Demon Mountain Positive Center.

Several hundred demon, set a place, hold the demon shifting competition.

The selection is extremely rude, who is the strongest, no one is the next demon.

A big tiger is on a big tiger, and standing on the stage, watching four sweep.

"White is not talented, willing to be this demon, not convinced, despite standing out!"



Tiger Xiaolin, tremunications.

Shocking a big demon, the face changed.

Many big demon, have retired, one is afraid.

"White Tiger actually reached the superiority, one step, and it is necessary to reach the robbery!"

"Scary, this demon look, non-white tiger!"

I heard these, the white tiger is light, and the face is revealed.

At this time.

"I don't accept it!"

A double-headed rhinoceros stands out.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Every step in the double-headed rhinoceros is shocked.

The huge body is doubled than the big tiger.

Body, emitting metal gloss, look, indestructible.

"Hey, since you want to challenge, then you have to die!"

After that, the white tigers fluttered in the double-headed rhinoceros.

The gap, the waves are rolling.

The rest of the wave whistling, hitting the quarter.

Did you have a nearest demon, even the struggle is not, it is broken on the spot.

The whole mountain, the burst sound continues.

It seems that it is extremely horrible.

a long time.

The battle is gradually stopped.

Body rhinoceros on the body, bruises.

The white tigers are pressed on it, and the paws buckled its deadly position, "obeyed?"

The double-headed rhinoceros is sluggish, and the demon is on, the lake is good! "

"Haha ..."

The white tiger has a madness, and the eyes are four sweep. "Who else is not convinced?"

The eyes are coming, and the big demon, they have worshiped the ground.

Seeing, white tigers are going to board the monster.

At this time.

"Oh, the position of this demon, belongs to this seat."


A shadow is slowly agglomerated.

He is in black, can't see the face.

The extreme danger of breath, let the four weeks of demon.

Black shadow fingering white tiger, "You, you can come down!"

The big tiger heard this, full of face.

It's hard to be a demon owner, and there is a cultivator to come to trouble.

Do you have this!

"You a human, come to be a demon, is this right?" Bad fossil.

"Oh, are you quotes me?" Black shadow said faintly.

"Is it doubted? Is it true?"

After that, the white amount of the tiger is a wind, straight black shadow.


A loud noise.

The black shadow is like a broken kite, flying out, and hit a rock.

The whole rock, direct frying.

"Hey, don't self, power!" The white tiger face is disdainful.

In the next second, it does not change your face.

I saw that the black shadow didn't know when, came to him.

"In this case, let you see the power of this seat!"

Finished, black shadow body, rapid change.

His head, one is divided into two, two points four.

Finally, it is chemically formed into nine heads.

Long neck, stretch it.

Black gas is crazy on it.

See this scene, suriem, a big color.

"Nine snake!"

"How can this big demon come here?"

"It is said that the birth of the nine snake is a big matrix, look at it, and the rare is also a flying!"

Big Tiger saw the nine snake,

It squats in the ground, Shape shakes, "The demon, forgive!"

"Dare to provoke this kill, kill it!"

"I don't have to see, the big princess lives and die, but also helps to find!"

"More it is not a lot, less a lot, and the same!"

"I think so!"

Nine heads, make a different sound.

Most of the brains have supported the white tiger.

The white amount of the tiger is sinking hell, and there is no god in an instant.

"Zi ..."

The nine-headed Snake is mad, and the big tiger is full of big tigers.

Seeing, white tigers are to be tear into slag.

At this time.


A figure appeared in front of the nine snake.

She wins in the white, and she is in the body, and she is suffocating.

Come on, is the Phoenix.

"Nine snakes, really is you!" The Phoenix is ​​looking at the nine-head snake, calmly opens.

Nine heads, changing changes, different.

Have a horrible, you have a dedication, there is no letter ...

"Great princess, look like, you haven't died yet!"

"I really can't think of it, you have to recover, the strength is also a lot!"

"Since you know everything, then you can't blame!"

The words are just turned.

The nine snakes have made a lightning, and the rush is in the past.

Nine heads, sprayed out of poisonous fog, once in an instant, the phoenix is ​​covered.

"Haha ..."

"The big princess, you are really sluggish, you will not understand the truth!"

"Yes, it is still stupid!"

Nine heads, spit out a different voice.

However, the next second, the nine snake looks change.

They looked at the phoenix, and they kept shaking their heads.

"This is impossible, this is never possible!"

"This is a dream! Hey, do you bite me? It hurts me."

Excluding, constantly ringing.

I saw that the poisonous mist encountered the emblem, all were evaporated by her clothes.

I can't get it at all.

"Can I have our poison, at least the best spirit!"

"I sent it, this kind of thing, used to give the master, will get a good benefit!"

"Send a fart, nature is used by our own!"

The nine snake stares at the phoenix, just like staring at a baby.

"Oh, then you have to see if you have a life?"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​gently waving hands.

What makes it out, it is the elusion from Sun Hao!


Space stationary.

Time solidification.

The only one is moving, but the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

The nine snakes are in the original place. They can only look at the hitting attack, and there is no power.

"This ... what is this? It is terrible!"

"It's over, it's over, big princess strength, at least three steps flying!"

These ideas have just formed, and the silence is in it.

"! ..."

Explosion, constantly sound.

The nine-headed snakes have eight necks, which are directly fried into a powder.

Leave a head, squat on the ground, shivering.

"Great princess, forgive, I didn't betray you, it is a betrayal you!"

"I really can't tell you the truth, ask you to spare me!"

After that, the nine snakes, no, a snake does not stop.

The Phoenix is ​​looking at a snake, and the sound is cold. "You are still alive now, because you have not betrayed!"

"From today, this demon is from you, any wind blows, you must report me!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​thrown out of a jade, throwing in front of a snake.

"Thank you, big princess! Thank you, big princess!"

"Finish the task next!"

A snake does not stop.

"You listen to me again!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​a dream to take out ancient Qun, start playing.