After drinking tea.

The words of the articles and Mu Ice face, revealing a face.

Drink tea and enlightenment this time.

From now on, I will cultivate and no bumps.

All this is created, and the bonus is given.

Waiting for the big grace, no tooth is unforgettable.

The two looked at Sun Hao and was grateful to face.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao is just a smile.

What is the cultivator?

In front of his tea ceremony, he is bunch.

"Old smell, Mu girl, do you use the long sword?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, the son."

The two nodded.

"Can you give me a look?" Sun Hao asked.

"of course can!"

The two took the long sword and handed it to Sun Hao.

Sun Hao took a long sword and bowed up and down.

Subsequently, his mouth was rare.

These two long swords, rough workmanship, can't compare their own waste.

I am afraid that even wood is difficult to cut.

Just, you can build two new to them.

Do you not receive? Daddy is not pulled down.

Think about it, Sun Yizhen rose.

"Two, come with me!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The two stood up, followed Sun Hao, come to the iron room together.

Seeing an scene inside, two were scared.


Horror, like the wind, it is generally blown.

The two people are suffering, and the face is white.

"Merry spirit! Whole equipment!"

Two people in the people, looked at the iron room, the face was huge, and she hid behind her.

In this way, the two are better.

"Old smell, Mu girl, wait a moment!"

After that, Sun Hao took out black grain and threw it into the stove.

Then, open the furnace.


Bear flame, splashing.

Black-grained fairy, visible with the naked eye, becomes red.

See this scene, the people of the people have changed, "the fairy, this is a fairy!"

"It can be burned red in the dark, it is absolutely no fairy!"

Wen people were shocking in the heart, and the whole person was scared.

He stayed at Sun Hao, pick up the hammer and started to beat.


A metal beats sounded.

Black-grain fairy, dramatic trembling, rapid extension.

The impurities above, remove 90%.

A hammer, remove 90% impurities.

I haven't heard it, I haven't seen it!

This hammer, seemingly simple, really awesome.

I have a feeling of Wenren Shi, this hammer, if you get to the Shang Cang West, I am afraid that the whole of the Cangxiate, will be moved to flat!


Another hammer!

All impurities and remove them.

The hammer is in the hands of Sun Hao, as with the whirlwind, quickly beat it.

Every hammer, there is not much power, one less.

Wen people look at this scene, the scenery, rapid changes.

At this moment, only one of him all over the world.

Or, he is the whole world.

He reached the legend of the legendary people.

A fairy skill in his brain rapidly.

For a long time, he woke up from the situation in the world.

"This ... this is the legendary mammoth!"

"This is a fairy! I actually feel successful, and I can change it into a sword method!"

Wen people stones the fists, excited to shake slightly.

This line, gets the creation, it is impossible to imagine.

I am looking for myself!

"Mon, thank you!"

"After, the son has any dispatch,

Those who look at Sun Hao, all are grateful.

Sun Hao continued to wavily hammers and continued to hit it.

After a quarter of an hour.

Two long swords are formed.

There is a black black and a sharp metal luster.

Symnary, finger.

Total time, add up less than half an hour.

Two long swords were held in their hands.

"Old smell, Mu girl, long wait."

"These two long swords, you are still satisfied?"

Sun Hao delivers two swords to the hands of the two people.

I am shocked, pick up one of them, and quit.

In the eyes, it is shocking.

"This ... this is a fairy! My old day!"

"Bonchriem surgery, earth-shatter!"

Those who hit the stone kept playing, but whose way to use it, it could not confirm its specific order.

One thing can be confirmed, it is definitely a fairy!

You can forge a fairy with a black-grained fairy, this refiner is universal enemy!

Any refinerie, in front of the son, but it is a joke!

"The son, this sword, there is no flaw, perfect!" Wen people said.

Sun Yizhen is awkward, and it is proud.

No forging, it is not a joke.

Look, the cultivator uses the weapon and is also very general.

Do you want to go to the immortal world to open a weapon?


The cultivar world is too dangerous, the evil family is so terrible, if you jump out of a magic, how is it?

Still staying in the mountains.

"Since you like, then they are yours." Sun Hao said.

"Gong, how can this ?!"

Two people listened, the face changed.

This is a fairy, you dare to receive it?

"This thing, it is not possible!" The two swayed.

"How? Are you looking down on me?"

Sun Hao pulled his face, so he was angry.

The two faces have changed.

"The son, you misunderstand, there is no such thing as this!"

"Since the son wants to send us, then accept it!"

"Thank you gong!"

The two take the long sword, hold it in the hands, and detail.

", Fuyuan +500."

", Fuyuan +200."

I heard these two sounds, Sun Yu's mouth is rising, and the heart is secret.

These repairs are really blame.

Draw your face slightly, it will scare your face.

I will take my own gift.

Do you really have no big?

Do dream!

Sun Hao shook his head and put this idea.


In general.

This is really comfortable to harvest the franchise.

"Good sword, good sword!"

Wenren Shi took the long sword and did not stop.


"the host!"

There is a sound in the mind.

Wen people stone body is full, but they can't believe it.

"The spirit of the instrument is it or the new organ spirit? And recognize yourself?"

At this moment, the words were completely shocking.

Once the primary, once the older, only the original owner will never betray.

Unless the original owner is dead, it will be taken from the powerful cultivation of the immortal.

This primary organ goes with unlimited possibilities.

Moreover, the shaping space is great!

In other words, this fairy sword in my hand is growing!


Wen people have a breath, and the body is excited to be slightly trembled.

This kind of fairy sword sells the entire Shangdangyuan and can't change it.

The son, I actually give us one person?

And don't charge it!

What is this, what is it?

Wen people are dark, and the heart is getting more and more uneasy.

"Hey, the son has experienced the mortal body, not good to open, it is really a headache!"

"Don't know the son, what is it?"

Wen people and stone frowning deep thinking.

the other side.

Mu Ice has been compared with the stone, there is no difference.

She took the long sword, like a child in touch.

For a long time, the two are calm, and the face is revealed.

They respectd Sun Hao, "Thank you for the son, today we have something, just leave!"

"Since there is something, I am not good, remember often!"


I looked at the people who watched the stone and Mu Ice shadow disappeared. Sun Hao received his attention.

"It's good today, this is a big fish, and it will come often, then how good!"

Sun Hao opened the panel and saw that the franchise above is 15380.

From the million Fuyuan value, successfully stepped up.

In this way, how long does it take? If you have a collection of 1 million, you have a non-upper body, and the road to practice.