It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 55, breakthrough, surprise

In the Luo Liu smoke, Sun Hao took the rest of the remaining disabled, with a bowl, and sent it to the frustration.


Nine days of gods opened their mouths, they did not tend.

At the same time, it is afraid of them to eat with buttocks.

This scene saw that there was a calm for a long time.

The gods, actually mixed this way?

Even the remnant's disabled is eating?

Is this a dream or my eyes spend?

Do not!

It should be said that this is the creation of nine days!

Look, the son means is far from you can imagine!


Luo Cow smoked a few mouthfuls of cold.

I have always thought that I didn't see the son.

Unexpectedly, the son showed the means and became more and more incredibly.

Ordinary cactus is difficult to do.

The kid realm, I am afraid that I can't imagine.

"too delicious!"

"This is something I have eaten!"

Su Yi Ling touched a circular belly and a pair of colors.

This meal is not only to satisfy appetite, and it has soared.

Now, it has reached the middle of the hole.

Moreover, there are still many inventories in the belly, and they have not been digested.

All digestion is completed, and it can even reach big charters!

Twenty years old, can you reach a big pass?

Try, all the world, in addition to my Su Yi Ling, who can do?

However, this is all kinds of compaction, all of which is relying on.

Thinking of this, Su Yi Ling looked at Sun Wei, full of gratitude.

Now, the more you look at the son, the more you can't see.

As a peerless people, the temper is actually the same, and it is this good for us.

In this life, where to find this kind of peer?

"Since I like to eat, I will come often." Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, really?" In the eyes of Su Yi, it flashed with different feng.

"Little home, as long as the Lingling girl likes, then often come!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gang!" Su Yi Ling moved the color.

At this moment, Chen Tao Ming is also a place where it is.

Let's break through the virtual situation from the Yuan Baby!

Even crossing two big realms!

This soaring feeling is very comfortable.

All of this, all of them!

"Bonology, you can rest assured! Evil, I am blaming!"

"Finally, I can do something for you! Go to the fire, don't say something!"

Chen Xu Ming wants to be dark, holding a fist.

"Bonus." Luo cigarette said.

"Willow smoked girl, have something to say!" Sun Hao said.

"The son, you will be given to the Lingling's picture, I am broken by me!"

After saying, Luo Cow has taken a pair of drawings and presents Sun Hao.

When I heard this, Sun Hao's eyes were flashing.

Just, you can give it to them!

Sun Hao took the opening and saw it, not so frowning.

The above ink, all disappeared.

This "Acacia Map" is a painful painting in his own painting.

Using paper and ink, it is very general.

Now, I am using it, whether it is paper or ink, all of which have a grade.

If you want to send them, you will not fade.

"Willow smoked girl, don't put it on your heart!"

"Two girls like, I will send you two times!"

After that, Sun Hao quickly ran back to the house, took out two pairs of pictures, one person, handed two women in Luo.

"Gong, this ... how can this?"

Two women's faces are slightly changed, and they will sway.

This time, there is no gift.

Still eat, drink,

Where else is the face of this peerless treasure?

"How? Can you see?"

Sun Hao pulled his face and looks a bit angry.

See this scene, the two women tremble.

Where do you can't see it.

But not dare!

The son seems to be very angry.

Not picking up.

Two women are looking at each other and take a look.

"Thank you gong!" Two women holding boxing.

"You're welcome!"

Sun Hao faces, showing a magazine.

These cultivators are really strange.

I would like to send it with them, but I actually pushed this.

The face is back, but they will come back.

Could it be that?

Are they fear of themselves?


Sun Hao shook his head.

They will be afraid of themselves.

Is it fear that the high person who controls the weather?

Or yourself is that there is no high person, can you destroy the earth?


This dream is less!

No matter how.

This feels, very good!

"Chen Xiong, you know with the Liuyan girl?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, the son, we are the friends!" Chen Xu Ming said.

This is the case.

Look, the relationship is not general.

"Very good, between the Taoist friends should help each other!" Sun Hao said.

When I heard this, Chen Kao was trembled.

Is it?

Chen Xu Ming's eyes were light.

"Okay, son!" Chen Xu Yumi nodded.

"The son, the time is not early, I will say it first today."

Luo Cow smashed the first to stand up and bleached.

"Drink a cup of tea again?" Sun Hao said.

Su Yiling listened, eyes light.

When you are preparing to answer, you are rolling by Luo Liu smoke and no longer talk.

"Bono, thank you, don't bother you today, change the door to visit again!" Luosi smoke said.

"That line, three slow!"

Send away Chen Kao three people.

Sun Hao's eyes, the eyes of the eyes sparked.

Today, it is a big profit!

Get more than 4,000 blessings, the total franchise value has been broken!

Harvesting the blessing, it is simple.

The more you are, the more affordable gains.

After waiting for them next time, I want to give them more ways to give them a little more.

In this way, I believe that I will open the cultivation in the near future.

"Bono, what are you happy?" Huangru asked.

When I heard this, Sun Hao was smashed.

Subsequently, it revealed a high-profile smile. "If the dream, soon, I can practice it. When I changed, I will protect you!"

The Phoenix is ​​shocked, his face is full of high.

So, the son has experienced the red dust.

The son said to protect me?

Isn't that caused the red dust? He won't forget himself?

So much.

The Phoenix is ​​a blushing, happy smile, and writing face.

"Mon, thank you!" Huangru dream.

"If you dream, don't you be happy with me!" Sun Hao is angry.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a little bit, and it is quickly packed up the tableware.

"If you dream, I will wash this today, I always make you wash, how is it!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, this little thing, don't follow the dream!"

"Otherwise, if you dream, I feel that I have no effect!" Huangru dreams.

"That line, wash our piano!"


Looking at the back of the Phoenix, Sun Hao feels like a dream, very unhappy.

"If the dream strength is so strong, if I practice, how good it is!"

"If you dream, you wait, I will try to catch you!"