It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 65, the waste, you have hugely

The house is now looking at Luo Liu smoke, forgetting pain, laughing.

That is proud to appear, let anyone want to go up to draw two mouths.


A black shadow, a flash, appearing in front of him.

Extend to go out and play on his face.


A crisp sound.

The primary body of the chamber of the first body was flying and hit on the ground.


The only dark gas in the body is also spread.

The heart is stab, and the hands are smashing, even if this is, he can live down.

Now, I have been smoked by myself, I have arrived at the edge of the collapse.

He is confused, and it is a dedication to a look, "big ... adult, why do you hit me?"

The black shadow sound of the shot is cold, "You have a waste, the strength is not good, the brain is still so bad!"

"Waste, you are harmful!" Another black shadow also stood up.


The first full face of the house is not faith.

"How is this possible? The four adults are strength, don't say them! Even if it is the macro, isn't it like to kill?" Tie Yuan said.

"Hey, what do you know?"

Speaking here, a black shadow stared at Chen Xiu, saying: "Little son, get up, don't be dead!"

I just finished this.

"Haha ..."

Chen Kao Yumu jumped, standing up, showing a cool laugh, "It is a four will be a bit!"

He cracked a silver hair, directly took out the firewood, hit it on his shoulder, and his deny.

The black shadow did not answer, then he looked at Su Yi Ling. He said: "Female doll, don't install it, just prison prison, can't sleep!"

When I heard this, Su Yiwei's mouth raised, showing an embarrassment of an embarrassment.

She is not rushing to reach out his finger and press it before.


A sound.

The prison cage, let the collapse become a powder.

"Oh, in order to catch you, play is really tired! It is better to fight directly!"

Su Yiling twisted his neck, holding the joint, without slowing the front, staring at the four black shadows.

In addition, the three people have completely locked them, as long as there is antennome, we will definitely attack.

Too Xiao Yuan stayed in this scene, a stupid model.

Everything is everything today, the incredibility, it is completely excel.

Surrounded by immortals, all still stupid stupid places, but they can't believe it.

Before everything, is it just to catch the corpse?

How do they know the evil people?

How can they be so powerful?


The first half of the dollar calls, and spit it only.

He fell to the ground, and he looked at the sky and died.

the other side.

"I can't figure it out, how do you count on us to come to the Yaochi Palace?" Said a black shadow.

"Ha ha……"

Luo Liu smiled slightly, revealing a high-profile smile.

"Can you count this, nature is not us!" Luo smoke said.

"It's hard to be the gods behind you?" Black Shadow said.

"Yes!" Luo cigarette nodded.

This is out.


Pour the cool sound, this starts.

True a fascinating?

That is too horrible!

Know each other's actions in advance, this is a terrible!

The people have such a strong and eternal people, and he has a strong and no waves.

"Thank you for telling, we understand!"

"However, thank you for your escape time. We will never be in your hand!"

A black shadow just finished.


A huge transfer vortex appears in front of them.

See this scene, the fairy face has changed.

"Fast, kill them!"

"Don't let them escape!"

However, everything is late.

Four black shadows instantly drilled into the vortex, disappeared.

Luo Liu smoke and other people looked at this scene, and there was no movement.

Just always sigh.


A transfer swirl, once again, the four black shadows that have just disappeared, once again!

They come back again? !

"This ... What is going on here?"

A black shadow was shameful.

They looked at the back and watched four weeks.


At this time, an excused sound.

Everyone looked up and did not shrink the pupil, and the face was shocked.

I saw it, and a huge god dragon showed a huge dragon on the sky.

The golden light is very dazzling.

Whole look, no sacrifice, let life don't have a heart to fight.

Four black shadows look to the sky, the whole person is deeply overwhelming.

"I ... my day, that ... That is the space of the dragon!"

"What? The initiator of the space avenue? Is it not dead? How is this possible?"

"It's over, we finished!"

The four black shadows muttered their own words and desperately wrote.


A Changhong, slowly dropped.

After landing, avatar is a blue robe woman.

It is Mu Ice.

Luo Liu smashed and Mu Ice looked at it, nodded slightly.


"Small doll, you don't know the old man!"

"A little visible! However, the old man does not like guys who are tibied in the head!"

This is finished here.

The golden light, such as the nine-day Galaxy, diarrhea.

In an instant, four black shadows were shrouded.


They are dark, instantly scattered a clean, and there is no shortage.

They are four men, they have a pointed monkey, and their faces are blamed. It looks like hell, it is very horrible.

"They are not worth the old man, hand it over to you!"

Shenlong mouth spit, eyes directly staring on the corpse four, as in overtrenes.

"it is good!"

Luo Liu smashed, his right hand waved, four people were simultaneously moved.

Each person locks a corpse general, hurry.

"Big brother, what should I do?"

"There is no way, I will die, I will die!"

"Big brother, together to the female doll, her strength is the weakest! Pull her pad, just!"

"This idea is good!"

The corpse four will be discussed, and the rapid thrills of Su Yi Ling have passed.

Seeing this scene, a few faces of the Luo Cow.

"not good!"

"Anters, be careful!"

Luousi smoke made all the means and was crazy.

Just, where is it.

The corpse four will have come to Su Yiling.

Although Su Yi Ling reached the late Qing Dynasty, the corpse four will be expected.

Between, cross the multiplication, ferry two big realms.

A big realm is 100,000 miles.

What's more, now there are three big realms.

Moreover, the corpse four will be famous.

At this moment, I deliberately sneak attack. For Su Yi Ling, there is no life without life.

I saw it.

"Ha ha……"

Su Yiti smiled slightly, shallow wine nest, revealing on both sides of the mouth, very sweet.

The corpse four will see this scene, not from the look.

An uneasy, flocking to each person.

They stared at Su Yi Ling and did not dare to move.

I saw that Su Yi Ling did not urgently taking a pair of scrolls.