It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 61, the son suggests that it is?

"No, it's not good!"

Outside the door, I came to swear.

Su Yi Ling opened his eyes, showing a doubt on his face, "What happened? Evil invasion?"

In this way, Su Yiling scited scalp and hurriedly stood up.

"The son indication is so fast?"

Su Yiwei opened the door and looked at the people and asked: "What happened?"

"The saint, the big events are not wonderful, Tian Ming Zong has already surrounded us, saying that it is necessary to die for them to die, blood is washed Yari Palace!"

I heard the voice of my disciples, Su Yi Ling snorted, "Anti-? Are they not afraid?"

"Where are they now?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Saint girl, they are in the big array," said the female disciple.

"Do they have an offense?"


No attack, keep it.

Obviously, it is deliberately stimulating people in it.

Zongzun is tragic, with the main character of Tiancheng, will never come to provoke.

There is a conspiracy.

Be careful!

Su Yi Ling murves, makes a decision, "passing my order, no one must go out of the big array, everything, and other teachers have come back!"

"Saint, but we have several disciples to fall into them, now, the face of the disciples" is ... "

The female disciple can't say it.


Su Yi Ling fists have a good job. "In this case, then you will die!"

After that, Su Yi Ling quickly rushed.

After a while.

She came to the square and stood in the edge of the big array.

Seeing the scene in front of you, two anger, in the end of the foot, hovering in her chest.

I saw that several female disciples were bound to the column, and they were repaired by several men.

"... ..."

The sound of the crack, the entire square is resounded through the spoke of the spoke.

In this way, I saw a female disciple's eyes, full of shame.

"Southern female, let me go out!"

"Southern female, let me save the sister!"

A disciple stood up and worshiped in front of Su Yiling, requested to play.

Su Yiling's right hand, the disciples were quiet.

She looked in front of the front and stepped away.


A sound.

A sleepy array, in an instant, the Su Yi Ling shrouded.

"Haha ..."

Tian Mingzong laughs.

"I didn't expect that the Yaochi Palace saints, even this kind of mentally wisdom, small stimuli, no one!"

"Now, there is you in my hand, then Luo Liu smoked still can't help but hand."

Tian Mingzong looked at Su Yi Ling, which was proud to be extreme.

"Top, with your character, no courage! Say, what is the purpose?"

Su Yi Ling looked at Tianzong, said.

"Hey, take Hu said, Luo Liu's smoke has killed Zong Zun, this hatred, can you not report ?!"

Looking at Su Ili is so calm, Tianchengzong's main face, revealing a worry.

"Oh, just, dare?"

Su Yi Ling smiled slightly, faintly, "Since you don't want to say, I have a way, let you open!"

"What? Let me open?"

Tian Mingzong is a glimpse, then it is a laughter, " , is still in a big words, it is too good, haha ​​..."

"Haha ..."

Tian Mingzong has a long and disciples, and laughs.

"Being a gun in his hand, or is ignorant!"

After saying, Su Yi Ling lifted his finger and gently.

"Hey ..."

The shrouded in her array, and the sound was split.

Tianchengzong primary pupils,

It is preparing to retreat.

But see that Su Yiwei has already standed before him, and the jade finger is light.

" ..."

A loud noise.

Tian Mingzong is like a broken kite, flying out, sprinkling a blood rain in the sky.


Falling into the ground, blowing a dust.

One hit, seriously injured.

Tian Mingzong saw this scene, all scared the original place.

This ... how is this possible?

In front of this girl, a finger can't stop?

This ... what can I do?

They looked at Su Yi Ling, and they were all taboo.

Su Yi Ling did not pay attention to this, but looked at Tianzong.


Tian Mingzong spurted a blood.

Struggling a few times, I have not stood up.

He pointed to Su Yi Ling, "You ... you ..."

"Ha ha……"

Su Yi Life smiled slightly, his right hand finger, the tied female disciple, all recovered free.

"Wait, go back to the big battle first!"

"Yes, holy girl!"

These female disciples, rapid flying back.


Su Yiling turned.

Without waiting for the main reaction of Tiancheng, they have been standing in front of the Tianzong owner, with a foot on his chest.

"Hey ..."

The chest seems to be pressed by a Taishan, and several bones are broken.


Tian Mingzong was screaming.

"You only have a chance, let's talk, the behind-the-scenes owner is?" Su Yiling said.

"I said, I said ..."

Tian Mingzong is commended.

A touch of color, in his mouth, fleeting.


"Say you a big hammer!"

Tian Mingzong is the main body, bursting, turning into light shadow, disappearing.

Su Yi Ling's face change, is preparing to move.

At this time.


A sound.

A red-red cage, the Su Yiling was shrouded in an instant.

"Zi ..."

She gently touched, and she was burned in her hand.

"Mrien prison?"

Su Yi Ling's face changed, and sent a excitement.

"It's a bit visible!"

At this time, a middle-aged man in a full body red appeared in not far.

Next to him, Tian Mingzong followed him, like a dog.

"You ... are you a fire door Zongzun - prison?"

This is out.

The Yaochi Palace is within the big array of China.

"What? The fire door? Seven-class Zongmen?"

"Is this a death of our Yaochi Palace? Being it by two seven-class zone, what should I do?"

"We hurry to save the sacred girl, fight with them!"

"Live your mouth, the sacred girl said, no her order, who also ban attack!"

The Yaochi Palace has a disciple, all staring on Su Yi Ling, worrying about it.

"Small doll, a little visible!"

"Say, where is Luo Liu smoke?" Said the martial art.

"My teacher is coming, you will die, you will have to let me go!" Su Yiling said.

"Little doll, I got at this moment, dare to threaten me?"

After finishing, the right hand in the prison.


A group of flames, playing above the prison cage.

A sticker, like a wire, drilling into the eyebrows of Sui Ling.


Su Yi Ling hugged his head and screamed.

The sound is secluded and is not comparable.

"Holy girl!"

A female disciple stood in the array and shouted.

Everyone is holding a fist, and the chest is drained.

"I am fighting with you!"

"Dare to do hand to the sanctuary, rush!"

A female disciple, completely lose the gods.

Seeing, they will rush out of the big array.

At this time.

"Stand out!"

The old man sent a big drink and woke up the disciples.