It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter VIII Director is a dog

"They don't have the power of the ice giant behemoth!"

"Do they want to do? Is it difficult to do this?"

"It's really two stun, no swallowing ice rock beast, I also want to go in!"


A group of plays, all staring on two people.

Next second.

All cultivars widened their eyes and faithful.

"What? Go in?"

"Is there a little resistance? Is this too smooth?"

They looked at the delivery door, between the time, did not return God.

"Fast ... fast, don't be stunned, it should be that the ban is disappeared, they can only go in!"

"What are you waiting for, rush!"

A group of cultivators have made their respective means and send the door to the door.

Seeing, they must rush into the delivery door.

At this time.


Terror ban, blinking, block everyone away.

" ..."

A group of cultivators, like a fairy, and hit by the power of the anti-earthquake.

They struggled and looked at the delivery door, and they were not sweet.

"The death, the death, it will go in a little bit!"

"The luck of luck, this dead transfer array, it seems to be aware, deliberately block us!"

"Don't say it, haven't you understood? The delivery door is a dog!"

"So you said, just transferred the ban on the ban, it is intentionally put the two people in it? How can he lick a mortal!"

"Mortal? Do you think that mortal? That's because you can't see it at all!"

"So, is that people are not mortal?"

"Why! I am afraid that the man is even sent to the door!"

This is finished here.


Call the cold air sound.



Bloody nest somewhere.

Two fallen shadow stations are in place, revealing a serious color.

"Too insurance, too dangerous, almost didn't open the ban!"

"Yeah, it's really scared to death! Do you have no existence, come here?"

"He wouldn't you come to save the blood?"

"I hope it is not, or if it is evil, it is a disaster for the whole world!"

Two illumes muttered their own words, bitter face.

For these, Sun Hao will not know.

At this moment, he and the phoenix dream have appeared in a cave.

One side of the cave is a rock wall and the other side is a channel.

The channel is red, and the heat wave does not stop.

Standing here, Sun Hao closed his eyes and exposed a pair of expressions.

"This is really warm!"

I heard this, the phoenix is ​​slightly changed.

Is this warm? Obviously it is not borne hot!

The whole person is in a steamer.

Even if there is a fairy clothes, the sweat is also rolling.

Do not have, the Phoenix is ​​in the power of Dantian, forming a shield, covering the whole body, this is a lot.

"If a dream, hurry, it is very comfortable!"

Sun Hao looked back at the phoenix, shouting.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​dark, and the sweat is dark, looks at Sun Hao, and admire his face.

The son is amazing!

"If you dream, you have to bring me!"

"Ans you have you protect, I am relieved!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!" Huangru dreams.

"Soon, I can practice it. When I changed, I changed me to protect you!" Sun Hao said.

"Well!" The Phoenix is ​​looking at the head, and the eyes are flashing.

Two people finger, tightly.

There seems to have no end, and the two don't know how long.

The channel temperature has reached a thousand degrees, like a boiling steel furnace.

Phoenix is ​​a dream of physical strength, consumes fast.

In this way, it will consume clean.

However, there is a lot of fairy fruits in the space ring, and it is enough to supplement.

This time, ready enough.

Thinking of this, the Phoenix is ​​a whole relaxation.


"Hey ..."

A sound.

This is awkward, and Sun Yu is scared.

Lower, a piece of humanoid skull under the feet, was stepped on a slim.

"I rub, the dead skull!"

Sun Hao is dark, and the heart is nervous.

Although the various horrible large pieces of the past is enough, I see it in my own eyes, still a bit.

This place, although it is comfortable, it is very dangerous!

This skull under the foot is fixed.

However, if you are dreaming, what is afraid!

Sun Hao grabbed the phoenix, and the whole person was very peaceful.

On the way, there are more and more skeletons, and full channels are covered.

" ..."

Like stepping on the snow, the sound is constantly.

These skeletons have strongly stimulated Sun Hao's nerve.

The heart is dramatically jumped.


So awkward, directly scare Sun Wei.

Then, several cultivars, surrounded Sun Hao.


Seeing these people, Sun Hao's eyes, the essence of it.

"I really have a modest, I don't know if they like to draw?"

I think so, Sun Hao took out a pair in his arms and ready to draw.

It is preparing to go forward.

" ..."

One of the men, took the picture to the ground.

This is a shocking.

When I went down, I became a robuling.

To death, this man will not understand.

"I want to do it with a broken painting?"

"Honestly, put the stone with the Dan medicine, Tongtong!"

"Look at what, there is you! The smells, ugly one? I have to be a face, think that we are afraid of you? Dare to fight us!"

Several cultivars, loud, and strong.

"Dare to move the son, die!"

In a simple sentence, a few people were sentenced to death.

The Phoenix is ​​a dream.

"Zi ..."

A few pieces of electricity, and the phoenix is ​​moving.

It seems that there is no power.

"Zi ..."

The electricity rapidly flew out.

Jumping on these cultivars.


They fell to the ground, hugged their heads, screaming.

Body, completely covered with electricity.

After a word.

Scream stop.

Waiting for electricity, these cultivars are black and black.

" ..."

Finally, one by one burst, turned into dust, disappearing on the spot.

Sun Hao stayed at this scene and surprised.

Killer is invisible, I can do it.

This strength, this means, incredible.


Sun Hao secretly clenched the fist, looked at the phoenix, "like a dream, there will be one day, I will super you!"

"Mon, you look at me like this, is it like a dream?" The Phoenix is ​​as worried.

"of course not!"

"If you dream, you are so powerful!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, you have a prize!" Huang said smiling.

She looked at Sun Hao, her face was not worshiping.

Mons, if I have one of you, in this life, I am afraid that there are still someone who is my opponent!

Mons, you can rest assured, I am trying to practice!

Strive to be with you forever, don't drag your back!

"This time, after we go out, you will travel to the world. How do you see?" Sun Hao said.

"Everything heard the son command!" Huangru dreams.

"Don't, you have my own ideas!"

"The son, my thoughts, you are all listening to you!" Huangru dreams.


Sun Hao sighed.

This world is a male world!

Woman, just attainment.

The problem is that women are still thinking about it, I feel that everything is justified.

I want to change them, it is so hard!