It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 64 1 Recruitment

Luo Liu smashed the first rush of the house, and his face did not change.

She stood there, and she did not even.


The Chai Yuan initial hand claws directly pierced the air.

With a thorn whistling, directly grabbed on the shouldus smoke.

"Oh, I am exploding me!"

The chairman of the first time of the first hand, the right hand and force it hard.

As a cult, the strength, has reached the realm of incredience.

Even if the flying strongman has a shield protection, it will be hit by this hit.

Thinking of this, Chai Yuan's first face smile and became incomparable.


A burst sound sounded.

The Chai Yuan first looked at Luo Liu toile, and his face did not believe.

I saw that Luo Liu smashed shoulders were intact, my whole palm, did it.

"This ... How is this possible?"

He returned to the palm of his hand and looked at the right hand without palms.


In the next second, he made a scream.

"Woman, you ... you dare to hurt me!"

The firewood was gone, and the left hand was reached, directly toward her eyes.

"Ha ha……"

After the Luousi smoke, I was first left, and I grabbed the left hand of Chaiyuan.

"This ... this is impossible!"

The giant force on the induction hand claws, the first face of the first face, crazy struggle, "let go!"

However, the root is useless.

"Your hand, don't need it at all!"

After finishing, gently grang.

" ..."

A burst.

The first left hand of Chai Yuan, directly collapsed into blood.

"Is this impossible? How can you be so strong?"

This is finished here.


A scream, shocking the horizon.

The Chai Yuan was first down on the ground and kept rolling.

The darkness is from his wound, and it is rapidly covered.

"In this case, die, all give me death!"

The chair of the Thai Yuan is long.

He is dark, like a fountain, running out.

In the blink of an eye, I walked around the immortal.

Hou Xing was first rushing.


These darkness, no porous, quickly drilled into Houxing.

"Take the first, you ... you can't die ..."

Hou Xing pointed to the first, full of face, full of face.

Finally, fell to the ground, after convulting a few times, it didn't move.

Between the blink of an eye, the house is a few hundred modes of repair, and they die on the spot.

For this scene, there is no change in the got of Luo.

The enemy is killing, what do you have?


The darkness is still going to rush, quickly drilling into the body of the immortal.

"Hey ..."

A burst of bone friction sounded.

After the immortal, the immortal, after sucking the black, stand up again.

They look back, such as zombies.

"The corpse!"

The disciples of Yaochi Palace looked at this scene, not exclaimed.

The corpse is generally a refining of the body.

Like him, directly destroy the living person, then refine the body.

It is completely hurting the sky and departing from the corpse.

Look, the corpse is completely changed!

Luo Liu smokes for these hundreds of cultivators, killing Pentium.

Unexpectedly, this chairman of the house was actually a corpse, even the dean did not see.

Have enough!

I dare to come here today, don't go!


"Turn this here into a robul, kill everyone!"

The first opening of the house, all the corpses, one moved.


But see the living object,


A Tianchen trivial fairy, has not responded yet, and he was rushed by a corpse.

The hand claws are like the King Kong, and the heart of the cultivator is grasped.

From birth to death, it is between the moment.

After the immortal died, surrounded by black gas, poured into his body.

Inserted, this cultivator stood up and joined to the body of the corpse.

This scene is staged.

It is completely a situation that is inverted.

There are more and more corpses, and there are fewer and fewer cultivars.


Luousi smoked, and the right hand waved.

The hands of love are directly.


On the sky, the aura whistling, rushing.

A covering big hand is rapidly agglomerated.

Horror, the right hand is straight down.

The four square corpses, in this percentage, such as the mud tale, the movement is difficult.


The corpse does not stop struggling, and make a burst.


" ..."

Explosion, no sound.

A body, fragile, like a thin ice, cracking fast.

After a few words.

Nearly a corpse, one no longer left.

Around the darkness, a clean.


A silence.

Live the cultivator, revealing a rest after the robbery.

They looked at Luo Liu, his face was the color of worship.


I don't know who took the lead, two cultivars, gratifying Luo Liu smoke, one by one.

"Thank you Luo Palace, the master of life!"

"Luo Palace's main work is restructed, the gods, the world is unparalleled!"

"The Luo Palace is the heart of the bodhisattva, looking through the whole world, who can compare?"

For these, Luo Cow is completely ignored.

She is eye-catching on the primary body of Chai Yuan, cold killing, without any conception.

"Is there something wrong?"

The Luo Cow has stepped out, and the instant station is in front of the first in front of the house.

"Oh, do you eat me so? You I have been in the same door, don't you understand my character?"

"If you take a dog in this kind of evil, it is also equipped with me!"


After that, Luo Liu smoke holds a sword, and takes into the first heart of Chai Yuan.


A sound.

The long sword took out.

Infinity of the darkness, running in the chest of the Qinghai Yuan.


Take the first hair of the first time.

The sound is like a hell, hear people ear, creepy.


The first blamingment of the chair of the house.

The sound is secluded and spread throughout.

Shortly after.


The sky is immersed.

Layer gas waves, shocking.

Cover the sky, directly fell, and the turns is to be rays, dissipate.


Terror, the pressure, even.

Such as tsunami is generally pressed on Luosi smoke.

this moment.

Luo Liu smoke is not breathing, and the dark road is not good.

Just look up.

I saw it.


Four sounds.

The shadow of the four roughness, appeared in the first body of the Thai Yuan.

The shadow is around, and the darkness can not penetrate.

Or, their body, like black holes, absorb any rays.

"Not good, it is the four will!"

Luo Liu smoke shouted.

This is out.

"What? The corpse four wars will be?"

"My God, this is existed with the same level, just to deal with our Yaochi Palace?"

"I don't know what conspiracy they have, fight with them!"

In the Yaochi Palace, a disciple is holding a long sword, showing a side of step.

"Luo Cow, did you not expect it?"

Seeing Luo Cow smoke, the firewood was struggling to stand up, showing a face.

"Luo Liu smoke, now give me for mercy, I can give you a happy!"

"If so, let you regret it to this world!"