far-reaching, people are reluctant to remove their eyes.

Sun Hao took a pen, once again, in the white place, write two lines: will be the top, a list of people!

"Upper Map" is done.

The Phoenix is ​​like this painting, the whole person is stupid to stand, and it is movable.

Her eyes appearance, completely change.

As she is standing in the painting, and painting a woman, it becomes her.


Painting in the clouds, rapid surge.

Around the aura, wrong, the fairy is rapid.

The Phoenix is ​​clearly feeling your strength, raising rapidly.

After a while.


Body, blocking the film,

At this moment, she reached a step!

Between the flying misery and the cactus, there are two talents.

The first, it is a spiritual conversion.

This process is extremely slow.

Ordinary cultivar, usually requires a millennium.

Even the enchanting, at least a hundred years.

The spiritual conversion process is divided into ten steps.

Each conversion is 10%, the strength will explode several times, so it is divided into ten steps.

Unexpectedly, he was in just ten days, and he raised from the ferry to a step.

If this is to say, I am afraid that I have a bowel strange to sleep countless years, I have to jump out.

All everything, you are giving you the son!

The Phoenix dreams looks at Sun Hao, worship, gratitude, love, written on his face.


The Phoenix is ​​running quickly, holding Sun Hao.


A burst of fragrant wind, straight into the nasal cavity.

A soft chest is a soft.

Some places, uncontrolled, like Shenlong rushing, and unstoppable.

The Phoenix is ​​like a bitter, and his face is red.

She hugged tightly and did not dare to move.

Sun Hao did not dare to move.

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, that is a cultivator.

Yourself, one of them, with her double repair, one is not good, too hard.



Think about it, it is afraid.

Still have to wait for you to practice, reach the same strength.

"Mon, at home?"

At this time, a voice came outside the courtyard.

Huangru dreams quickly released Sun Hao, and his face was red.

"It's them!"

In the eyes of Sun Hao, it blooms so different, and it can harvest the blessing value.

From Jiangyang City, there is no harvest value for two days.

As for the phoenix, I have no won value before it is a few days ago.

I don't know if it is too cooked, still there is a limit.

Today, they come over, just can harvest a wave of franchise.

"If you dream, take me!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

After the two landed, open the hospital door.

"See the son!"

Seeing Sun Hao, Chen Xu Ming, Luo Cow and Suieling Three people respectfully.

Sun Hao holds boxing, "Chen Xiong, come together?"

"Yes, son!"

Chen Xu Ming stood out.

In the eyes, there is no honor.

He took out a jade bottle, he handed to Sun Hao, "the son, a little meaning, please accept it!"

Is it a gift?


The cultivator is polite.

"Chen Xiong, it is very polite!"

Sun Hao took the jade bottle, opened a look, a fragrant flavor.

Inside, it is a medicinal medicine that flows with purple man.

It is not everything.

This thing is safe to use.

"Thank you, Chen Xiong, please please!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Chen Xu Yumi nodded and overturned.

Two women in Luo Liu saw this scene, and the look was embarrassed.

This time, they didn't give the son with a gift, I really didn't come in.

"Liu smashed girl, Idea girl, don't be stunned, come in!" Sun Hao said.


The two gods have hysterested, but they don't dare to enter.

"Liu smoke sister, Yingling sister, don't grind!"

The phoenix went to the two women, pulled two people and entered the hospital.

"Multi Lanlian!"

Chen Xu Ming saw the lotus flower, the face changed.

This is only a month, I didn't expect that the lamina had a few thousand flower petals.

"So many petals, this strength, I am afraid that I can't imagine."

Chen knife looked at the millennium, in his eyes, full of awe.

In this way, how long does it take, can turn into a lotus.

At that time, this lotus demon strength, how much horrible?

Think about it, it is afraid of a while.