It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 67, a few fairy gold!

Yao Chi Palace, a secret room.

"Dear, the mean, do you want to understand?"

Luo Liu smokes three people and asked.

"Luo Dou."

Chen Kao Ming Sisso, said: "" Just renovated Yaochi Palace as a holy place, is the reward for me to understand the gongzi, the gave birth? "

"Not bad!"

Speaking here, Luo Liu smoke reveals a smile. "Everyone also saw that the son means, could not imagine, just understand the meant, there is such a creation!"

"If you complete the master test, put all the evil people to kill, you said that the son will give us a reward?"

This is out.


The cold gas is pumping sound and does not stop.

There is no way to think about it.

Oil the evil family and must be completed!

If you can become a son, it is a million generations!

"Chen Daoyou, in fact, we still have a little unlifred!" Luo cigarette said.

"Is there a little?" Chen Xiu was full of confusion.

"Do you still remember that the son talking to you?" Luo Cai said.

"Remember, when the master is very angry, pick up a dead branch, throw it into the pool ..."

To be seen here, Chen Xu Ming seems to think about anything.

"Dough, isn't it a firewood? It turned out that the son lost the firewood into Yaochi.

"This is obvious, we didn't think of it!"

"This kind of understanding is true to be improved!" Chen Xiu's face is .

"Yes, we must think more, understand the son!"

Luo Liu smokes in Chen Xiu, satisfied with some head!

Finally found a guy with a brain.

In the future, the two were totaled, the son is used, I am afraid to understand 50%!

As for Mu Ice, the head is not stupid, but there is always a missing point.

Thinking of this, Luo Liu smoke looked at Chen Xiu Ming and continued to open.

"Chen Daoyou, the mean, let me join all the strengths!"

"So, Tian Mingzong and Disciple, I didn't take it all."

"After they, they will lead you, how do you see?" Luo cigarette said.

"There is no problem!" Chen Xu Yumido nodded.

"They are not strong, but the news is still good, let them explore the news!" Said Luo Cigarette.

"it is good!"

Chen Kao did nodded, "Yes, what do I do if I don't have tea?"

"What tea?" Mu Bing showed a doubt.

"That is the son to give Chen Daoyou, and he will fight against the evil family!" Luo Cai said.

"Not bad!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming took three bags of tea.

Open a look, Mu Ice is thrilling.

"This ... this is Wu Wu Tea!" Mu Bing sent a burst.

The three people saw that Mu Ice was surprised and smiled.

I want to see Wu's tea, and they also shocked.

However, it is completely numb now.

These things, for them, is peerless.

For the son, it is usually used to drink, not enough tooth.

"Heaven, so many Wu Dao Tea, at least there are thousands of pieces!"

"You take it out, isn't you afraid of being robbed?"

Mu Bing said.

Chen Xu Ming smiled slightly, but did not put it in his heart. "Since the son makes me keep it, I want to go, no one can take it!"

"If Mu Daoyou does not believe, try it!" Chen Xu Ming said.


Mu Ice thought that Sun Hao did not exist, and did not have a thought in an instant.

Placary everything, lay out in advance.

God beast is pet,

Even the ancient dragon dare to eat!

If you dare to grab, I am afraid that I just shot, I have to disappear.

"Mu Daoyou, this thing, since the son is given, let us fight the evil family, I naturally not swallow!"

"These east west, we use a few, but must set up a rule, only contributing to a certain level, you can reward Wu Tea, or even the tea!"

"You see, how do I have this proposal?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Not bad!"

Luo Cow nodded, "If you don't, we are called the town evil alliance! Then I will receive other disciples!"

"This proposal is good, the specific details, you have to be carefully scrutinized!"

"Otherwise, we sit down and discuss, how?" Luo Cow said.

"it is good!"

Several people sat down and began to study carefully.

Time is a little bit, and it is a day.

After a day discussion, the town evil alliance is beginning to start.

Afterwards, it is necessary to discuss four people, and vote.

Mu Ice out of the Yaochi Palace, the whole body, excited to shake slightly.

This line is right!

Believe with the son!

This is the beginning of the creation.

I will soon be able to become a cactoi!

Thinking of this, Mu Ice is long.

She flew up and returned to the boat.

"set off!"

Under the order, the boat opened.



Time is fast, and it is another two days.

On the Cang West, a secret room.

Mu Ice is sitting inside, talking.

Her opposite her, sitting a white haired old man.

He is it is the Dean of the Cang West - Wen people.

Wen people are calm faces, with Mu Bing explained, becoming more and more shocking.

The pond has a deep fairy, the pet is the beast, the spirit is a warehouse, the scroll is harvested ...

Placary everything, lay out in advance.

Every means is to go to the sky, and the so-called smell.

The most horrible thing, even got on the ancient dragon!

In this life, there is such a unpredictable existence!

This gods, horror, rising, against the sky.

I went to open the big mouth and didn't close it for a long time.


I went to the stone, and I was calm down for a long time.

"So you said this, the godmia, not famous!"

"Moreover, deliberately use the Buddha to suppress, let others suspect is the world of bliss, this is only afraid of being deeply, don't want to find him!"

"Little ice, God's enrichment, can not pass out of the outside, if someone asks, you said that it is a Buddhist master!" Wen people said.

"Dean, I understand!"

Mu Ice looks back, "But what about the Yaochi Palace? This can be a lot of cultivators to see!"

"That's no way, let them talk, say that it is a god that is craving, it is not tight!"

"However, the gods of the gods, do not disclose to others!" Wen people said.

"Yes, the dean!" Mu Ice nodded.

"Little Ice, then you test the gods, tell me to listen!" Wen people said.

"Yes, dean!"

Mu Ice nodded, said: "The son test has three, first, let me join Luowu smoke, Chen Xu Ming, recruit the immortal, and eradicate the evil family!"

When I heard this, I said that the people were shining, "I said, I can become a son in my hand. Yes!"

"Second, it is to recruit three apprentices. After discussion, we know that the son is a condition, then who can kill the Lord of the evil family, who can become a son!" Mu Ib said.

"What, the Lord of the Evil?"

On the stone face, it is afraid of a fear of fear.

Thousands of years ago, the Lord of the evil family was unlimited to approach the existence of the immortal, and may even become a cacto.

With its own strength, it is tantamount to ovary.

It is impossible to be a son of the son.

"Third, it is a personal test. The son is now lacking black fairy gold, so the dean, you can't ..."

Mu Ice is low, a face is ashamed.

Find a dean to find a fairy gold, the skin is really thick.

"No problem, my fairy gold, you will take it!" Wen people said.


Mu Ice face, I don't believe, "Dean, that is, you collect for many years, all give me, this is not very good!"

"Is there bad!"

After the words of the articles, immediately took out eight black fairy gold from the space ring, handed it to Mu Ice.

"What a few fairy gold is!" On the face of the people, he did not take a little bit of meat pain.

"Dean, this is the black-grade gold collected in five hundred years, all take it, don't you be distressed?" Mu Bing said.

"The son is waiting for this major, you can look at this thing, is my blessing, you can get a small gas!" Wen people said.

"Thank you for the dean!" Mu Bing hugged.

"Well, hurry to send the son, don't let the son wait too long!" Wen people said.

"Yes, the dean!"

After that, Mu Ice will go out.

"Wait." Wen people shouted.

"Dean, what else do you have?" Mu Bing said.

"The son has sent you so much, let you send it, some disrespect!"

"Or let the old man have passed with you, this is sincere, maybe, the son will have a next step!" Wen people said.

"Okay, dean!"

Then, the words were so felt, and the speed was taken.