It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 79th Unpacking Prohibition, let the unsave

After several thousand practitioners, no one can enter the delivery door.

Just when everyone is desperate.

"I'll try!"

At this time, a long-term ordinary man stood up.

Seeing this person, many cultivars wrinkled.

"What? Can he enter?"

"Who is he? It seems that I have never seen it!"

"He claimed to be a Tu and Heaven! The strength is very strong!"

Everyone looked at this man, his eyes moved.

I saw it.


Men sterilize the residue and rush into the delivery door.



Transmit the blue sky in the door, wrap him up.

The others reacted.

The man has disappeared in the same place.

"What? Go in ?!"

"Is it what he found?"

"It's likely, enter this smooth, set it to the position!"

The emperor's face is shocked.

"Since he can find a position, I will not believe that I can find the wrong!"

A cultivator rushed quickly and hit into the delivery door.


There is no suspense, he is hitter to do tens of meters and falls on the ground.

"Look, it doesn't matter to the location, it is not right, then I will try it!"

After finishing, a cultivator fell to the body, his hands were feet, and the man was flying.


He is big enough, and he is also hit by his head.

Next trial, there is no exception, and it will end in failure.

"Why is the Tauce and heaven stick?" Mu Bing opened.

"Is it?"

Suddenly, Luo Cow didn't seem to think about anything.

"What is it?" Wenren Shi, Mu Ice sent a question.

"He didn't kill a huge beast, then swallowed the rock beast blood? Will it be related to the heart of the behemoth with the huge beast?"

"What are you waiting for, go!"

After finishing, the three people quickly went.

"Miss, only the Tatski can enter!" A man said.

"I understand, but, I finally saw hope!"

Fang Xiaoxiao's mouth, said: "Everyone, who knows the things of Tumo, talking, talking in detail, answering well, ten topping is yours!"

"Miss Fang, I know some!"

At this time, several men came quickly.

After a moment.

"What? This comes, just swallowed the rock beast, can you enter?"

"What are you waiting for, go to the rock giant beast!"

"That is the seven-step flying mall, don't want to die, join together!"



Bloody nest somewhere.

Two vain looked at this scene, and the look was different.

"Why do this doll tell other people in the entry condition? Does she go in with the people?"

"Do you think she is stupid? Wrong! She is extremely dangerous, she knows the extremely danger of the blood-Phone nest, others seem to be cannon!"

"Then this person is also good, a little potential!"

"Don't say that I am here, look at your side!"

"I am dead door, enter into it, you will die, still don't look!"

"The pole of the dead is life, the owner creates these two very big arrays, whether it is a giving door, still dead, have a living!"


The two eyes are directly eye on the West Side Channel of the Blood Phoenix.

"Weak, too weak, is really a group of weak chickens!"

"No, the dead door actually entered so many people?"

"What is the use? Finally, I can't die?"

"The little guy is not bad, I don't know if I can live?"

"Difficult, blood phoeni monster,

"I don't know how they get in? According to reason, their strength now, kill the ice rock beast!"

"How much ice rock beast is left outside?"

"Look at it!"

After a while.

Two vain recovery.

Shocking, writing on the face.

"What, the ice rock beast is dead?"


A vain is could not help but explode, "" turned out to be killed, and it was a slap! "

"Who is it? Is it going to get broken? After killing, don't be ice heart!"

"No so many people come in, it turns out that they are ice rock!"

"Then do we see who is killing?"

"it is good!"

In the eyes of the two vain, the rays bloom, directly sweeping near the Western port.

After a while.


Like God thundering on top of them.

It seems to be dissipated.

They opened their mouths, their eyes were sluggish, and they were shocked, and they were full of faces.

"This this……"

They sounded, and they did not say a complete word for a long time.

That look, like seeing the most terrorist monsters in the world.

"He ... who he is? How did you come here?"

"See it, it is a no existence, he ... he came here, how is this?"

"He seems to go to death! With his strength, I am afraid of a finger, I can bombard the dead door. In that, the blood collection fled!"

"I am so disabled, let the no existence go in! It's late, I can't get it!"

"Solve the ban, we will be dead."

"Don't let it, you can't get it later!"

Two false shadows began to operate.



Death is the west of the restricted area.

Sun Hao and the Phoenix were launched, and they went forward.

There is a phoenix, and Sun Hao faces, there is no fear.

All the way, encounter a lot of ice rock giant beasts, the result is the temple of being sent by the Phoenix!

This is powerful, in this, what else can she deal with?

"That is?"

Sun Hao pointed to the front and frowned.

I saw it, and there was a port of a port in a few hundred meters.

This port is red and red, different from the oriental transmission door color.

Looking far, just like a bloody eye.

In the direction of Sun Yizhen, the Phoenix is ​​like a bit of his eyes, and looks at it.

"Bono, that is a port!" Huangru dream


Sun Hao frowned slightly.

Portal, you can see more.

However, they all have seen in the past game.

It can be described as a five-flowers, various types, there should be everything.

"If you dream, go, take a look!"

"Okay, son!"

The two quickly sent the door to the door.



Some boulders surrounded by some boulders, there are many cultivators.

They are watching the position of the port, carefully guarded.

"Our luck is really back, no ice rock heart!"

"This will be dying!"

"I can only pray that someone enters it, I can get inheritance, break the sky! We can escape!"

"Don't count on others, or rely on yourself, first grab the ice rock heart is the most important!"

At this time.


On the delivery door, the red light is big, and people can't see it.

"This ... What happened? Run!"

"This will not be exploded? We hide away!"

The cultivator, flying back, keeping a distance from the delivery door.


The outermost layer of the port is delivered, the barrier of the red, frustrated, is stripped under the visible speed of the naked eye.

"somebody is coming!"

An excited sound.

Everyone looked at it, just saw Sun Hao and the Phoenix Tong Dynasty sent the door.