It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The sixty-sixth chapter is strong, there is no holy place

After seeing this painting, the corpse four will be reluctant.

"Scared me, I thought she was in a big trick!"

"Yeah, this looks like it is true! You can't see it."

"No, small dolls do you want to deal with us with a pair of pictures? Are you coming to fun?"

"so funny!"

The corpse four shook his head.

Just now, the nerve, use various means to look through the picture, how to see, there is no spiritual fluctuation on the volume.

I have no difference with the secular picture.

This kind of thing, in addition to the waste that cannot be cultivated, no one can see.

Use this custom to deal with us?

Ha ha.

However, the next second, the four faces have become a big change, and the whole body is not trembled by autonomy.

At this moment, Su Yiling has spread out of the picture.

A snow scene is presented in front of four people.

The bones are cold, and they are rolls out from the painting.

"This ... this is impossible!"

"This ... this horror road rhyme, too ... it is terrible!"

"Who is it, do you have such strength?"

"Do not……"

The body of the corpse, smashed the sound, and shouted.

Their voice just sounded, and it was abundant.

They straighten the ice sculpture, frozen in the original place, moved.


A wind, flying out of the painting.

" ..."

The four fried sounds sounded.

Then, the corpse four screamed the ice sculpture and turned into a fragment and splashed around.

At the death, I didn't make a miserable call.

Around, a dead!

A cultivator, staying at this scene, dare not believe.

"The snow is pine, and the Qingsian is straight!"

Su Yiling said this.


Tiandi spent.

I saw that Su Yi Ling forated in the hands of the sky, and the sky became rapidly.

The space Dragon Zu saw this scene, and his face was slightly changed.

"Damn, the world tree, you have turned a dog!"

"It turned out to be a pine!" The space dragon ancestors talked.

This, just pass into the painting, did not let anyone hear it.

"Oh, you are not the same, willing to be bound in a carving!"

Sound, self-drawn.

Then, a passion is flying out from the painting, standing on Yaochi.

"Hey, I am a bonus!" The space dragon ancestors snort.

"Oh? This is! That is not a dog!"

The world tree is talking, there is no other thanks.


The space of the dragon dumb, the cold, "Hey, I am too lazy!"

This is said, the space dragon ancestors are sharply reduced.

I don't think of a way, and I fly back to the ice hand.

Yaochi is over.


Infinite spirit, running in the self-painting.


A ice buckstick.

The aura forms a wind, surrounded by the world tree.

Follow it.

On the world tree, sprinkle filaments.

Such as nine-day galaxy, pouring down.

The entire Yaochi palace is rapidly changing.

As long as you stay Y Y Yaichi Palace, even if you don't cultivate, surrounding the aura, it's silent, flocking to each people.

The problem is these aura, more than the top of the stone, but also to absorb ten times.

Just a breathing, growth strength, more than normal cultivation, but also a few times faster.

this moment.

Everyone is completely thrilling.

This means, this ability, anti-day, unimaginable.

What is the existence of this picture?


On the sky,

Between the blink of an eye into a thousand-meter big tree.

Looking far, like a giant peak.


Qingsong slowly dropped, rooted in Yaochi Palace.

Looking far away, like a world tree, proudly, supporting the heavens and the earth.

Life is breath, and it seems to stop, full of every corner of Yaochi Palace.

a long time.

The sky is gradually narrowed, returning to the hands of Su Yi Ling.

At this moment, everyone is stunned, and it is always movable.

That kind of horror.

That kind of shock.

Write over everyone's face.

They looked at the tall reaching thousands of pine, and they were flashing.

"Bonology, you are the renovation of Yaochi Palace!"

Su Yi Ling muttered himself, the heart is jumping, "You are really omnipotent!"

She opened her hand and found that the top of the top, has disappeared.

But the ice is still still there.

Endless road rhyme, shocking, seems to be frozen everything.

"Mon, thank you!"

Su Yi Ling recovered the painting, full of movement.

After a while.

A cultivator recovered from the shock.

"I ... my horse! Such a horror means, it is too shocking! This is very rich, I am afraid that the entire Tianlo mainland, I can't find such a place!"

"That is! Even if it is the San Domain, it is afraid to be far away!"

"If I can stay here for a year, even if I don't cultivate, I am afraid that I can break through several realm!"

Fried voices, constantly sound.

Mu Bing holds the heart of the heart, long and many breathles, only a little calm.

"This means, it is completely created!"

"Mon, what is your existence?"

Mu Ice looks at the direction of the big demon, the gods.

I want to go to the beginning of the son.

Think, it is afraid of a while.

That is completely brain, don't want to live!

Fortunately, form a good margin with the son!

"Gong, thank you!"

In the eyes of Luo Cow, the essence is constantly.

This is the test of the Yaochi Palace after testing.

This giant, no tooth!

Remove your mood, Luosi smoke is swept.

Ice is cold and rolling out.

Those who are still in a horror and cultivation, and I wake up in an instant.

I didn't think I didn't think it was, I fell into the ground.

"Roman Lord, you are large, forgive!"

"Luo Palace is all the greed, don't have any disciples, you will let them!"

"Yaochi Palace owner, I am greedy, but it is not guilty, please give them a life, I will take you!"

For a few people, they directly poured in front of Luo cigarettes and kept hoe.

"Hey, attack me Yao Chi! I still want me to let me let me let me let me let me let me let me go. When is my Yaochi Palace?" Luo Liu smoke is cold.

"The main owner of the Luo, we are wrong, we are really wrong, forgive!"

A cultivator, squat on the ground, shivering.

"The crime of death can be avoided, and it is difficult to live!"

"You have a few, self-scrapped!"

"Others, become Yaochi pava servants, can you understand?"

Luousi smoke is cold, rolling out.

"Yes, the palace master!"

For a few people, there is no hesitation, and you will cut your own Dantian.

Although there is a mortal, it is still alive.

Other cultivators, worship on the ground, all are grateful.

"Too good, we can become a blessing of the Yaochi Palace, it is a blessing!"

"Yeah, now Yaochi has become a holy place, becoming a servant, for us, is a good thing!"

Many cultural fairy faces, all of them.

However, they think more.

" , immediately leave the Yaochi Palace, stationed in Zharing, ready to stand!"

"Just escape one person, everyone, one is dead!"

Icy sound, like a tattoo, full of everyone.

Here, those who want to stay in the Yaochi Palace, like the ball of leather.

Those who want to escape, and I have also collapsed.

There is a joint responsibility, it is impossible to escape.

As for everyone to escape?

Oh, find dead!

Nearly 10,000 modes, such as the defeat of the army, vertical head, no half a little.

Since then, it is a slave, and can only listen to Yao Chi Palace.

Wait until everyone leaves.

Luo Liu smashed to everyone, said: "Go, we go to the room!"

"it is good!"

Chen Xu Yumu nodded, followed by Luosius, quickly.