It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 57 is what this means

Yaochi Palace is over, a boating is floating over.

On the air boat, a blue woman is holding a letter to jade, carefully view.

Above the jade, write: Jiangyang City rumors is real, there is blood sea, and the ground is killed by the Buddha. It looks like it. The bliss world is born.

Seeing this news, the blue woman nodded slightly, "The world is really born? Then this matter is well understood!"

The blue woman is not someone else, is the Shangdang School Student - Mu Ice.

She has no sadness on her face, as if the whole world, there is nothing to make her a wave.

"This is said, the god of succulent, it is indeed a child!"

"Willow smoke, don't know what the high person you said, what is the realm? Can you pick me up?"

"However, you really make me a little unexpectedly, I actually reached the cave!"

Mu Fee muttered, from the sky slowly, "Go with me!"


A few hundred dressed in Qingyi clothing, the men and women holding the long sword, followed by the ice shell, fly down.

Whole look, like the immortal, handsome to the trail.

After a while.

They fell on the Yaochi Palace Square.

"Mu Daoyou, the big driving, I really made Yaochi Palace Hui!"

At this time, Luo Cow with the disciples and brought the fists.

Seeing the moment of Luosi smoke, Mu Ice pupil micro contraction.

"I actually reached the grand whole, how would it?"

Mu Fee muttered, thoughts.

She remembered that when Luo Liu smashed the Cangyuan, they were only in the Baby.

At that time, I have reached the hole.

For so many years, I also reached the early days of robbery, although in recent years, it has been pressing the realm.

But in general, progress is quite slow.

And she has reached the grand whole, only one step, can catch up with yourself.

You know, although you are friends with Luo Liu smoke, but yourself is the genius of Shang Cangyuan, Luo Liu smoke is just a waste disciple.

Mu Bing faintly, "How? Don't you welcome?"

"Haha ..."

Luo Liu smacked, "Mu Daoyou, you still don't eat the fireworks! You cultivate, the sword, not ruthless!"

"What is the relationship?" Mu Ice nodded.

"Mu Dao You, please please! We have a tea chat!" Luo Cai said.

"Drinking tea is not needed, this time I find you, there is something to ask you!" Mu Bing said.

Luousi smashed his head, and he was also prepared from Chen Daoyou to borrow a proven tea.

Since she doesn't drink, I can save this kind of person.

"Talk in it!"

Several people entered the hall, after sitting down, Mu Bing first opened: "Luo Dou, Jiangyang City, the evil, you can hear it?"

"Nature, I was at the scene." Luo said.

"This is what you said, save the whole Jiangyang City?" Mu Bing asked.


Luo Liu smashed his head, "This is not a matter of relationship with me!"

"What is this?" Asked Mu.

"Because this is all, it is a high-person point, and it is also the high person!"

"And I, charge it is just a hand." Luo cigarette said.

"So, is there really a god?" Mu Bing asked.

"God attaches people?" Luo Liu smashed his face.

"Oh, this is the name of the high-end people who will give you the name behind you." Mu Bing said.

"Understand." Luo smoke nodded.

"Luo Dou, can you take me to see the high person?" Mu Ib said.


Luo Liu smashed is a difficult color, then she secretly shook his head, "Mu Daoyou, I am sorry,

Like quiet?

This excuse is found!

Look, there is no high person in the root.

Unexpected, it is a bliss world master.

Take this skill to the top behind?

Ha ha.

Mu Ice laughs, but there is no change on the face.

She is preparing to give up the words.

At this time.

"Luo Dou, I understand!"

Chen Xu Ming rushed into the main hall and said loudly.

When he saw Mu Bing, he held his fist, "I saw Mu You!"

See Chen Xu Ming, Mu Bing, Micro Color, "This Yao Shi Palace, there is a man to repair in? She has a modification?"

Mu Bing nodded, and his face did not change.


Luo Cow smoked quickly, ran to Chen Xiu's face, "go."

The two quickly came out of the main hall and came to a secret room.

"Luo Dou, this" Qingyou Map ", isn't it Mu Bing?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Mu Ice? Is this related to Mu Bing?"

Luo Culi smashed, then revealed a surprise, "This young refers to wood, Mu Tong Mu! The ice is miles, implies to ice, happens, and it is Mu Ice."

"It turned out that the son has long been a good muller ice, give us these two pairs, it has already hinted everything!"

"I didn't expect, we were too dull, I realized it now!"

Luo Culi smoked long-awaited, revealing a face, "Chen Daoyou, thank you!"

"Polite, I also see Mu Ice came, I realized, embarrassed." Chen Xu Ming said.

"This is said, the son lets us unite Mu Bing, fight with the evil people?" Luo Kai smashed.

"Look, just this!"

"Then I took her to see the son, trouble Chen Daoyou helped the Lingling, lay out of the Yaochi Palace, with the anti-evil family, and said.

"Master, I have to go with you!" Su Yiling said. Uu reading

"Do you go to dry?" Luo smoke said.

"I'm going……"

I want to say to my meal, but Su Yi Ling doesn't pull the face.

Besides, now the stomach is still bulky, and there is no complete absorption.

"Do you want to go to the rice? Nothing gift gives the son, are you so embarrassed?" Luo Cow said.


Su Yi Ling dumb, there is no way.

"Stay in Yaochi Palace practice, fight against evil people, you can rely on you!"

"The painting of the son, keeps it with you, encountering danger, can save you a life!"

After that, Luo Cow runs outside.

Back to the hall, but see Mu Bing is gone.

Don't say two words, hurry out.

"Mu Daoyou, etc!"

Seeing Mu Ice has been flying, Luo Kai smoke quickly.

"Is there?" Mu Ice said.

"Mu Daoyou, there is something!"

"Here is not talking, we talk about it!" Luo cigarette open.


Under the leadership of Luo Cow, the two brought to a secret room.

"Mu Daoyou, I can't understand the meaning of the son, now I understand!" Luo smoke said.

I heard this ears, in the clouds in the clouds, "What do you know?"

"Sorry, I am too anxious!"

"The son is the high person behind me!"

"He is an unimaginable existence, now he has experienced the red dust in the body of mortal!"

"He pointed to us, we must destroy the whole evil!"

"He calculated that the evil family will make your Yaochi Palace, let you join, fight the evil family!"