It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 82 Terrorism

"We are shot?" Mu Ice said.

"Don't worry!"

Luo Liu smashed the front, "You see, the one is around!"

Mu Ice and the words of the people are looking for, and they are not contracted by the pupil.

I saw it, around the table, four black armor sitting on the ground, back to the table, like four guards.

Under the black armor, it is a pair of ostensibly, it seems to die.

Each of the skeleton, there is a shack of beasts like a mad lion.

"Is it the fourth battle of the cold sentence?"

"Is them? It's impossible!"

"They are all here! It is said that they can be all immortals!"

"Look, in order to suppress blood Huang, the four war will die here!"

The three people of Luo will looked in front, hiding in the corner, no mess.


Soon, the town will flash once, it will flash once and activate the extremely cold.

Extreme cold, nine-nine is absorbed by the big array, I don't know where it is sent.

If it is not a big array of absorption, if it is completely released, the cold whistling is enough to let everyone look for smoke.

"Miss, what should I do? Is it awaiting?"

A man standing in front of Fang Xiaoxiao, whispered.

"Are you ready?" Fang Xiaoxin asked.

"Miss, I am ready!"

"In this case, you will do it!"

Fang Xiaoxiao's right hand one finger.


Her dozens of men are moving together.

If they are lightning, they are rapid to the town soul bead.

During the running process, each of them took out a crystal ball.

"What? Do they not live?"

"No, they are the Pearl!"

"What, this kind of thing is all, it is a family, too rich!"

All people are watching dozens of men.

These people, the strength has reached the flyback, and it is extremely powerful.

Union together, it is a force that is not tolerant.

Soon, they rushed to the town soul beads.

Also at this time.


A sound.

The town soul beads looked up and glamorous.

White mang is like a silk line.


Drink a big man.

These dozens of men, worship the Pearl of Pearl, flew to the soul beads.


White molar drills, drilling into the Pulsion Beads, being swallowed up.

Until the town soul beads extinguished, the Pearl of Pearl is safe.

For the first man, open, open again, "collect!"

They moved neatly, and the Pearl of Pearl was closed.

After doing this, I don't want to do it for the first man, and go straight to the soul bead.

However, he has just taken it.


The Pulp Pearl was crazy in his hand.

Not waiting for a man to react.

"! ..."

The Pulling Pearl exploded one by one.

The horror shock wave, collided with the body of the Pli Pearl man into a broken block, and flipped around.

Mangmang in Pulling Pearl, such as the silk japonicum, through the line, spread to the ancient array.

The whole process occurs between the event.

Waiting for a trief to react, see, just a man bursting a bloody scene.

They stayed at this scene and shocked.

Even the Pearl of Pearl, you can't absorb the power of the town soul, who can get the soul of the town?


Fang Xiaoxiao stood in the same place, the mouth is slightly convulsion, and the look is extremely ugly.

Thousands of thousands of counsel, no, the power of the soul beads is so powerful.

Who can win the soul beads?

right now,

How to do?

Do you personally?

Do not!

There is no more trouble before you absolutely grasp.

Fang Xiaoxiao stands in place, hiding in a corner, waiting for the opportunity quietly.

"Look, no one will move, is we waiting for this?" Wen people asked.

"of course not!"

Luo Cow smoke slightly, "Since this town soul is needed, it must be taken!"

"That is afraid of pinking bones, it is also a righteousness!"

"However, you can't sacrifice with white!"

"This is not extent, even if you go, I am afraid that I can't get it! So, I have to absorb this extremely cold!" Luo smoke said.


On the face of the two, it is exposed to a difficult color.

Is it so easy to absorb?

One is not good, it will make people ster into bones.

How to do?

Luo Liu smokes in front of the big array, frowning thinking.

Is it extremely cold?

What should I close this thing?

By the way, the son's pair of "Qingsong map"!

The pair of "Qingsong map" only left snow, and it has a very frozen force.

This is obvious than these extremely cold power!

The son gives us "Qingsong map", and there is still this layer.

I am really dull, I want to understand now!


Luo willus smashed tone.

Subsequently, it is a sparkling.

"Fortunately, I am preparing enough, bringing the Lord's pair of paintings!"

The row of smoked smoke, took out "Qingyou Map".

However, "Qingsong Chart", Yansong has already taken root in Yaochi.

Now, in the picture, there is only snow.


In a mid-cultivator, a picture, suddenly appeared in the top of everyone.

"what is that?"

"It seems to be a pair of pictures?"

"Draw? Will someone regard this picture as a magic?"

They look at the paintings and doubt.

Fang Xiaopao is also moving with the painting.

This picture, when did she appear, she did not find it at all.

In the cultivator, it is really awkward tiger.


The painting is half empty, and it is rapidly.

It seems that you have to cover the whole space.


At this moment, the town soul beads were slightly trembled.

Countless white mang, running on the soul beads, like the golden river inverted, and did not enter the picture.

Standing below the cultivator, looked up, in the eyes, the eyes were shocked.

"This is all things? This ... this terrorist picture, this is at least in the best?"

"It is terrible, the power of the town soul is turned among it!"

"This picture is only afraid of Xianbao?"

"What ?! Xianbao!"

The cultivator looked at the sky painting, and the eyes were greedy.

They are watching, followed by the picture.


I saw that the picture rolls quickly narrowed, not a moment, change back to the original size, disappearing in the sky.

This pair of pictures have just fallen into the hand of Luo.


Dozens of figure, rapid, out.

These dozens of people are basically old strange.

They are fast if they are lightning, which is much stronger than the general cultivator.

Among these people, there is a generic man.

This person is the first person into the blood-neck nest - Tattle and Heavenly.


His speed is the fastest and leads far.

"What is him!"

"That is a Tat and heaven stick, damn, hidden enough! The town soul is to be taken by him!"

"Damn, damn it! That is mine!"

The cultivator who went forward and biting his teeth, roaring.