It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 72, 1, Pin, 9 Heads


Guqin sounded, spread throughout the cream.

A uniqueness, such as the tsunami, follow the piano.

With the rhythm of the Phoenix, the aura is also more active.


The aura forms eight huge waves, flocked to a snake.

Eight brains, rapid long.

At the end of the piano, the nine snake recovers.

However, the whole body, but only has a consciousness.

"Thank you a big princess!"

The nine-head snake sensation should change everything, excite the body tremble.

He looked at the phoenix as a dream, full of gratitude.

"After a period of demon lake, I put my head and put it back!" Huangru dreams.

This is out.

The nine-headed snake was scared to shake, kneeling in the ground, keeping his head.

"Great princess, do not dare to!"

"The big princess, you can rest assured, there is no betrayal heart!" The nine snakes did not stop.

"I am not letting you kill me!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​in the right hand, a head, quickly agglomerate in the void.

This head is as long as the Phoenix, like a dream.

The blood is inside, it is inside her body.

"This head, as long as you don't encounter the cactus, you can't see the clues!"

"After a month, you have this head, go back to the cross, then put all the situation, notify me!" Huangru said.

Looking at the fake head on the sky, the nine snakes are relieved.

"Great Princess, you can rest assured, all the hand is in the next!" The nine-head snake patted chest.

"Okay, I have something to leave, here, I will handle it!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​a dream right hand, eight demontes, flying back, falling to her hand.


Then, her figure instantly disappeared.

When you appear again, you have already returned to the backyard.

"If you dream, how? Is it a gemstone?"

See the phoenix, Sun Hao is a face.

"The son, just find eight, enough?"

After that, the Phoenix dreams the eight demontes of the nine snake, took it out.


Sun Hao demon was held in his hand and went to the engraving room.

After some operation, the eight demon Danes in the hairpin.

Eight demon Dan, the colors are different.

Shocking, very dazzling.

Sun Hao took it in his hand, satisfied nodded.

"Good look too much!"

"If a dream should like it."

After that, Sun Hao picked up the hairpin and walked out.

Two heads.

After leaving the stone and Mu Bing from Sun Hao to leave, Lu Yu.

"Dean, can you understand the son in your knowledge?" Mu Bing asked.

"The son is instructions, is it easy to understand?"

Wen people shook their heads, full face.

"The son needs a beads? What is the bead?"

"Also, the son gives us a sword, what is it? Is it let us help the son looking for beads?"

"How to find it, how to find it, it is really difficult!"

Wen people sigh.

"Dean, otherwise we go to Yaochi Palace, Xing Xi willow smoke can know!" Mu Bing said.

"This is true, three stinky smells, with a god operator, walk, go to Yaochi Palace!"

Those who went to the eyes, bloom, rapidly to the Yaochi Palace.

"Dean, you slow down, wait for me!"

Mu Bing made full strength and can't catch up with the stone.

"Really slow, when can you break through the flying misery?"

"Forget it, I will take you in the past!"

After that, I walked in the right hand, and a kind of aura wrapped it.

Then, the two people went to Changhong, rapid.

Half day.

The two came to the Yaochi Palace.

"Dean, what are you looking for?" Luo Liu asked.

"Willow smoke, we just sent black-grade fairy crystals, the son creating two fairy to us!"

After that, I went to the mountain, I took out the fairy sword, and I handed it to the front of Luo.

Seeing the sword in front of you, Luo Culi smoked hole, full of face shocking.

"It is a growth of the fairy? It's a son to create it?" Luo Liu asked.

"Of course, we have seen the son to create it." Mu Bing said.

When I heard this, Luo Cow smoked a breath.

"So, the son not only didn't receive your gift, but instead give you a fairy?" Luo Liu asked.

"Not bad!"

The two nodded at the same time.

"Start you from seeing the son, to the son, give you a sword, all said to me, the son is every actions, don't fall!" Luo smoke said.

"it is good!"

Wen people said it.

From the head to the end, it is very detailed.

Luo Liu smashed, I listened, frowning.

"This is said, the son is really wanting to find a bead!"

"What is the beads, between the time, it is difficult to understand." Luo cigarette said.

"Yes, we are also distressed! If you take us a general beads, we will definitely, don't say become a son, this creation is broken!"

Those who have a bitterness of the people, sitting upset.

Compared with the dean before controlling all the dean, it is 18,000 miles.

"Dean, even if you don't understand, I will be difficult to think about it in a half." Luo Liu smashed his head.

"Since the son is going to find a bead, then we are eliminated, how?"

At this time, Chen Xu Ming stood out.

"Excluding the law?" Everyone's face is doubt.

"The son is even sent, and it is necessary to go, it is dangerous! In this dangerous place, there must be a treasure of the beads!"

"We only need to find all the dangers of the Tiango mainland, and investigate one by one, and finally get the desired results." Chen Kao said.

This is out.

Several faces of face, exhausted.

"This method is good!"

"Chen Daoyou, you think agile, great understanding, thank you!"

"Good, say it!"

Several people looked at Chen Xiu Ming, and the highlight flashed.

"Who has a map?"

"I have got!"

Sandy map, five people, all stare it.

"Tian Luo mainland, these five lives are restricted, they are dangerous!"

"However, don't say we, even if the immortal enters, it is not necessarily good!"

"So, let's go to the five major lives for the penalty area, look for other dangers, you, how do you think?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"The little brother is said to be reasonable, I agree!" "Wen people said.

"I disagree!"

Luo Liu smashed his head slightly, said.

"Luo Lord, what do you have?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"The beads needed by the son, is it a custom? Other dangers, the beads that can be obtained, the most is a spirit? Is the bead to be such a bead?"

"To find a fairy, in the sky, there is only the five lives for the penalty area!" Luosi smoke said.

This time, everyone nodded.

"Luo Lord is reasonable, this is said, we can only choose one of these five lives for the penalty area!"

"Not bad!"