It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 76-Death Restricted Area, Matrian Beast

Death is the restricted area, it is an unnecessary desert.

Inside the chaos, the storm is four, and there is no time to swim.

this day.


Dozens of Changhong, flying quickly, standing outside the penalty area.

These people are all cultivators.

They look at the death of the dead area, pupil miniature.

"I feel extremely dangerous, is we really going in?"

"As a cultivator, I am afraid of dangerous ?!"

"Just, I haven't seen this timid cultivator, I am so lost!"

Soon, someone took the lead in it.

Others, followed, without any hesitation.

Even the cultivar who is afraid of death is, but also rushed in after a sigh.

As such a scene, it is staged around the dead zone.

The vast majority of the vast majority of the road to cultivators can be embarrassed.

Half day.

The death of the dead area, three Changhong, flying quickly.

They are the three people who are Luo Liu, Mu Bing, and Three people.

They stand on the sky and look at the death of the district, and frowned slightly.

"Is it ready?" Xianstriobang looked at Luo Liu smoke and asked.

"Dean, this time you are ready, even if you are trapped, you should be able to support the 30 or fifth year!" Luo Cow said.

"It is so very good, we have two prepared, you can also support for a few decades!" Wen people said.

"This time, we have to get the town soul bead, and we have to destroy the blood collection!" Said Luo Cow.

"Okay, let's go in!"


Three people have been turned into Changhong, and they rushed into death.

Enter the inside, three people landed, and be careful.

The phoenix is ​​like a blood, and it is shrouded the four-party and blocks the three people.

Most, you can only see two hundred meters in front.


Luousi smoke released the knowledge and sweeping the front.

Just just released, she quickly recovered, and her face revealed.

"This phoenix can stop the knowledge, don't use the knowledge!" Luo cigarette said.

"Well!" Those who heard the stone nodded.

Three people walked forward.

Surrounding is very quiet, there is no insect.

Everyone can clearly hear the heartbeat.

" ..."

Slow speed is fast, it is not controlled.

The phoenix is ​​shrouded, and the rock is like, the claws are like to pounce.

The atmosphere is depressed.

Angry and breeding, the whole person is not controlled by control.

"This phoenix can affect the gods and quickly use the shield!" Said the stone.


Three people immediately call the power, make the shield, cover the whisper.

"Zi ..."

Phoenix smoke and shield friction, suddenly exploding the sound from time to time.

Several people in vivo, in fast loss.

"In this way, we have supported up to five years and must speed up!"

"Well, we quickly found the entrance, enter the blood collection!"

Three people flew down and flew forward.




Metal is moving, constantly sounding.

A monster that is five meters, like a lion, skin like a rock, fighting with a group of cultivars.

The monster skin is like metal, and the cultivator hits the weapon in the hand, and only the shallow scratches can be left.

At the foot of the monster, the bones are all over the place.

Every bone is a lot of cultivars.

Their body is deformed, it is terrible.

More and more, they are directly stepped into meat mud.

Among the air, it is filled with bloody blood.

Behind a boulder, explore three pairs of eyes.

They see a scene in front of you,

"That is the lion rock beast!"

Wen people are shocked.

"Lion rock beast? What is it?" Luo smoke asked.

"Dean, this is terrible?" Mu Bing opened.

"What is terrible!"

"Lion rock beasts belong to the beast!"

"And the savage is a kind of monster, but they are wise, unspeakable, keeping wild!"

"See the heterogeneous, will only be able to cure!"

"They are extremely powerful and very powerful, and they are very regulators. They are not opponents at all!"

"This lion rock beast, I am afraid that it has reached a big time, even if it is a rumored cultivator, I am afraid that it is not an opponent!" Wen people said.

I heard these, there were two women's faces of Luousi smoke, showing a slash.

"As they, I still want to deal with the lion rock beast, I am completely looking for death!" Wen people said.

"Dean, do we want to shoot?" Mu Bing asked.

"No! We need to save strength, complete the master task, this is the most important thing!"

"Yes, we look good!"

Several people hide behind the rocks and continue to watch.


The lion rock roared, lifted the paw, and took the fairy who came to a straight.

"I block!"

After the immortal, he was first until the long sword gave the lion rock paw, and he pierced the past.

" ..."

A sound.

The symbol of the immortal, directly collapse, splashed around.

"Do not!"

This screams, just sounded, it will come to an abrupt.

The paw speed is not reduced, and it directly went to the trim chest.


The chest is directly depressed.

The paw with a cultivator body, which is striped to the ground.

In an instant, this person became a drum sauce, and it could not die again.

Miserable model, people can't look straight.

Those of the cultivars, but did not retreat because of the dead.

On the contrary, it is even more unlikely.

"You can get a lion heart!"

"Who can kill it, sell it, half of him!"

Not far away, a five major three rough and strong men, command a man.

This sounds, the cultivators are more unlikely to flush.




The cultivator is constantly falling.

After a while.

"A group of waste, see me!"

Strong people snort, take out the giant hammer, go straight to the lion rock.

His mouth is soaring, "" finally consumes it! "


The lion rock beasts out of the paw, took the treasure hammer in the hands of the strong man.


A loud noise, the hammer did not collapse the powder, and took the lion rock beast.

The lion rock beast fell to the ground and opened a rock.

It is preparing to struggle to stand, but he will see the strong man to fall from the sky, and he is in the head of the lion rock.


Lions beasts roared, struggle a few times, and can not stand up.

Finally, the head is not moving.

"Helping the master!"

"Helping the Lord Wei!"

The whole hand, shouting loudly.

Strong Han heard these, his head was raised, arrogant, and was satisfied with his face.

At this time.

"Let open, let it open!"

A rough rude voice sounded.

More than a dozen baluns, rapid surroundings.

Every body is a tendon meat.

They wearing a fire red dress, and there is a flame mark on the eyebrow.

It looks like a zone.

"Do you dare me?"

"I stunned?"

"Is it?"


The bald head raised his hand.


A loud noise, the immortal was bombarded, and there were only a few times in the ground.


A blood, sprayed.

A punch!

Other cultivars saw this scene, and the face was changed.

They have retired.

This group of bald heads directly around the bodies of the lion, looked at the hammer and strong man.