It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 58, look at what you play.

Do you want to exist?

Call everything?

Executive red dust with mortals?


I heard these.

The heart of Mu Ice is clear.

Imagination is really good!

Worship a mortal as God, and put the bliss world master work on himself?

Is this a Luo cigarette you know?

Although the heart is so thoughtful, the face, but there is no change.

"Mu Daoyou, since the son let you join me, then you will meet me, maybe he will have a new instruction!" Said Luo Liu smoke.

Go to those mortals with you?

it is good!

See what tricks you play?

If you are really confused by the evil, I don't think about my sister.

"Good." Mu Bing said calm.

Then, the two came out of the Yaochi Palace and flew to the big demon mountain.

after one day.

The two came to the edge of the big demon.

"Mu Ice, I know that you don't believe, but let's love sisters, have a few words, or you have to tell you in advance! Otherwise, miss the major opportunity, you will regret!"

"For the son, must not be half a point!"

"Since the son is specified that we destroy the evil people, this is nothing to make!"


The Luo Cow opened and didn't stop.

Mu Ice ear listened to the old man, and the heart was stirring.

She is not angry in the face of the face. She is not angry.

"I know!" Mu Ice said.

"We flew down, you must go up from the foot of the mountain, this shows sincere!"


Two people landed, step by step to the mountains.

Go along the step.

The roadside is a creek.

Clear stream, hit it on the stone, take the water mist.

The water mist is covered in the peach blossom, like a fairyland.

The wind blows, the peach fragrance is fragrant, and the nasal cavity is thrown.

Mu Bing saw this scene, the eyes flashed, "Well!"

Then, the two continued.


"The troubles are not destroyed, no dirt is not net, no increase is not reduced ..."

A verse, mixed with the sound of Buddhism, like a torrent, flock to the entire valley.

this moment.

Mu Ice is the whole stupid station.

Her eyes, rapid changes.

A huge golden Buddha, proud of the sky.

Girlish golden light, people don't dare to look straight.

A sentence is flying from the Kim Buddha mouth, shrouded the whole world.

Hit a beautiful scene, seeing Mu Ice has not returned to God for a long time.

The avenue is sent to her mind.

At this moment, she reached an unmracted man-like.

That kind of mysterious, that kind of oysters, unclear, unknown.

For a long time.

Mu Ice is awake from this state.

Although the strength has not risen, the mood is rapid.

This will be achieved in the future, not limited!

"Is it desirable to destroy the landlord? Isn't a bliss world master? What is the high in the mountain?

One thought here.

Mu Ice face is slightly changed, and it is afraid of a lot of color, and it is fleeting.

Just now, I still want to run to the hill, exposing senior people.

If you really do this, what is the difference between this?

I think so, Mu Ice is surprised, followed by Luo Cow.



"Hey, there is still no blessing value!"

He combined with the scriptures, Sun Wei sighed.

Two days, a little blessing value is not available.

Now, the immortal does not come to their own residence, and there is no place to send.

"Will the son at home?"

At this moment,

I heard this, Sun Hao's eyes bloomed.

I finally came!

Listening to your voice, it seems to be a willow smoke.

"Gong, I am going to open the door!"

Huangru went to the hospital door, opened a look, not from the look.

I saw it, next to Luo Culu, followed by a long-awaited woman, compared with Luo Liu smoked, there was too much.

She, it is Mu Ice.

Mu Ice looked at the phoenix, and a shot was shouting.

"If you have a sister, this is my Taoist Mu Bing. This time, it came to see the son!" Luo Cigarette opening introduction.

"Mu Ice Girl, Liu Shijie, please!"

Under the Phoenix, two people walked into the hospital.

After seeing the pond, the pupil is shrinking.

Sure enough, it is a demon!

I am afraid not ordinary demon!

That shocking breath, so that Mu Ice is not breathing.

Just look at it, Mu Ice will recover the look, slightly down, to respect.

Although listening to the Luosius smoke, I saw it, but I was shocked in my heart.

I have never been able to have a wave of inner heart.

Mu Bing supprested the inner fluctuations and continued to follow the Phoenix.


" ..."

A duck called the sound.


Mu Ice's consciousness opens, looks up, and the pupil is a contract.


A stress, like a tsunami is generally pressed.

"Dare to call old ducks, you are the first, even if the owner is just called the old as a chicken! Do you dare to be old as a duck?"

It sounds in the mind, just like a nine.

this moment.

Mu Ice is like Shenji, the whole body is dramatic.

On the forehead, the sweat rolled out.

What kind of duck is this, this is clearly nine days.

I actually called her duck, what is the difference between life?

Luo Liu smoke has repeatedly warned that there were nine days of gods, but they still forgot.

"The predecessors, not intentional!" Mu Bing hurriedly sounded.

"Hey, there is no intention! Even if you are not intended to be, if you are interested, it is not ..."

Follow this sound.

Endless and endless pressure, even.

Mu Ice body, if you want to crack the opening, it is extremely uncomfortable.

Maybe in a second, you will fly into a meat.

"Small blunt, do you do it? This is a good fight, be careful, I will stew you into a pot of chicken soup!"

I saw the rock root root of the fur, staring at Mu Ice, and Sun Hao did not play.

A chicken, dare to stare at a cultivator?

Caution, a sword, you will be smashed!


Fluorine and retreat, surrounded by Sun Hao, like a dog.

See this scene.

Mu Ice is in the heart, and then astonce.

That mortal, one sentence makes nine days to collect the power, such as the dog is general?

By the way, I just said that the master.

It's hard, that is the mortal?

Old days!

Is this world swollen?

The beast be beast actually became a dog?

It was originally scared by strength.

Now, Mu Ice World is completely subversion.

God beast is mainly, but also please?

How can this be?

Is this mortal, really there is no existence?

Mu ice is a variety of means, and it does not stop.

How to see, Sun Hao is just a mortal.

"Even all my secrets can not be seen?"

There is a history of history on the face of Mu Ice.

"The son, this is my friends, named Mu Ice, she admires you, today, come to see!" Luo Cigarette said.

"Mu Ice girl, hello!" Sun Hao said.

Seeing this handsome book, Mu Bing hurriedly owed, "I saw the son!"

"Polite, Mu Ice girl came from afar, let's take a break!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

Several people walk into the pavilion.