It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 74 chapter vibration disappears, the phoenic smoke

There are thousands of miles in the north of Demen, here, there is a living area: blood Huang nest.

Above the blood nest, it is an inexperienced death zone, and the red phoenix is ​​surrounded.

Such as the blood, the inside is unpredictable.


Death is in the restricted area, keeping the voices, low and thrust.

Ground sand, in slight fibrillation.

this day.

The vibration is getting lighter and lighter, and finally, it gradually disappears.

On the sky, red phoenix is ​​gradually falling.

Death is the north of the ban.


There are more than a dozen black vortex.

A man dressed in black armor, head wearing mask, drilled in swirls.

For the first two, the darkness is wrapped, and the whole body is shrouded, seeing can't be shaped.

Two people, named souls and epithelials, are evil people.

In the two, it is a ten battle.

"Look, the big priest did not make a mistake, in a few days, the phoenix cigarette will calm down, when you can see it, safe entry!" Said the soul.

"Yeah, but, for a town soul, as for us?" Said.

"The big priest and the meant, I will understand, only to be ordered to do it!" Said the soul.

"Hey, can only be so, however, this blood-Phone is in the restricted area, we enter, safe?" Said.

" ..."

The soul pointed to the preliminy, I sent a slaughter, "I am still life?"

This is one out, the preliminary look is hidden, and I nodded.

"Okay, hide first!"


This 12 is moving slowly, as if there is no general.

Shortly after.

The entrance to the south side of Bloody Mountain.


A Changhong, rapid landing, turning into a middle-aged man.

He looked at the dead zone, and his eyes were exhausted.

"The vibration disappeared, and these phoenixes were also sinking!"

"Look, the blood-Phone nest is going to open!"

"Must notify the owner as soon as possible!"

After that, the man took out a piece of communication jade, and quickly portrayed the text. Subsequently, gently kneaded, jade is simply a light, disappearing in the sky.

"All right."

Middle-aged men turned into a Changhong and going quickly.

Not long after he left, a few figures flew.

After they looked at the death of the ban, they were shining in the penalty area. They did not say that they did not say, and they took out the letter jade and send a message.

Blood Phoenix will open things, less than half a day, spread many forces in the mainland.

The mainland of the sky, the median holy place, the Xuanyuan family in a hall.

The master Xuan is sitting in the master, watching the news of the jade news in his hand, and his eyes blooms so much.

"The blood-Phone nest has disappeared, and the phoenix is ​​sinking!" Xuan as said.

Here, the other seats are long, and all binders are light, and they will talk about the annual.

"What, the vibration disappears? Is the blood collection that is weak? This is not the blood-nest to open?"

"Too good! It is said that there is a soul bead in it!"

"What is the use of town soul beads? I don't know! If you can get the blood phoenix Dan, for our family, it will be no cause!"

"The blood biography seems to have a swallowing magic, if you can win, then my Xuanyuan will become the first home of the mainland!"

This sound is constantly ringing.

When Xuanyi did not stop, the scene was gradually quiet.

"Everyone is elder, the blood phoenix Dan, the ambition must be, who is you willing to go?"

This is out.

One surrounded by a dead.

All elders,


See this scene, Xuanyi snorted and shook his head.

This group of old ages, the nourishment is excellent.

It is very powerful when it is very powerful, let them go to the dangerous thing, turn into a group of goods.

In the eyes of Xuanyi, a mulking machine flashed.

"Who is willing to go to the blood collection?" Xuan as a sound increase.


At this time, a woman sounded.

Everyone turned his attention, all of them gave this woman, not from the look.

"What? Is she! Xuanyuan poetry?"

"She is not careful, even the blood Huang nest is dare, don't live?"

"Have her, just!"

The length of the old, whispering is whispering below.

"You?" Xuanyi screamed.

"Yes, the owner!"

"As a family of Xuanyuan, I do something for the family, and I am responsible for the south!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"You are still young, the strength is weak, this matter, you don't have to be mixed!" Xuan as a swing.

"Master, I ..."

"Go down!" Xuan as a saying.

"I ..." Xuanyuan poetry a dumb.

"Master, I have something to say!"

At this time, the old man stood out.

"The old man, please say." Xuanyi said.

"There is already eighty years old, nor is it small! In addition, her strength is already two steps to fly, in the entire Tianlo mainland, can also serve!"

"As a family sequence, for family share, reasonable!"

"In addition, this time, for Xuanyuan poems, it is also a growth, and it is better to make her go out!" The long said.

"Master, I also think that Xuanyuan poems can go!"

"It's, the owner, you won't be because of her daughter, and like a flower usually raise?"

"You let you go!" Xuan is anger.

"What? Do you want to kill me?"

"It's, the owner, you will make me wait for the cold!"

Soon, Xuan is embarrassed by a long and old, and suddenly like venting the ball.

"Father, I am willing to go!"

Xuanyuan poems said that this is the old man, "I am old, you can go to my blood nest!"

"That dares! The prostitutes are rest assured, we will keep Xuanyuan home, will not let other families succeed!"

"You can rest assured, as long as you take back the demon, the first sequence is yours!"

When a group, the chest is taken, and it is guaranteed.

Xuanyi saw this scene, and his chest was angry.

He looked at Xuanyuan poetry, sigh: "Little poem, father is useless, when a home is also isolated!"

"Remember you said!"

Xuanyuan poem turned back, moved his footsteps, and suddenly walked out of the main hall.

Subsequently, it turned into a Changhong, rapid to the blood phoenix position.

Not long after she left.


A vain, slowly agglomerated.

He looked at the direction of the hall, sighed, "Master, when I am not there, you have to be careful!"

After finishing, he followed the Xuanyuan poetry direction and went fast.

The hall.

A few long-lasting mouths are glow, and the look is proud.

"I really sent him, Xuan as a meaning, you are confident!"

"What is interesting, Xuan Yuan, what do you do?"

"Oh, this Xuan hi is going to change! I am still be careful!"

Several elders are looking at Xuanyuan, and the face is different.