It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 81 Chapter Town Soul

A passage in the east of the blood nest.

This channel is blue, inside, chillson, ice cold.

The kind of cold, directly penetrating the shield, drilling into the body.

"It's so cold!"

This channel is looking at it, and it is a cultivator.

These cultivar teeth tremble, the body is .

On the hair, on the eyebrow, frost.

"This, there is no end, but also getting colder, I am afraid that I have not reached the end, I am waiting for it!"

"Yeah, there is no monster on the road, otherwise, we are miserable!"

"My eyebrows are straight, I think it is still going back!"

"Back? Do you think the blood-Phone is your home? I want to come back, I want to go back? Now there is a result, or die here, either get the treasure, leave here!"

After the crowd, Fang Xiaoyu led dozen people and slowly followed.



A blame sounded.

These sounds, directly hit the soul, listen to the head of the skin.

"Not good, ice crystal!"

A excitement, like a thunderstorm in the mind.

Many cultivators face, all face panic.

I saw that in front of the cave, one transparent is full of passages.

Each cockroach, there is a thick arm thick, a blue light, from the tail, gather at the head.

After a few words.

The blue mood is bright to see.

"Run, run, they have to attack!"

A screaming, in the entire channel.

A divination, the scalp is numb, turns it, runs behind.

Just, where is it!

All ice crystals open their mouths.

"call out……"

Ice cold, like a blue ice silk, make a blank sound, and go to everyone.

"Do not……"


Amazing sound, constantly sound.

Ice silk hits the body, the shield is broken.

Endless chill, shrouded the whole body.

The whole person, directly frozen into ice sculptures.

They are afraid to be in terrorism. At this moment, they become eternal.

Between the blink, dozens of ice sculptures, horizontal in the channel.

Follow it.

" ..."

Fried sounds, constantly sound.

Ice sculptures are blown by one by one.

The flesh and blood is broken with ice, full of whole channel.

This scene, strongly stimulating the nerves of the cultivator.

Their body trembled, and the teeth were trembled.

"Don't be stunned, when they are sag, I will attack, otherwise, everyone will die together!"

At this time, a bald man stood up.

He is precisely the people of the refinement.

He took dozens of bald heads and straight.

He pressed a ice crystal, reached out, and bombed it.


A fried.

Ice crystal is directly burst.

This group of bald heads, powerful, light against the flesh, can kill ice crystals.

"It is them, the people of the refinement!"

"Since there are them, it will be on it!"


The rest of the immortal, one by one, also rushed over.

"Miss, are we going to help?"


Fang Xiaoxiao's face, rising his mouth, "helping a fart, save strength is the most tight!"

"You go to the meaning, don't worry!" Fang Xiaoxiao said.

"Yes, Miss!"



This group of cultivars behind.

Three transparent figures, slow down.

Every step is to be careful, and I don't dare to get a half sound.

"Dean, your clothes are really easy to use, even Fang Xiaoxiao did not find us!"

"This can only be useful for half a fairy or less, I want to find us!"

"What is it? The caregiver will not appear in us, only will appear in a fatal risk, we have not taken her, the caregiver will not pay attention to this!"

"It's good! Go, we keep it slowly."

"it is good!"

Three gods slowly moved forward.




In front of the channel, the explosion is passed from time to time.

The whole channel is .

On the road, I met the body of the immortal from time to time.

Miserable model, can't bear to see.

Time flies, the turn is a few hours.


In front, there is a swing.

This sound, I heard a few people in the Luosi smoke, not from the eyes.

Look, come to the destination.

"Walk, we will follow it, don't expose!"

"it is good!"

Three people speed up the speed and go forward.

Soon, a few people looked at the front eye, and they were shocked.

I saw it.

They are located, is an incomparable round space.

This space is large enough to accommodate a medium city.

The rock walls are neatly flat, like someone opens up.

Above the stone wall, dense numbness, portrayed countless ancient flames.

It is a few hundred meters away.

Thousands of cultivars, standing in the place, looking up, looking forward, eyes, flickering.

Look at them in their eyes.

There are a few people in the Luo Cows, and the face is shocked.

I saw that there was a ten-meter high square stone platform in front of the cultivar.

On the stone platform, there is a head-small stone bead.

"That is the soul bead!"

A excited sound.

This sound is just right.


There is a cultivator immediately.

Dozens of cultivars, each make a means and go forward.

In the eyes, the greedy is blooming.

"Not good, the town soul bead is going to take them away!"

"Damn, a step later, regret it!"

I haven't come to the cultivator, one by one, full of regrets.

Many people are also a means, crazy pursuit.

It seems to be sent first.

Just, how it is possible.

They can only look at the immortals to the top of the town.

Seeing, someone will succeed.

At this time.


A sound.

On the town soul bead, lit up the eyes and white, take a transparent space.

"Zi Zi ..."

These rays, the spread, flour on the table, spread along those ancient textures, spread to the ground.


On the ground, the ancient flames, fast light.

A extremely cold force, centered on the town soul, and scattered around.

"not good……"

Tonguo in front of the immortal, scalp.

On the face, panic and regretted.

"Do not……"

Shout, suddenly stop.

Their body is directly frozen into ice sculptures.


The next second, frying.

To death, there was no scream.

Taking the town soul bead, the cultivar in the square is tricky.

The town is around.

The corpse broiler is covered.

The coldness of ice is bloody and bloody, spreading the quartet.

This scene, strongly stimulating everyone's attention.

Many cultivars, secretly wiped cold sweat.

The body is not allowed to retreat from autonomous.

"It's too dangerous, it's a little bit, just a little bit, I turned into a corpse!"

"Fortunately, I didn't move, or the same is true!"

They looked at the soul beads, just like a horror monster.

Although the town soul is good, it is not so good.