It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 74, the son is really just right.

"Let's talk about the first one: sinful field, it is said that it is formed in the ancient times, the legend of the Blue Moon invaded humanity, raging four squares, and the people of the people are in danger!"

"At this critical moment, Monoli Xianzun offers self-sufficient dollars, condensed the ruins of the earth, and homoked the Blue Moon!"

"The force of the fist, combined with the Blue Moon people in the inside, has the power of torn, even if the immortal enters, it is also a small bantry!"

"Even for so many years, I haven't come out again in the past."

A sentence of the words said, heard the people in the ear, could not be banned from sweat.

Life is restricted, it is terrible!

"Willow smoke, what do you think?" I asked Xia Shi.

"If the Blue Moon family invaded, this sinful graveya, there is a blue moon to treasure - Blue Moon beads! This thing, the town is yin and yang, reverse five lines, can freeze all!"

"I don't know if the son needs this bead!" Said Luosi smoke.

"Well, it is possible, if this, this first, then, analyze the next!"

"it is good!"

In this way, the five people began to analyze five lives for restricted areas.

Everyone is all known, and there is no hierarchy.

After a while.

"That now, there is only the live restricted area of ​​our Western Region: Blood Phoenix!" Luo Cai said.

"Blood Phoenix, suppressed a peerless mam: blood Huang, the blood collection is the family of the godboy, the family invaded the people, and then sealed in the blood Phoenix!"

"The blood-Phone nest is the dead zone, the rock, the aura, and the martyrdom is all over, the immortal is in danger!"

"These, not the most terrible, especially the death of the banquet, there is a phoenix, even if the cactus flew, will also fall in the dead!"

"Even if you can enter the penalty area, you have to find the entrance of the blood collection, just afraid that it is difficult to get!"

I heard these, the people in the ridges were cold, and the body was cold.

Bloody nest sounds, more terrible.

"Dean, there is anything such as a beads in the blood-Phone nest?" Luo Liu asked.

"According to the ancient books, the blood phoenix is ​​suppressed, it seems to be called the soul beads! However, what is the use of this thing, specifically used, there is no relevant record!"

"There is a danger of the blood phony. No one knows!

"This is said that the blood-Phony is also one of the options."

"Then we need to choose one from this sinful graveyard and the blood-Phone nest." Luosi smoke said.


Everyone nodded.

Although Su Yi Ling is still confused, he nodded together.

"What one of these two places?"

At the time of the two choices, everyone is hard.

Everyone has frowned and exposed the color of thinking.

"I think so, I am going to sinful grave, you go to the blood-Phone, how?" Wen people said.

"Dean, can't!"

Luo cigarette shook his head, "Since the son calculates everything, then these two fairy swords, it will not be separated, otherwise, it is impossible to obtain the mother's thing."

"Thank you for reminding!" On the face of the people, he was afraid of the color.

"I heard that the blood-Phone nest is very powerful, as if the blood phoenion is going to break the soil."

At this time, Mu Bing said.

This is out.

Everyone glances.

On the foot of the Luousi smoke, it is exposed to the color of it.

"I understand, the answer is in the blood-Phone nest!" Luo Liu smashed.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Bloody nest vibration,

"Of course, you will get it!" Wen people nodded.

"What is the practice of blood collection?" Luo cigarette asked.

Wen people have frowned, suddenly eyebrows, "he cultivated, it seems to be swallowing the magic!"

This is a few people, the face is giant.

Swallowing the magical work, it is to override other organisms to grow themselves, there is a hurt.

This monster, once it is broken, and the entire Tianlu continent, even the entire Ziyang star will be a disaster.

When I arrived at that time?

Think about it, it makes people feel cold.

"The blood collection is broken, and the consequences, don't need me to say?" Luo cigarette said.

"Willow smoke, you don't play the bumbler, all said!" Wen people said.

"Yes, dean."

Luo Liu smiled slightly and continued to open.

"Since the son does not like the evil people, I want to destroy their gangs, then I don't like blood phoenix!" Luo cigarette said.

"Willow smoke, you mean, the son let us go to the blood Huang nest, Mingli is the pearl, secretly tell us, destroy the blood collection?" Wen people asked.

"Yes!" Luo Cow nodded.

This is out.

Everyone took a breath.

The son is used, and it is so deep.

"The son is really just right, in order to live, regardless of the heart, pointing this obvious!"

"Yeah, the son of the benevolence, the world is unmanned!"

A few faces of the face are touched.

The son pointed to this obvious, I can't let it realize, it is too dull.

Today, if it is not Luo Cow, who can realize?

Everyone looked at the eyes of Luo Liu smoke, full of admire.

"Luo Lord, your understanding, the world is unparalleled!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"The award is, this is the wisdom of everyone. If we are less than one person, I may not be able to enlighten it!" Luosius smoke said.

"Luo Lord, you are too modest!"

"That is! You are too modesty, that is proud!"

Su Yi Ling is standing next to his face, it is embarrassed.

From the head to the tail, I didn't say a word.

She grabbed his head and was confused.

"The son just sent two fairy swords, saying that the dream sister went to take the bead, how can you become to the blood-nest, go to the dragonfly, go to kill the blood?"

"The son test is too difficult!"

"How do I feel that my brain is getting clumpons?"

"Since I met the son, I felt became a stupid head, hehe!"

Su Yi Ling sighs, and the look is sluggish.

"In this case, then we confirm this candidate to go to the blood nest!" Said Luo Cow.

"Enter the bloody nest, nine dead life! Enter the inside, the strength can not be too weak, you, what is the realm?" Wen people said.

"I went to the prince of robbery!" Said Luosius smoke.

"I, ferment the middle stage." Mu Ib said.

"I didn't have a late late." Su Yiling said.

"I just went to the early stage!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"I just arrived in a step, this bloody nest, I naturally count me!" Wen people said.

"I am doing the League of the Tu Le League, can't be placed!" Luo smoke said.

"I have a son sent a fairy sword, the son specified me." Mu Bing faintly opened.

"I have to go!" Su Yiling said.

"It's also one!" Chen Xu Ming said.


Luo Liu smokes in Chen Xiu Ming and Su Yi Ling, "Chen Zero, you as deputy owners, need to take care of the town evil!"

"According to the spirit, you are a saint, the teacher is not there, the Yaochi Palace is everything, you need you to take care!"

"In addition, you have two strengths and low, it is difficult to guarantee you to wait for security, try to cultivate it in Yaochi Palace!" Luosi smoke said.

The two are low, no talk.

"When did you start?" Wen people asked.

"I have seen it ten days later, the dean, Mu Ice, you are going back, I have to prepare!"

"Ten days later, come to Yaochi Palace collection."

"it is good!"