It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The sixty-ninth chapter has a new instruction

"If a dream, the hairpin is done!"

Sun Hao took the hair clip before the phoenix.

"Bono!" The Phoenix is ​​twint, looking at Sun Wei.

She tried to take the hair clip from Sun Hao, but she didn't move.

"If you dream, few beads!"

Sun Hao pointed to a few holes above the hairpin, "Do you have a gemstone to find it?"


The phoenix is ​​dark, instantly understand Sun Hao intention, "Son, wait, I will go now!"

"Okay, find some more!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​coming to the backyard, the body is flashed, and the instant disappears.

"Mon, at home?"

Shortly after leaving, the front yard came from a voice.

I heard this sound, Sun Hao's eyes, the essence flashed.

"Temperarian? It seems to be a mutifury girl! Is it coming to himself?"

Sun Hao faces, it is a lot.

Since the last time they left, only more than 4,000 blessings were obtained in these days.

These blessings are a bit inexplicable.

It seems to be obtained when drinking tea.

Harvest the franchise value, there is no regularity.

The only regular, it is to send the immortal to the way!

Sun Hao opened the door and saw that the old man around Mu Ice, and a shot of the jagged.

"Meet the son!"

After seeing Sun Hao, two people saw Sun Yanyu.

"Mu Ice girl, this is?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bono, this is our dean - Wen people stone." Mu Ice said.

"It turned out to be a seniority!" Sun Hao hugged.

"Gong, don't dare!"

Wen people hook hands in Shi Lianlian, "Gong, you are old!"

Old smell?

This is not very good?

Seeing his crane, whitening must be a good person.

It's just a good talk?

Since the other party is required, it can only be called this.

"Old smell, Mu girl, please." Sun Hao made a given gesture.

"Thank you gong!"

Wen people hugged boxes, took out 8 black fairy gold, and went to Sun Hao.

"The son, a little gift, do not pay tribute! Please accept it!"

Wen people stone gods, uneasy.

Seriously, the son will look at this kind of fairy?

"Let's come, I have to take a gift, it is really polite!"

Sun Hao faces, the smile.

Holding a black grain, keeping up, satisfying some heads.

So many black iron, less, can also play two knives!

I can even play two long swords!

While it will give you something well?

By the way, since they gave themselves black iron, they gave them two long swords, which is also taken to him, with him.

They are not good.

It's really wonderful!

Thinking of this, Sun Yao's mouth rose.

This scene saw that the eyes of the people, secretly tone.

The son is accepted, and it is very happy.

Can let the son satisfied, this is a creation!

"The son, we still have something, just leave!" Wen people said.

"Come, just drink a cup of tea first!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you son, no need." Wen people said.

"How to go? Drink cup tea doesn't take long!"

Since it is here, how can you easily let you go?

In the face of this group of cultivators, as long as the face, they still have to obey?


Wen people saw Sun Hao's face.

Can't help but be a hemp, hurry, "Yes, the son!"

"Please ask!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

The two followed.

Wen people stone gods are nervous, the air is not dare, and they are afraid of the demon cents in the pool.

He sights a color of the millennium with a sunlight, and suddenly his face is giant.

That is an incomparably terrible existence.

Just use the aftertaste to look at it, carefully, and the whole body is cold.


Despite the psychological preparation, this is also scared to scare the stone.


A duck called the sound.

I heard the stone and scared the body.

This is called, and it can be raised many times.

He didn't even dare to lift it, and he followed the sun.

"Hey, the old is in your eyes, don't you fight with your eyes?"

At this time, a sound sounded in the heart.

Like nine days of God, it is scared that people have changed.

The original red light became awkward.

"The predecessors, I don't dare to!" Said the stone.

"Hey, is this relationship with dare? I raise my head!"

"Yes, seniors!"

Wen people look up, when he sees it, the pupil is shrunk, the heart is jump.

Sure enough, it is nine days!

I have not released the pressure, so that I haven't born in a heart.

The son, the fruit is really no existence!

Scared people.

Have you ready to do adequate.

Otherwise, it is necessary to scare half.

" ..."

The flour is around Sun Hao, and it will be went away from time to time.

In addition to shocking, in addition to shocking, the inner heart can't be restless.

"Two, take a while, I will take tea!"

Sun Hao finished, and then went to the hut.

I am sitting in the gazebo, nervousness.

Even four weeks of beauty dare not appreciate.

He feels that he is like a group of horror in a group of horror in a group of horror.

At this moment, he had a back sweat and root root.

"Little Ice, the son is this horror, drinking tea, is not simple?"

For a long time, the words of the people are so good, using the gods.

"That is of course, if it is estimated, the son is drinking, at least there is no Shang Ling tea, even Wu Kao tea!" Mu Ice said.

"How is this possible? Wu Kao tea tree, this world is only a piece of tea, dozens of tea!" Said the stone.

Mu Bing smiled slightly, did not speak.

Dean, there will be you surprised.

After a while.

Sun Hao came quickly.

In his hand, holding a bag of tea.

"Old smell, Mu girl, you are the first time to drink tea, then drink big red robe!"

After that, Sun Hao opened the tea.

this moment.

Wen people thoroughly thoroughly.

The mouth is trembled, and the sound is .

"This ... so many Wu Wu Tea, my old day!"

"Is the whole world not only a proud tea tree? This is at least thousands of pieces, how many years have the son not collected?"

"At least a few hundred thousand years!"

This is said.

The son is alive for millions of years?

No wonder this powerful!


"What, do you dozens of pieces once?"

"I ... I must be dreaming!"

The words of the people are dramatically jumped, and it seems to be jumped out of the eyes.

Map, you can drink tea, but, or dozens of tea.

Who else is you?

If it is not a master present, this moment, he will be excited to scream.

For a long time, I went to the heart of the heart to inhibit the heart of the strong beating, and calm down.

Mu Ice is better than saying the people.

When she saw Sun Hao, when she grabbed dozens of tea, the body trembled, excited.

For a long time, she calm down.

"Gong, why didn't you see a dream girl?" Mu Bing asked.

"She helped me find a bead!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.

Both people tremble

The son needs a bead!

This is a new instruction!

This may be related to the evil family, it is necessary to remember!

The two are looking at it, nodding.

"Bonology, want me to help the dream girl looking for?" Mu Bing asked.

"Don't you have to drink tea first, look, tea is good!"