It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 53-Qoquel Jade Liquid, Body Enhancement

"Chen Xiong, two girls, since everyone knows, today, in any case, you have to eat and go!"

"Today, you can have fun!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

If you have answered other people, Su Yiling took the lead.

Since the last time I drank porridge, I ate the radish, I have already eaten, it is unforgettable.

It can be taken here in the son, and it will not be repaired for a few days.

Luo Cow is open, and it is weak to say anything.

"The son, then I went to cook." Huangru dreams.

"Okay." Sun Yizhen is head.

"I am going to help!"

Two women in Luo willow smoke, follow the phoenix.

On the spot, only Sun Hao and Chen Xiu Ming were left.

Chen Xu Ming lowered his head, and his look was nervous.

"Chen Xiong, come, we drink tea."

"Okay, son!"

Chen Xu Yumu nodded, and his face was full of expectations.

Two people landed.

Sun Hao said: "Chen Xiong, the last time I drank Biluchun and Dahongpao, this time, we change the taste, drink Tieguanyin!"


In the eyes of Chen Xiu, he revealed a doubt.

Obviously, this name is still there.

Sun Hao smiled slightly and started cooking tea.

"Chen Xiong, have you been to Jiangyang City recently?" Sun Hao asked.

This is out.

Chen Xu Ming was trembled.


I will remember the son.

No, each expression, every action, you must write down.

If you don't understand, you will find the seniors of the willow smoked.

Chen Xiu Ming did decision, and the look was not comparative, "the son, I have been!"

"So have you seen people?" Asked Sun Hao.

Jiangyang City, people?

What is the son not implied?

"The son, I have seen it." Chen Xu Ming replied.

When I heard this, Sun Hao looked at Chen Xiu Ming, and his face revealed.

Can be escapped in that kind of knife gun, prove this kid, strength is good.

"The people is a cult nationality? Then you know that in addition to the people, there are other evil people?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, the evil family has the bodies, there is a corpse, the heart, the soul of the soul ..."

Chen Xu Ming began to introduce it seriously.

Each race is introduced very detailed.

Sun Hao heard these and secretly wrinkled eyebrows.

Two days ago, the store is a small two-bladed model, still in his own heart.

The head is smashed, and the brain is drunk, it is too terrible.

"This race should not exist in this world."

Sun Hao is branched in his hand, and he will be thrown.

"... ..."

The dead branches are unfavorable, falling into Yaochi, gradually affordable water flowers.

Chen Xu Ming looked at this scene, the heart of the gods.

"The son, this is let me go to the evil family!"

"I understand!"

Chen Xu Ming took the fist and excited his eyes.

"Chen Xiong, I am sorry, let you laugh!"

Sun Hao recovered his emotions and sat down again.

"Where, where!" Chen Kao said.


The tea is fragrant, drifts toward the backyard.

" ..."

At this time, a duck called the sound.

After Chen Xu Ming, he looked up.

Seeing the sky, Chen knife sounded pupils contracted, and the face was changed.

"This ... this is nine days of gods, I ... my day! It ... Is it coming to win the public tea?"

"It's over, this kind of beast, I can't move my finger!"

Chen Xiu Ming muttered himself, his face was white.

He stayed in nine days, he lost from the sky,

Huge wings seem to be capped the whole track.

The wind is four, whistling.

Infinitely, rolling.

Chen Xu Ming is like a statue, standing in the original place.

Not he doesn't want to move, but it can't be turned on.

"This ... how is this nine days?"

"Too ... it's terrible!"

In the next second, he scared the liver and gentle.

I saw that after the gods landed, it turned into a rooster size.

At this time.

The body is right, suddenly disappeared.

God quickly walked to Sun Hao, and he did not stop the neck.

That look, just like a dog in joining the owner.

Oh my God.

Nine days God is joining the son?

Is it going to grab a treasure?

Is it a son?

So much.


Like the thunderstorm in the mind, he shook him for a long time.


The pet's pet, it is nine days.

My old ancestors!

God beast as pet?

In this life, in addition to the son, can anyone do it?

Mono strength, how is it?


It's just that there is no existence!

One thought here.


Chen Xiu Ming took a few mouthfuls of cold, and the body trembled.

"Small, do you want to drink?" Sun Hao said.

This name is that Huang is a dream, so Sun Hao is also called.

" ..."

The flush head is like a chick in the alley.

"No, guests have not drunk, how can you move!"

After that, Sun Hao poured a cup of tea to Chen Xiu, handed it to him.

Chen Xu's sound should be stunned, not good, look, where is it, where is it?

"Chen Xiong, drink." Sun Hao held a cup.

"This ... this, the son, give it a cup." Chen Kao said.

"Not urgent!"

Sun Hao seems to find it wrong. He looked at the fried hair, as with a fighting chicken, could not be ignored.

This guy doesn't want to live.

Dare to stare at the immortal, he wants to be mad, a knife, you can't help it, he can live the master before people.

I really don't understand.

Sun Hao looked highly and said: "Is this staring at the guests? Not honest, be careful, I will make you roast chicken!"

This is out.

It's frightening and scared.

Hurry and squat at the foot of Sun, Sitse shive.

Chen Xu Ming looked at this scene, the heart has been astonished, and it can't calm for a long time.

In front of the son, the beast also had to kneel.

What is the child is so horrible?

"Chen Xiong, drink." Sun Hao held a cup.

"Thank ... Xie Gongzi."

Chen Xu Ming also raised a cup and a small drink.


The tea is overflowing, full of mouth.

After the tea is entry, it will become a unparalleled fairy, flock to the whole body.

Through meridians, improve the flesh and meridians.

At this moment, Chen Kao sounded in his own flesh.

"Fairy Tea!"

Chen Xu Ming was in the heart of the heart, and his face was shocked.

A little bit, the body, it will become a few times.

This cup goes down, you can, is afraid that you will not be strong?

Chen Kao looked at Sun Hao, in his eyes, he was grateful, "the son, you can rest assured, I will order the evil family!"

A cup of tea under the belly.

Chen Xiu Ming flesh, there is a thousand times.

I am afraid that it is a kind of spirit, I am afraid that I can't hurt myself.

If you are facing your blood, Chen Xiu's self-confidence, a punch, you can break him into dust.

"The son of the gnie, not to report!"

Chen Xu Ming looked at Sun Hao, a face gratitude.

"Continued Cup."

Sun Hao did not wait for Chen Xiu to respond, continue to give him a cup.

Just, this guy drank a cup of tea, I got 100 points of franchise.

Can you give him a drink again?