It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 54, the son, Dragon, dare to eat?


Chen knife looked at the front of the cup, his eyes were touched.

This kind of fairy tea, compared with the Wu Kao Tea, is weak.

Every cup of tea is unpacked.

"Thank you!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Chen Xiong, a cup of tea, not enough to teeth, come, drink it!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Chen Xu Ming continued to drink.

Every mouth, he dare not drink too much, taste it.

Chen Xu Ming moved to capture it by Sun Hao.

"Look, Chen Xiong likes my tea!"

Sun Hao nodded and stood up and walked in the house.

After a while, Sun Hao took a few bags of tea and came out.

When Chen Xiu is drunk, Sun Yizheng said: "Chen Xiong, can you drink?"

Good drink?

This is a fairy tea.

And it is a fairy tea that can quench the body!

This is something that can't be bought!

Is it a good job!

"Gong, drink!" Chen Tao's head.

"Do you like it?" Sun Hao said smiling.

"Like!" Chen Xiu Ying Head.

"Since I like, Chen Xiong will take a little going back!"

After that, Sun Wei handed the three bags of tea to Chen Xiu's hand.

Chen Xiu Yumou is a hemp, a disturbing, writing on his face.

After he was nervous, the whole person was scared.

"This ... this is Wu Wu tea, this is a thousand pieces, the ancestor!"

"This is a unhappy tea, this is a fairy tea! There are thousands of pieces!"

A tea, it is a peerless treasure, so much, you dare to accept it.

"Bonology, this ... this ..."

Chen Xiu Ming's heart is jumping, long and many mouths, can't calm down.

These tea, completely break the three views.

Can't imagine at all.

"What is it?" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I can't accept it!" Chen Xu Ming said.

Don't say this thing first.

Single is your own strength, it is far from protecting this kind of thing.

I got so many peerless treasures. If I pass it, I will definitely be frozen.

"How? Are you looking down on me?" Sun Hao face with a hint of anger.

When I heard this, Chen Kao was trembled.

The son is angry.

Don't God give this tea to yourself?

Is so!

I don't know where the son is deep?

Have a good thinking.

In this case, this tea must be accepted.

Chen Xu Ming wants to look at it, take tea in his hand.

"The son, nature is not, just these things are too precious!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Chen brother is not too abandoned!" Sun Hao said.

"So, thank you,!"

Chen Xu Ming finished, and put three bags of tea and received a space ring.

", Fuyuan +300!"

A sound.

After Sun Hao heard, his eyes sparked.


Several bags of tea have harvested so many blessings.

Very good!

Now, the total franchise value has reached 8400.

It is very likely that it can break 10,000 today.

"Stay, what to give it to the two girls?"

"They seem to like to say words! Then send them to them!"

So thinking, Sun Hao made a decision.

Shortly after.

The meals are done.

Five people landed.

Table on the table with six tips.

Green fried lettuce, vinegar, bean curved ...

There is no half a bit.

However, in the eyes of Chen Kao, the eyes are blooming.

Single smell, the stomach is unconsciously called.

These things don't have to taste, you know that you are all unpolished.

Usually, a unpleasant medicine is difficult to find.

The proliferation is mature, generally will have an opinion, and countless cultivars come to compete.

The strength is powerful, and the privilege can win the demon.

Weak, either die, either you envy.

They have always been able to stand next to envy.

In the son, these things are like home, not worth mentioning.

Ask, when today, who can compare with the son?

"If you dream, the remaining half of the yellow squash should be stewed, you help to get it!"

"Okay, son!"

The phoenix is ​​fast.

"Liu smashed girl, Yilong girl, Chen Xiong, this time, I caught a big jarous, there is half left, just enough us!" Sun Hao said.


The son actually likes to eat this kind of custom.

Have these spirits to eat, where there is a kind of customs?

However, in front of the son, I have to eat two!

"Thank you gong!"

After a while.

The Phoenix is ​​a big casserole, put it until the table.

The pot is opened.

Tengtun hot, straight.

Hot white soup, such as general.

A unique aroma, rushing.

When the heat gas is evaporated.


Like nine days, Iron Iron.

The three people in Luo wisdom looked at the head in the big casserole, the whole stupid place.

This ... Is this astrath?

This is clear that the dragon!

The whole western region, there is a dragon, only Ghost Longtan.

The peerless fierce, every month must swallow an eight-class zone, all the top and bottom, do not leave the living port.

Despite this, peerless fierce is also active.

I didn't even dare to use the Cangyuan.

Because this fierce, it is a branch member of the ancient dragon!

Even if the people are crossing overbearing, the people of the family can only bear the sound.

It's hard to do, this dragon in the pot is the peerless monk?

Do the son dare to eat?

Think of this.

Three people are trembled, and the air is pumping.

Ask, when today, who has a son?

"Mon, is your jaundice is the ghost Longtan captured?" Luo Liu asked.

"Hey, Liu smoked girl know?" Sun Hao face, showing a surprise.


Three people in Luo willow smoked, pour a breath.


The son will capture the peer-rich fierce.

"A few, don't be stunned, eat it!"

Sun Hao voice, awakened three people.

Seeing Sun Yizhen's chopsticks, several other people were followed.

The Luo Cow has a fierce meat, and the chopsticks slightly shake.

This is a peerless fierce, it actually became a piece of meat on his chopsticks.

This feeling is like dreaming, very unhappy.

, send it into your mouth.


Uncomfortable aroma, full of mouth cavity.

The tongue is on the tongue, at a moment, all active.

The ,, two power, flour all over the body.

Luousi smoke can clearly feel your own strength, rapid increase in rapid.

After a while.


The film of the realm, instant cracks.

At this moment, she reached a big maiden.

It's just a meat, my own strength, growing up much.

It is necessary to eat more than two mouths.

Rosow smoke is not polite.

Silently eat it.

The five people didn't speak, and they took themselves.

Sun Hao is not willing to break atmosphere at this moment.

On his face, it is like a smile.

Even if it is a cultivator, what is it?

Do not eat fireworks?

Ha ha.

That's because I didn't eat delicious!

In front of your food, then I have to smash it.

, Fuyuan +5

, Fuyuan +3


In this way, the sound is sounded once.

After Sun Hao heard, it was even more comfortable.

Shortly after.

"Big Tianshi!"

On the foot of the Luousi, it is revealed that a piece of regret is.

If the time can return to the day with the son, how to say, you have to go back.

If you have finished it, maybe you have fulfilled yourself!

To achieve this realm, in the whole western region, it is also a strong person who is on the upper number!


Luo Liu smashed the whole table, leaving only a little soup, could not help but sigh.

" ..."

At this time, the duck called sound.

A Jinji is around Sun Hao, he is called.

Luo Cow smashes the head, not by the pupil.

So good-looking brocade?


This is nine days!

Old days!

Nine days of gods is a genital pet.

This ... how is this possible?

This kind of beast, why were there been held?

Why is it like a dog generally please master?

What happened this?

At this moment, the three views of Luo willow smoke were completely broken.