It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 78 2 2 Pole

Time flies, the eye is two days.

Death is in the middle of the place.

I saw it, a delivery door of up to ten meters is behind.

Light blue light, penetrating the phoenix, scattered around.

Such as the lighthouse in the dark, attract everyone's eyes.

Surrounded around the port, standing thousands of movements.

These people are all cultivators.

Can go here, not strong, it is deep in the heart.

They all stand outside the 100+, secretly observed, no one is moving.

"This transmission door is to lead to the blood Phoenix nest. Do you still have a dry? Rush!"

"I am a big head, there is a kind of you first rushed!"

Leverail, standing there.

These big guys are not good.

After a boulder in the distance, the three people of Luo will hide there, far away.

"Dean, we don't enter?" Mu Bing asked.

"Do not!"

Wen people have smiled slightly, "this pass door, where is it? Is it dangerous? I don't know at all!"

"I will wait for the rush to enter, I am afraid that I don't have it!" Said the stone.

"Dean, they are not moving!" Mu Bing asked.

"Don't worry, we can do at least one year in hand!"

"They are definitely more urgent, first look at the situation again!" Wen people said.

"it is good!"

Two women nodded and did not oppose it.

Three people explore a few eyes, far away.

" ..."

Time is followed by heartbeat, slipping in not.

Every one second, the tension atmosphere is more strong.

Come here to cultivate immortals, more and more.

But no one will send it to the door.

No one is willing to do that bird.



Bloody nest in a space.

Two false shadows stand together, watching the front screen, a smile.

On the screen, it is displayed, it is a taboo to send the door.

"I don't move, I have a bit of my mind!"

"How is it a bit? This two large array unless you swallow the heart of the behemoth, otherwise, can they go?"

"The family, look like it really doesn't fall, look like, one is not required to meet the owner!"

"No, look at that little guy, there is a breath of the huge beast!"

"So, he killed the rock giant beast? It is a bit mean!"

Two vain, looking at a common man in the crowd, nodding slightly.

"Hey, but, his talent is still a bit weak, not qualified to get the master inheritance!"

"Yes! The blood collection has can't be suppressed! I really want to put water, let him pass, but, the rules are not allowed!"

Two vain, a while talking, the face is disappointed.

"For up to 100 years, the blood-Phoenix will escape. At that time, the family is a disaster!"

"We are doing the two pole towns, the power consumption is almost the same, I really hope that the people have a enchanting, gain the owner's inheritance!"

"Don't you find it again?"

"it is good!"

After that, in the eyes of the two vain, light gray light.

The two eyes seem to penetrate thousands of miles, sweeping to the east.


Suddenly, in the eyes of the shadow, I turned out a brunt and surprised.

"What is found?"

"You see, it hides three little guys behind the stone!"

After a while.

"What? Do not look at it, there is mysterious power to shroud! This mysterious force is not weaker than the owner!"

"When did the race have this strong?"

"However, these little guys are talented! They have encountered a stunning creation! Wait until they receive the owner,

"Good! In this case, then give them a difficulty!"

"It also increases the difficulty? The owner is inherited, do you want to send it?"

"Is this the owner's request? For enchanting, you must use the appearance of the enchanting level!"

"That's okay, first look at them, can you enter the blood collection again!"



For these, the three people of Luo willus smoked.

At this moment, they are holding a shot, and they can't move.

At this time.


Nearly a hundred movements were rapid.

These people are wearing the same costume.

For the first person, it is dressed in red yarn, and there is a bright red rouge on his mouth. It looks very beautiful.

This pedestrian appears, immediately causing a lot of vibration.

"Who are they?"

"You don't know this? You look at the costumes on them, embroidered with Fang family emblems, want them to be the people of the northern domain!"

"What, the people of the family are also coming? That is three-level forces!"

"There are them, where are you waiting for ?!"

Three levels, in the eyes of the cultivar, it is the same.

Every person is watching the red yarn.

"That is Fang Xiaoxiao! The famous genius! It is said to be the ten sequence of the square!"

"I rub? This is here, rumors Fang Xiaofu have traveled the nine-color thunder, reaching the flying misery!"

"Look, for the blood-Phone nest, Fangjiajia will be!"

Thousands of essence, all of them were on Fang Xiaoxiao.

At this moment, she became the focus of everyone.

Fang Xiaopao raises the corner of the mouth, not intended, out of the arrogance.

The demon is shot, and it is exuded on her.

"Miss, this is only afraid to enter the delivery door of the blood collection, do you want me to send people to try?"

A man stands in front of Fang Xiaotong, respectfully.

"Do not!"

Fang Xiaoxiao hooks his hand, a mouth, Bai Mei.

She glanced at the immortal, said: "The little woman needs a ten big brother to help!"

"Of course, not free!"

"As long as I am willing to help the little woman, I will reward a piece of Pingyuan!" Fang Xiaoxiang said.

This is an out, and a shock is seen.

"What? Shangpin Source, this is equivalent to 100 topping!"

"Foundation is worthy of the first forces in the town, it is really money!"

Many people on the face, revealing a greedy color.


Nothing to ran over.

In the crowd, a cultivator came out from the out, said: "Miss Fang, please say something first!"

"It's very simple, rush into the transfer array!"

Fang Xiaoxiao waved his right hand, ten Ziyang sparkling sparse presented in front of it.

"The first to rush to my side, this kind of spirit is yours!"

I just finished this.

"call out……"

Hundreds of shadows, rushing.

That look, like a hungry tiger.


Fang Xiaoxiao waved his right hand, and a stock grade breeded from her hand, and sent it back to the post-relying immortal.

Only ten people who have been rushed first.

"Take it!" Fang Xiaoxiang opened.

"Miss Xie Fang!"

Ten cultivots picked up the spirit.

"On, you rushed in, you are dead, you will see your creation!" Fang Xiaopian faintly opened.

"Yes, Miss Fang!"

After that, on the face of ten people, I showed a squat, I didn't want it, and I sent the door to the door.

When they have just encountered the delivery door.


Garfield blue lights up.

Above the door, the earthquake layer is rippled, and the ten people will shock.


Ten people reweaved to land, and fell to the gray face.

Fortunately, just being slightly injured.

"What? Can't enter!"

"What is going on?"

"Is this a fake? In this case, why do you want to stand here?"

A group of cultivars looked at this scene, and the face did not believe.