It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 62-Festival cutting

"Female doll, this seat does not want to torture you, know how to do, hurry!"

"Also, where is the martial people behind her?" Said the martial art.

"It turns out that you will fight the nostalgia, really find dead!" Su Yi Ling said.

"We don't know if we die, but you don't say it, you will be a god of gods!"

I just finished this.

"is it?"

A sound.

A silver-haired man took a big knife and stepped out from Yaochi Palace.

"What? Is there a man in Yaochi Palace?"

"Lying in the trough, talking about it, is there a lie?"

"My pure love, smoke and cloud!"

Tianchengzong's disciple, full of bitter, dead and dead.

The kind of envy, I can kill him.

Chen Xu Yumao is rising, caught a silver hair, and it is arrogant.

"That red hair, what about see? It is you! It's like a flamingo, but you have to think about it."

Chen Xu Ming pointed to the prison, said.

"you wanna die!"

The prison bite his teeth, and the Chen Xiu has rushed over.


The right leg is retired, the rock ground, blows directly.


Looking at the prison rush, Chen Xiu sounded his mouth, the battle Tengsheng.

Round your fist, a boxing!


A loud noise, .

The horror explosion is endless.

The close-of-nest cultivator is directly injured directly by the remaining wave.


The bodies of the prison, stand back.

With lots of strength, they have stabilized.


A blood, blowout.

Learning to look at Chen Xiu, hold the chest, and a fear.

"This ... how is this possible ?!"

"What did he do, it is harder than Zhongli!"

"How can I encounter this monster, how can I burn it, I will have trouble!"

Mibetan mutters, a bitterness.

Chen Xiu looked at the prison, shook his head.

Hey, one point is powerful, he can't get it.

How is this?

too weak!

This is abolished!

Or turn your back to your turn!

Chen Xu Ming then looked at the prison and smaked over his face.


His right leg, hit the air, and the knob continued.

This foot force is very in place, and does not step on the ground rock.

Just step by step, he stood in front of the prison. "Since you are so waste, let's die!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming lifted a foot and kicked the prison.

Then, once again, in front of him, lifted his feet, and gave his head, and he went.

"Adult, save me!"

The huge face of the prison, shouting loudly.

This is over.


A roar shock.

On the sky, there is a burst of ripple.

A strong man, walking in self-ripple.

He is two meters high, and the muscles seem to be smashed, and the whole body is broken, and all the breaths are destroyed.

Standing there, giving a feeling of uncomfortable feelings.

This person is John-Hou Xing.

As he appeared, followed, it was a voice of the brain.


This sound, shocking four square trimming brains, his face is white, the strength is low, and the mouth is directly fainted.

"He is Hou Xing! Shang Cangyuan Hou Xing!"

"What, Hou Xing is coming,

Within the big array, many Yaochi palace female disciples have changed.

I heard these, Hou Xing's mouth raised a cold smile, "What? What do you think?"

Subsequently, his eyes stared at Chen Xiu Ming, his eyes like a knife.

"Luo Liu smoke, you are just a green tea, find a jade, even if I am not as good as it is!"

Hou Xing muttered his own words, shook his head, "Today, I have to give you this !"

Thinking of this, Hou Xing's mouth rose, said: "Small - the child, let him!"

Chen knife looked at Hou Xing, and his face was revealed.

This person, the realm is much tricky than yourself.

However, this is interesting!

"Oh, if I don't put it?" Chen Kao said.

"You will be born to death!" Masked men said.

"is it?"

After that, Chen Xu Ming took a foot and slammed it.

"Do not……"

"you dare!"

The two sounds sound at the same time.

"Hey ..."

The martial pastries cracked, and the red and white material was splashing, and the death was dead.


very quiet.

Everyone stayed at this scene, but everyone couldn't believe it.

Seven-class zone and Zong Zun have been killed?

Do you do anything?

Tian Mingzong, the Flames, the disciples, all scared faces.

Now, who can be this kid opponent?

How to do?

Many people fell, and the face was changed again.

Hou Xing looked at Chen Xiu Ming, his face was blue.

When will I do a cave, my doll, I dare to let go?

Inverted? !

He pointed at Chen Xu, "Okay, I'm so embarrassed! Since you want to die, this is all you!"

Hou Xing disappeared.

If the speed is fast, the ordinary monkey is difficult to capture.

Chen Xu Ming saw this scene, and his eyes were lined with light.

"This can make me a little war, good!"

Chen Xu Ming also fell forward, and the speed was faster than Hou Xing.

The two instantly battles.


Helling, constantly exploding, like metal.

The two have not used weapons, and they will fight against the flesh.

The onlookers look at this scene, stunned.

It is difficult to believe in a moment.

After a while.


A loud noise, the two are separated.

The two people look at me, I look at you, there is a jealous of each other.

"Damn! His flesh, how is it better than me ?!"

Hou Xing's right hand mumm, a face did not believe.

It is the strongest meat practice method in the upper court.

With blood, you can crack the spirit of the spirit.

Although the realm only arrived in the early stage, it was not difficult to kill the immortal.

And he is just a boy in the early days of the cave, with me, I didn't have the power of it.

How can this be? !

"Pain? Pain is right, explain you are not dead!"

"If you do this means, then you can die!"

Chen Xiu Ming took a long knife and held it in his hand.

"Dead? Haha ..., dead is you!"

"Kid, today let you see my trick!"

"You can die in me, then you can also look!"

After that, Hou Xing Zhang opened his mouth and worked hard.


Like the wind, sweate together.

Yaochi big array, does not sway, seem to burst open.

All other condoms, the face is giant, and the body is quickly squatting.

These winds, like torrents, poured into Hou Xing body.

this moment.

His body has changed rapidly.

"Hey ..."

Joint friction and continuously.

Hou Xing body is growing rapidly.

Between the blink, Hou Xing became five meters high, the muscles on the body were scattered in the sun, and it appeared to tear the strength of the sky.

"Kid, die!"

Hou Xing snorted, moved his footsteps, straight into the Chen knife.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Like a human armor, step on the ground, humbely tremble.

"Ha ha……"

A clear laugh.

Chen Xiu's mouth is rising, slowly draws out the long knife.


Tiandi spent.

The sun is exhausted at this moment.

Everyone fell into a short darkness.

"Zi ..."

The long knife is like a scabbard, and the earthquake has a binocular flower.

Terrorist, with Chen Xiu Ming as the center, shock to the quarter.


Like the dragon, implement the heavey.

The knife forms a hurricane, swept the quartet.


After a close conspire, after a scream, the body collapsed into a powder, disappearing on the spot.


The knife is integrated, like the mad dragon, and go straight to Hou Xing.


Hou Xing snorted, raising his fist, giving the knife and mad dragon, a boxing.


" ..."

His fist fell a little bit of a powder.


His body is like a shell, a heavy blow, fell to the ground, vomiting blood.

The whole body veins, such as being shocked.


Pour on the ground, screaming.

The knife is unleaded, seriously injured!

A knife.

Everything is stationary.

After the victim struggled, he worked.

"This ... This knife is too terrible!"

"He ... he still personally? Monster!"

Everyone is feared.

Hou Xing struggled several times and could not stand up.

He fell to the ground, his body became a shrimp shape, and the appearance was painful.

The corner of the mouth, the black blood is not stopped.

Virtuality, in rapid loss.

"After it, is I dying?"

Hou Xing muttered, exhausted for the last power, she took a deep breath, and then yelled.

"What do you still have to see?" Hurry to save me! "

This sound, like a thunder, rolling out.