It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 68, God, no

"What? Are you dead?"

A non-pendant man on a head, an anger.

Two bloody eyes, sharp deep, people dare not look straight.

He is the corpse of the ethics - ink.

"The family is long, the four wars will be broken all the soul light!"

On the ground, worshiping a man with a black gas.


The soul clears the fist and the joint is fried.

Four Wars will be one of the most powerful men.

Just listening to the main order of the evil owner, let them catch the migrant people, did not expect, let go.

I didn't escape even the empty causing.

It looks like a look, and it is far from imagining.

This, trouble!

"The family is long, what should I do now? Do you want to put the drought? Let him go to the gods?"

"Do not!"

The ink is directly refused.

"Drought is the top card of my family, I don't have to have time, never use!"

"I didn't find the gods, and ran, it was absolutely wrong!"

"To do it, you have to kill, don't give him any chance!"

"In addition, the group of vultures came to start to destroy our good things, this is the most headache!"

"Find the vulture hidden in the dark, take them!" Said ink.


"Okay, let's take it!"



Time is fast, and it is another two days.

These days, a big event spread throughout the western region.

This big thing is that the evil corpse four will attack the Yaochi Palace.

Some city pool, a tea building.

A book side, surrounded by a bunch of cultivars.

They seriously heard that if the book is suspended, it is endless.

"Do you know? This time, it is the four big king of the corpse, that means, it is destroyed!"

"Wave, the whole Yaochi Palace has dim, and the wind is burst!"

"These winds, blow on the cultivator, directly gray!"

"There are countless cultivars, like wheat! Tang Zangqian Wang, a Yaochi Palace, you can resist!"

"At this critical moment, these four big kings, they actually killed the Yaochi Palace!"

"Yaochi Palace, long, but the country is 20 years old, how could it be the four big king opponents, see, the saint is going to die in them."

"In this critical moment, you guess, what?"

Speaking of this, saying that the book picks up a tea cup and drinks small drink.

"Say, the key moments have a tea, too, will adjust the appetite!"

"Just, that is!"

In the face of a cultivator accusing, the saying is only smiled, "Everyone, I haven't eaten yet today, I really have no strength, I will say anything!"

"Isn't it money? A piece of Lingshi, enough?"

"I also give it!"

After a moment, there were many spiritual stones before saying.

"Since you are generous, you will not eat this meal!"

Then, the book man continued to open.

"On this thousands of hair, God is coming!"

"He is a high meter, just like a top day!"

He gently wondered, the four kings of the king cracked, and it was a powder, even the soul, and was held by God's migrant, pinched into pieces! "

"What? Even the soul did not escape? God's fascinates are too powerful!"

"My family actually has such a strong, too good!"

"This trail, there is no existence!"


As so as soon aspect, staged in the western region.

Even, the Western region is center, spread around.

The name of God's fascia, I quickly passed to every cultivator's ear, and became a bright light in many people.

For these, Sun Hao naturally doesn't know.

At this moment, he is standing on the top of the stone tower, looking at the quarter.

In front, in the big demon mountain range, the clouds are shrouded, it looks at the air, and there is a little fairy style.

"The scenery in this big demon is really a hundred people!" Sun Hao said.

"The son is said, the big demon mountain is changed, every moment is all unique." The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

"If you dream, you are with you, what is the scenery is not as good as you look." Sun Hao said.

"Bono!" The Phoenix is ​​full of red, shy and low, "Dream can follow your side, is a blessing of dreams."

"If you dream, you are with me, it is my blessing!" Sun Hao said.


The Phoenix is ​​full of face, and I am rushing to Sun Yanyu.

Two people embracing.

Sun Hao gently strokes.

At this time.

" ..."

A sound.

If the phoenix is ​​on the hair clip, it should be dropped in the ground, and there is two pieces.

"Finally broke it."

I can't hear the sound in the ear.

The sound of this sound is being imprisoned in the incineration of the hairpin.

After the end of the day, the burning finally was found to be abraged, and fled.

"Haha, old, finally free, no longer trapped in hairpin!"

"All this, thanks two, play the piano every day, help me break through!"

"From today, older is free."

After finishing, incineration is a transparent vain, escaping the hairpin.



A big hand, falling from the sky.

Terrorism, such as nine days of prison generally can't move the burning.

"This ... this is impossible!"

"My strength, in front of him, there is no qualification of the playback!"

"No ... don't put me into the hairpin, don't!"

Burning crazy struggles.

However, it is useless.

It was pushed in the hairpin and could not move.

The power of the terror is enveloped on the hairpin.

Now, don't say that fleeing hairpins, even in the hairpin, you can't do it.

"It's over, completely!"

Burning, if it is dead, no longer moving.

He looked at Sun Hao, his eyes were frightened.

"How can he be here? Have him, the ancestors plan, only those things, only ..."

At this time, I am in the face of my face.


Sun Hao picked up the hairpin, took it in his hand, and bowed.

"Nothing, son!" Huangru dreams.

"If you dream, I will do one from re-emperor." Sun Hao said.

When I heard this, the Phoenix was in the eyes of the night.

"Gong, you are so good."

"This little thing, not enough to do it, take me down!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Two people landed, Sun Hao rushed to fight the iron room.

I can't be half a time, I have a spring.

Subsequently, they will be applied to the engraving room, select two pieces of wood, engraved into two.

After putting the spring, it becomes a hairpin.

"Always something, you should be inlaid as a bead, then you will look better!"

"Right, the god of the last time I gave me very good, I was in the top, just."

"However, those are used to decorate the room."

"Where did you find it? Let her find it, maybe you can find a few."

Sun Hao took two hairpins, a big shot.

I have to do a lot of hairpins.

In the hairpin, the cup is in the cup.

"no, do not want……"

Incineed crazy struggles, screaming.

His body, a little bit of torn, then imprisoned into the other hairpin.

Although there is no death, this kind of torn pain, I don't want to be able to bear it again.

"The death, I can only be imprisoned here in my life."

Incine itself, a look desperate.

This new hairpin is a prisoner.

Don't say that now, even if the strength is strong, no, than 100 million times, I am afraid that I can't escape.

"At least, there is no murder that there is no killing, he is sleepy here, is it to make me some things for him?"

"If this is, is this not my own?"

I think so, I am burning the face, and the light of hope.