It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 59, there is no existence, shocking

"If a dream, help the pick point of the fruit!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The phoenix is ​​going to go fast.

After a while, a crystal clear cherry is put on the table.

Black and red, fruit fragrance.

Mu Ice saw the look of Luo Liu, secretly shaking his head.

How to see, it is all fruit.

Ordinary can not be ordinary.

This kind of thing, for yourself, I haven't yet eaten.

Unexpectedly, Luo Liu smashed to lure it by this secular food, it failed.

"Two girls, others are welcome, eat it!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

Luo Liu smashed the cherry, the small mouth chewed, and the color was satisfied.


Mu ice is sigh, and pick up a cherry.

This thing can only be used as a fruit, you are really unwilling to eat.

But I can't open the face, I am hard to eat.

Place the whole fruit in your mouth and gently bite.


The slurry is four burst, fragrant, full of true mouth.

too delicious!

The taste bud opened all at a moment.

Each cell is active.

Two mouths, a pure spirit, mixing with fairy, like torrent, pouring into the meridians.

At this moment, Mu Bing feels that the meridians seem to be split.

Hurry and run the exercise and transfer this force to Dantian.

In the meridians, the fairy is quickly transformed into her meridians and flesh.

Just a shortness, my own flesh, strengthen ten times!

"This ... How is this possible?"

"What have I encountered?"

Mu Fee muttered, in the heart, was hit by mountain floods, and it could not be calm for a long time.


A sound.

She has the realm film, and the sound is spoken.

The realm of the original pressed, instantaled.

At this moment, she reached the middle of the robbery.

I'm induced by Dantian changes, and I can change my face.

Xin Xi is still suppressed, only for the fermentation.

Although it is just a three-color thunder, there is no best-selling instrument, I can't spend itself.

After so many years of accumulation, it has been prepared for 80% of materials.

For up to two years, it can be all set.

By then, please referring to the refiner to create a very spiritualizer, there are 50% of hope to cross thunder.

I didn't expect it, I came here to eat a fruit, I actually broke my film.

This is dead!

I think so, Mu Ice looks up, and it is not huge.

I saw it, and the clouds were overwhelming.

If you don't take a moment, you will cover the whole sky.

The square is covered with a black.

"Zi Zi ..."

Tri-color electricity, in the sky, do not stop, and zoise.

Every time, it has exploded the electric sound of the head.

Sun Hao frowned, looking back to the Phoenix, seeing her normally, the whole person relaxed.

"Look at it, if you don't feel afraid of thunder." Sun Hao dark.

The clouds are in black clouds.

A giant consisting of electricity is galloping, from time to time, found a crazy laugh.

"I came out again, haha, too wonderful!"

"This time, I have to see which little guy is in the robbery?"

"Sample, I want you to know the strength of the sky, it is unable to resist!"

"This time, it is necessary to let you fly, or if this year, this year's performance is not up to standard, no face goes to see the master!"

Speaking of this, thunder robbery is a sweep, and I stared directly on Mu Ice.

This stare, if you are staring in the hell, Mu Bing has gone a beggar.

The body is uncontrolled to tremble dramatically.

"Zi ..."

On the sky, the three-color electricity is brewing.

That kind of momentum is destroyed, so that life does not have a heart to resist.

Mu Ice is closed, waiting for this moment.


Thunder giants suddenly fry.

"Old days, there is no existence sitting there!"

"I ... I am here again?"

"Look, this little guy, there is no relationship!"

"In this case, let's send it to you!"

After that, the thunder robbery exposed the colored pain, and took a small electric mood from the body and threw it.

"Zi ..."

The three-color electricity disappeared.

The clouds are gradually exhausted.

Legal, sunny is still.

As you have just now, you are dream.


Mu Bing is in the same place, and it does not believe in his face.

Such a horrible thunder, it is obvious to yourself.

Now, thunder is not falling, this is the reason.

Is there a high person to help.

These four weeks, even if it is nine days, there is no such thing.

Besides, I have just called her duck, will you help yourself?

This is said, in addition to the son, there is no other person at all!

For this reason, Mu Bing is showing a look.

Bono, thank you for your life!

Mu Ice looked at Sun Hao, in the eyes, it was grateful.


Her eyebrows pick, look at Dantian, the whole person is in place.

"Thunder of robbery ?!"

That delayed righteousness, jumping in Dantian, with her Dantian Yuanying, and intensing together.

The entire Yuan Ying is rapid!

good fortune!

No cause!

Old days, I will get this kind of creation!

All of this, looks like a son secret.

Mons, thank you!

"Mu Ice girl, don't be stunned, eat it!"

Sun Hao voice, wakes Mu Ice.

"Thank you gong!"

Mu Ice noodles, pick up a cherry, taste fine.

She secretly looked at Sun Wei, grateful and worship, and wandered.

The son saved himself and gave himself no.

This kind of love is unbearable.

You must give a little gift to the son to show your gratitude.

I think so, I open the space ring in the darkness, and begins to view.

Finally, the eyes are closely eye on the top of a black sparkling stone.

This thing, named Black-grain fairy, is the treasure of the town of Shang Cangyuan.

The whole parade is only a few hundred.

I have a big proportion of my college and get the top ten rewards!

This thing is ready to use to refine the best-skinned instrument, block thunder.

However, now I have such a thunderous man in my body, I am not afraid of thunder.

Give this thing to the son, should you see it?

I think so.

Mu Ice took out the black grain, and went to Sun Yanyu.

"The son, how to rush, a little thin, do not pay tribute, please accept the son to accept!" Mu Bing said.

"Black grain gold ?!"

In the eyes of Luo Cow, it blooms.

Seeing the reaction of Luo Liu smoke, Sun Haoyi.

This black is not slippery, looks like, not everything.

Give yourself, you can not receive it!

Just, find this opportunity, give her something.

What if she dares?

That is to be angry, pull down the face.

I want to be in general with others, honest.

This is simply too wonderful!

"Mu Ice girl, come, but also to send things, it is very polite!"

Sun Hao smiled and took the black grain gold in his hand and started.

"A good iron, but, it is a little small, not enough to play a dagger!"