"Refine Door is imprisoned, they are the replenishment door."

"What? People in the northern area come here?"

"Six-class zone, is arrogant!"

Many cultivators whispered and did not dare to face those bald heads.

I heard the fight, and the onlookers are getting more and more.

The hammer is high-spirited, and it is not sweet.

The sacrifice tens of brothers killed the lion altogether.

Seeing, I have to open the belly and take out the lion rock.

Now, there are people who come to the door.


Let them give them directly, the heart is not sweet!

Lion rock is not as you like the best spirit!

I have worked hard for decades, and I may not get a lot of spirit!

Oh, fight!

"What do you want to do?"

Strong people mention the hue, pointed to the body, and angry.


There is no nonsense in the bald, and you will come straight.

Zhuang Han raises the hammer, align a bald head, and slap.


Like the impact on the ancient clock, I sent a roar.

The actuat is flying, knocking down a rock.

Follow it.

The bald head immediately stood up, shaking his head, biting his teeth, like a beast porsachan puff past.

This scene saw a variety of cultivars in the eyes of the immortal.

"Receptive door is really strong, this flesh is defense, I am afraid that it is not much better than the lion rock beast!"

"It's terrible, but I haven't conflicted with them!"

Next to the lion rock beast, more than a dozen bald heads like a tiger, don't have a strong dynasty.

Just start, the strong man can also respond.

He is behind, he is so fast.

Strong hamenters, spread through the body.


He fell like a shellfall, falling to the distance.

He struggled to stand up, looked at the top of the group, and the head did not return quickly.

He is still following yours.

For these, the group is completely ignored.

They came to the lion rock beast, pick up the long knife, and opened the belly.

However, the lion rock beast is hard to be toned, which is extremely difficult to break.

It has been used to break a mouthful of strength.

After using half an hour, they took out a fist size in the belly of the lion rock, and the red spar like a heart.

This thing came out, instantly attracted hundreds of greedy.

"Lions Yellow Heart!"

"This is completely a big spirit!"

"This thing is better than the best Lingshi!"

Carefully put the lion rock heart carefully, then they took the foot and went at the speed.

They looked at this scene, and there was no waves on the face.

With the son, the horizon has been fully opened.

This kind of customs, completely can't afford their interest.

"Let's go too, try to hide the dark, save strength!" Luosi smoke said.

"it is good!"

Then, the three people quickly rushed forward, under the phoenix, no one noted them.



Death is prohibited.


A green green leather shadow is flies.

She is a woman, pretty face, showing a touch of perseverance.

She is the Xuanyuan family, her daughter - Xuanyuan poem.

"Father, wait for me to get the blood phoenix Dan, can make you breakthrough, until then, you don't have to look at those elder faces!"

Xuanyuan poem muttered, quickly rushing forward.

Suddenly, she stopped, looking at the blue giant rock, slightly frowning.

"Booming ..."

Such as the rock rubbing sound.

Xuanyuan poetry is fried,

She hid behind a stone, watching far away.


At this time, the plunger shadow flew in the phoenix.

"Brothers, hurry, so I will go to the center!"

"Once the entrance is found, it is possible to get the blood phoenix Dan!"

"He stop, there is a swallowing magic, there is the practice method in the hand, the world is returned to us!"

"Hey, what is that?"

A few stones look far away from the blue boulders, straighten Changhong, go rapidly, standing on the blue giant rock.

"Booming ..."

Like thunder.

Several people scolded, starting with the sky.

"call out……"

Digital blades exploded in the ear.

A blue tentacle, instantly penetrating a few people, like a scorpion usually tied them.

Subsequently, pull back the blue giant rock.

"Bang ..."

Blue giant rock opens a bloody, swallowing a few people.

"Booming ..."

Stone friction sound, constantly sound.

After a while, it will restore calm.

To death, the figure, there was no miserable call.

Xuanyuan poetry looked at this scene, pretty face, showing a sense of hearing a balance.

"It's a huge beast! This is only afraid of seven steps to fly a strong, nor the opponent!"

"This death is really horrible, you must have to be careful!"

After that, Xuanyuan poetry has changed a direction and quickly runs.

after one day.

The ice rock beast is surrounded by quiet.

Most of the cultivars have entered the hinterland.

On this day, the two movements came quickly from the distance.

When you are in front, it is Sun Hao.

He looked at the four squares, and his mouth was soaring.

It is said that this death is not harder, and the cultivator enters it, it is not available.

However, it is for the weak.

Next to you, there is a master of this master.

I took a day, let alone the danger, even a monster is not seen.

Look, after I feel like a dream, I am scared, I am not afraid.

"Since the dream is so strong, you don't have to stay at home in the future, you have to go out!"

Sun Yu looked at the phoenix, secretly nodded.

Then, he pulled the small hand of the Phoenix, took her forward.


The Phoenix is ​​a dream, looking forward, slightly frown.

"Gong, you will take a rest here!" Huangru dreams.

"Is there a monster?" Sun Hao asked.

"Well, it is a ice rock beast, I will come!"

After that, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and go quickly.

"Memory beast?"

Sun Yu looked at the Phoenix, like a dream, and looked at it.

"Booming ..."

A deafening voice sounded.

I saw it, and a blue boulder stands throughout.

Three thick legs, like three Optimus horses horizontally.

On the leg, it is a huge blue round stone.

It seems that it is very strange.

"This kind of monster, is it too strange?"

Sun Hao looked at it and was surprised.


Huangru dreams in front of the ice rock giant, looking at it.

"call out……"

Suddenly, dozens of broken sounds sounded.

The ice rock beast is flying out of a root suggestion, and the phoenix is ​​like a dream.

Take the tentacles, with a very cold.

Surrounding temperature, rapid decrease.

The phoenix saw this scene, the face did not change.

Don't slowly extend your right hand and wavily forward.

It seems that it is only waving, and the strength is waving countless.

Thousands of hand, fusion together, hind the huge beast of the ice rock.

" ..."

A very light sound sounded, and it is a quick crack.


The ice rock giant beasts sent a scream, shocking throughout the world, they were .

Sun Hao saw this scene and sweating DC.

Fortunately, you will be far enough.

This is terrible!


The Phoenix is ​​light and drink, and the eloquent hand is in the huge beast of the ice rock.


A stone split sound sounded.

The ice rock beast, the spider is scored all over the body.


A explosion!

The ice rock giant beast is directly cracking, fried into a powder.


Sun Yu looked at this scene and shocked.

The slap is dead?

Such a horrible monster, can't bear a dream?

If the dream strength, there is no way to imagine.

Then what I still have to worry!

I think so, Sun Yizhen is rising, and the whole person is relaxed.