It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 56, the son test is too difficult

Luo Liu smoked on the road and solemnly.

"Chen Daoyou, I just thought all the way, I can't understand the meaning of the son? Does he have pointing you?" Luo Liu asked.

When I heard this, Chen Xu Yumido was tense, looking forward to four weeks, smashing the sound, "Luo Daoyou, isn't a safe place to talk, can you find a safe place?"

"it is good!"

Luo Cow nodded, "Chen Daoyou, I will talk to me to Yaochi Palace!"

"it is good!"

The two got up and turned into a Changhong, flying quickly.

"Master, wait for me!"

Su Yiling followed.

after one day.

Three people came to the Yaochi Palace in a secret room.

After sitting down, Chen Xu Ming said: "The son said that the evil family should not exist, what he meant, it should make me eradicate!"

"Yes, this means, but, light against you, eradicate the evil people, it is impossible!"

Luo Liu smashed the head, said that it could not understand.

"Luo Dou, this is the three bags of tea leaves to me. I don't accept it, the son is still angry, I want this to be tested with the son!"

After finishing, Chen Xu Ming took three bags of tea.

This thing is out.

Luo Liu smashed two women in the world, did not return to God for a long time.


Luousi smoke quickly placed the road array, shrouded around.

"These things, I am afraid that I will flow out, I will bring the disaster of killing!"

"The son handed it to you so expensive, this is only afraid of being deeply!" Luo cigarette said.

"I think so too!"

Chen Kao said, and started thinking.

Su Yi Ling stood aside, from time to time, I cracked the head, blurred, "The son gave you this tea, isn't it used to drink?"

"Which is simple? Don't fight!" Luo smoke drunk.

"Oh!" Su Yiling spit his tongue, weak and weak.



Chen Xu Ming took a thigh, a face.

"Chen Daoyou, you said!" Luo Liu smoke looks forward.

"Luo Dou, the son is first awake and evil people, this is telling me, eradicate them!"

"Then, he gave me three bags of tea, refers to us three, meaning that we are three-centered, representing the son, eradicating the evil family!"

"The son also said that between the Taoist friends, it is helping us, and it is necessary to let us recruit, fight with the evil people, these three bags, maybe the bonus!" Chen Xu Ming said.

When I heard this, Luo Liu smashed nodded and exposed a look.

"You are not bad! However, how do this person recruit? Too strong, I am afraid that I will have a different heart, it's too weak, not a evil opponent!"

"Again, where is the evil people? Next, where will they attack? How does the son indicate?" Luosi smoke said.

This kind of speech is asked Chen Xiu's dumb.

"Luo Dou, what do you have?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"You first say every sentence to the son, every action, all said to me!" Said Luosi smoke.

"it is good!"

Chen Xu Ming said that he saw Sun Yun yesterday, he said.

When Chen Xu Ming said that Sun Hao did not intend to lose a dead branch, his eyes flashed.

Branches? pool?

No, it is Yaochi!

Don't you say that the representative Yaochi?

The mean of the son said that the evil family will take the Yaochi Palace?

Old days!

At this time, Luo Liu smoked whole body.

She told her own analysis and shocked Chen knife, and her body tremble.

"Luo Pretest, you are so perfected!"

"With the nature of the evil people, you kill them so many people, and the Yaochi Palace is out, just!" Chen Kao said.

"It's really thanks to the son pointing! Otherwise, we don't know how we die!"

Luo Liu smashed a serious color, "the evil family came to come to the mountain shock, and if you want to send the strong, it is never simple!"

"I don't know if the son has other indications?" Luo smoke said.

"Luo Dou, the two paintings!" Chen Xu Ming said.


Luo Cow has taken out one of them and slowly spreads.

This is a "pine figure".

A thousand miles of ice, the snow is floating.

A pine, proud, fighting with wind and snow.

Above, it is mentioned:

The big snow is pine, and it is straight and straight.

The kind of unyielding will and the rhyme, which will rise up.

After three people saw it, it could not be changed by his face.

"Such a horrible road rhyme, than the" spiritual picture ", at least 100!"

"The son is really terrible!"

Luousi smoke is muttered, and it is shocking.

Throw away the rhyme, just look at the picture.

Chen Xu Ming and Luo Liu smoke have been looking for a long time, and I can also think of what.

"Hey, change a pair!"

"it is good!"

Luousi smoke opens another picture.

This is a pair of "immersing map".

Will be the top of the top, a small view of the mountain.

That kind of overbearing, that kind of unsatched, full of whole body.

On the drawing, the cloud layer seems to flow out.

A man and a woman look at the scene?

What does this mean?

The two are very close, look like, this representative needs to join.

Is it simple?

Luousi smoky, I didn't expect to understand what this means.

"Chen Daoyou, can you realize what?" Luo Liu asked.

"Oh, no!" Chen knife scared, and his face helpless.

"The test is too difficult!"


The two continued to put on the painting, frowning.

Su Yi Ling holds his head, a big sigh, "Master, when are you better! Too bored!"

However, the two did not respond to her.

Su Yiwei is like a transparent person.

"The teacher is so good, I don't understand, what is this going to the bottom?"

Su Yi Ling went forward, when she saw the "Mount", I couldn't help but exclaimed, "Beautiful clouds, beautiful blue sky!"

I heard this sound.

Luo's smoke body is trembled.

It seems that what I caught, but I don't understand.


Is the sky is not on the sky?

The son deliberately painted the blue sky, isn't this the Shang Cangyuan?

I am so stupid, I really don't understand, it is too dull.

"I know, here, it is the Cangjiao!" Luo Cow said.

Chen Xu Yumu listened, revealing a look.

"Luo Doyou, your understanding, it is desirable!" Chen Xiu's face, his mouth is good.

"Where, where!"

Luousi smoking is a long time, and there is doubt on his face. "Although the son is out of the Cangyuan, what is this?"

"The son is to say that there is a evil family in the Cangyuan? Or let us join the Cangyuan, fight with evil people?"

"What does this painting" Qingsong map "mean?" Luosi smoke said.

Chen Xu Ming listened to these, but also shook his head, "the son pointed out, too old!"


Luo Cow nodded, a face helpless.

At this time.

"The owner of the palace, the people of the upper court are coming!"

The voice of the disciples outside the door.