It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 60, Banzi, test

A little small?

That is not enough?

The son is saying: Just this dark fairy gold, not enough to save his life!

How to do?

Mu Bing's heart thinking, thinking about the countermeasure.

Black grain, that is fairy material!

Create a top spirit, and the hand is coming.

This thing, gets the fairy division, it is the material that can make a fairy.

This treasure, is hard to find!

Where did you find it?

How to do?

If you don't take, the son will give up angry.

In the future, this creation will be broken.

When you come, find a place to cry!

By the way, the dean seems to have a few black fairy gold, can only see the dean to give it!

I think so, Mu Ice secretly record this in my heart.

"Mu Ice girl, Liu smashed girl, don't be stunned, eat!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

The two women are again started again.

Sun Hao looked at the two women and exposed a thinking color.

This place, too remote, no cultivar is willing to come.

If you have been like this, collect the franchise speed, too slow.

Must think a way!

After some thinking, Sun Hao nodded.

In the eyes, a splash is fleeting.

"Two girls, have something to help!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.

Two women are trembled.


The son should begin!

Next, each word, each expression, must be remembered!

"Gong, you said!" Luo cigarette said.

"I am going to collect three apprentices, but this is ..." Sun Hao wants to say.

Two people in Luo willus smashed, the eyes of the eyes were gloried.



This kind of good thing?

Mons, I am willing to worship you as a teacher, you are with you!

Ren yourself!

Please take me!


The son did not directly put forward itself, that is, it can't be seen.

Or, the son also needs to test!

In this way, the two suppressed their inner excitement and calmed down.

"Bonkee, do you want us to help you find apprentice?" Luo Liu asked.

"It is right, not right!"

Sun Hao said that two can be ambiguous.

Of course, I can't really charge the apprentice!

Otherwise, what?

Tree tree? Play the piano? Breeding? Tie iron? Sculpture……

It seems that these things, the cultivators can't see it?

So, as long as they are two, people call people, give those people.

That blessing value, is there any source?

"The son, we understand!" Luo Cow said.

"Well, remember, the stronger strength!" Sun Hao said.

The stronger strength, the higher the franchise value.

Don't bring people!

"The son is rest assured!" Luo Kai nodded.

"Mu Ice Girl, the first time today, send me something, it is really polite!"

"I have something to give you, please come with me!" Sun Hao said.

This is one out, Mu Ice is trembled.

What is the son thinking?

Obviously, I feel less than the gift, but also give my own gift?

What would this me?

So thinking, Mu Ice looks to the Luosi smoke, revealing the help look.

"Mu Ice, this is the son is testing you, be careful, don't have greed!" Said Luosi smoke.


Mu Ice nodded, look nervous with Sun Yizhen.

Soon, the two came to the engraving room.

Open the door.


A horrible pressure,

Mu Ice face is white, overflowing fine pears on the forehead.

It is the statue in the room to release this horror.

Each statue makes Mu Sili can't fight against his heart.

"This ... so many terrorist spirit?"

Mu Bing looked at the statue of full room, full of face shock.

It is the best spirit that can be born.

This is full of rooms, I am afraid that it is the best spirit.

So many uncharactedware?

This is much more rich than on the Cangyuan!

What is the son, what is the existence?

One thought here.

Mu Ice is cold, I have never calm it for a long time.

There is Sun Hao to block in front, those perplex, she can bear.

"Mu Ice girl, the little girl in this, you will choose one!" Sun Hao said.

This is finished here.

Surrounded, suddenly disappeared.

Follow it.

"Female doll, the old man is the ancient strong, bringing me, keeping you into the peak of life, fighting the quarter, no one is your opponent!"

"Girl, I am willing to be a sword in your hand, what do you mean?"

"Less, you are obviously a snake, you should choose this seat, suppress everything, don't talk!"

A voice, like a thunderstorm, in the Mu Ice Sea.

At this moment, she was completely stupid.

Compared with the previous cold, it is like a person.

"Gong, this ... How can this?" Mu Ice said.

"How? You can't see me these statues?"

Sun Hao faces a sinking and angry.

This expression appears.

Mu Ice faces change, lingering, "public ... son, I ... I am not this!"

"What are you waiting for, choose one!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

Mu Ice is nervous, pick up one, hold it in your hand, "Gong, can I choose this?"

"of course can!"

Sun Hao looked at the statue of Shenlong in Mu Bing, could not help but be a glimpse.

Look, not everyone likes the arms statue.

I deliberately broke a few statues, hidden in these statues, let them go.

"Thank you gong!"

Mu Ice sent the dragon statue to the space ring, and his face is grateful.

The two came out of the engraving house and came to the pavilion.

"Two girls, time is early, staying down to eat dinner, how?" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, today's stay, you will leave!"

Two women in Luo willus smoked, after farewell with Sun Hao, the foot diameter is going to the mountain.

After a while.

"Mu Ice, do you realize it?" Luo cigarette asked.

Mu Ice looks, on the face, it is afraid of a color.

Today, it is too horrible.

First is a peerless demon, then it is a unparalleled beast, then it is a warehouse without a murder ...

Even, even the robbery disappeared!

Every time, I almost scared my soul.


"Well!" Mu Bing nodded, "The son hit the black-grade gold that I took, let me take a little more!"

After listening to Luo Liu smashed, "This is a hint, this is a good way?"

"What do you realize?" Mu Ice asked.

"The son is the opportunity, which is also a test!"

"The first apprentice of the evil family, the first apprentice of the son, I want to be a person who is annihilate!" Luo Cai said.

When I heard this, Mu Bing secretly nodded. "The son said that the stronger is better, what is this?"

"This still doesn't understand? This is the son warning, unable to go, must work hard!"

"Also, the son has already woken up, let you join us, let go of the evil family together, are you willing?" Luo smoke said.

"I am willing!"

Pulling the head.