Fang Xiaoyu looked at the butcher and heavenly sticks in front of him.

Just now, he hesitated for a while. I didn't expect that he was rushed to the front.

This long-in-one ordinary guy has this strength.

This big face, can't distinguish between people.

"The death, just slow a little bit!"

Fang Xiaoxiao hinds, keeps picking up accelerator paper, released on the body.

Despite this, it is still not possible to catch up with the buttocks.

She can only look at the Tumor and Sundua rushed to the town soul, and it is impossible.

Seeing that the Tum and heavenly righteousness must catch the soul beads.

At this time.


On the ground, the ancient big array lit up his eyes.

These rays, fast flow, poured into the table, drilled into four skeleton knights.

In the black armored knight, there is a blue light of the two regiments, just like the soul flame, people don't dare to look directly.


A scream.

With four waves, it shook.

"Do not……"

The buttocks are in the body, and the first time was shocked by the air wave, and he hit the ground.

Then, it is Fang Xiaoxin.

She came with the ground intimate kissing, lip and swollen, dizzy, very comfortable.

The cultivators who rushed through the past did not fall to the benefits.

Helping the eyes, gifted, gray face.

" ..."

Everyone didn't understand what happened, the table was around, and the bones were rubbed.

Follow it.

Four skeletal bones followed the mount and stood up.

In the eyes of the bones, light blue flames, like ghosts, is generally staring at everyone, making creepy.

"Don't die!"

I don't know who shouted a big drink, surprised everyone, and trembled.

I saw four black A knights, glanced.

"You can't destroy this, die!"

In the mouth of the black armor, the sound of chalcation is exploding.

Then, the black armored knight moved.


The ground, humbeles, like an earthquake.

A black armored rushed into a flying to the fairy.

The scorpion of the cultivator was blown.

I don't say two words, the means of bodyguards, crazy makes it.


On him, it immediately hood several shields.

Follow it.

He took a piece of treasure, and he took out the black armored speed.


" ..."

The treasure is like tofu.

Hit on the Black A Knight, and did the explosion.

In addition to racing fire, there is no hidden injury.

Even the speed, no half of the stagnation.

The Black A Knight is standing in front of the fairy, and he is high.

The soul flames in the eyelids, slightly beat.


The big knife in hand, falling from the sky.

It is clear that there is no power, but let the immortal body tremble, the face is changed.

"Do not……"

Shout, suddenly stop.

"... ..."

The immortal body was built in half, soft soft.


The Black Ako has not paused and continues to rush to other cultivators.

"Do not……"

The screaming just sounded, and it turned it out.

No one can resist the black armored knight.

What is the means, in front of the black armor, like a joke.

No one, causing harm to the black armor.

The whole scene is like a compassion, and the broken limbs are broken.

"Damn, damn!"

The Tattle and Hece struggled to stand up, and his face was incomparably ugly.

There is no war on his face,



A brifzed knight directly locked him and rushed to him.

At that speed, it seems slow, it is faster to the extreme.

If you can't stay, the Black A knight has come to him.

"Zooming inch, this ... this is a fairy!"

Tu and heaven stick turned, looked at the big knife, scallion.

"Save me!" The Tattleyu made a heartbreaking.


The big knife is like a tofu.


A sound.

Human head scroll.

Tattle and heaven sticks, both eyes wide, one is unwilling.

Finally, the head is rolling in front of Fang Xiaoxiao, and you will die.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at this scene and scared the soul.

She is crazy to struggle.

Why didn't I get too heavy, a moment, I can't stand up.

At this time.


A black Ako ridiculous and coming.

When I worp, I stood in front of Fang Xiaoxiao.

Without any pity, you are right, you are a knife.

"Do not……"

Fang Xiaoxiao closed his eyes and sent a unwillingness.


A metal beats sounded.

The horror waves, directly put Fang Xiaoyang.


She returned to the ground, after a few times, fainting in the past.


Black Ako Knight is striking two steps.

He is in the same place and looks at the front.

I saw it.

Before the black armor, a black body appeared in the air.


This black body, the body is straight back.

It has been used for a lot of strength to stabilize the shape.

In the dark eyes, it turned out a horror.

He looked at the black armor, taboo.

The Black A Knight is also staring at him, and it seems to see him through the general.

I didn't move between time.

"Guao people!"

An excited sound.

Those who are running escape, stop.

"What? The caregiver appears?"

"We have saved, the caregiver is half-fairy, the strength is very powerful!"

"That is, I want to deal with the few people who don't die, there should be no problem!"

Everyone looked at the black shadow, and the eyes were in the eyes.


The other three black A knights seem to have discovered that they are not right, and they are surrounded by the black shadow.

Seeing this scene, the black shadow face is afraid.


His figure disappeared in the same place.

When you appear again, it has been coming to the black armored knight.

For the blackligate, it is a sword.


Air shock.

The sword whistling.

If the wave is general, the layer is stacked, straight black A knight.

Horror power, see people cold sweat DC.

"Swords"! "

Many cultivars looked at this scene and touched.

Seeing that these swords will be on the black armored knight.

At this time.

The black armored knight moved the body, lifted the long knife, aligned ahead, a knife cut.

"Hey ..."

Like the glass cracking sound.

For example, the radical sword is, and the cracked open.


A loud sound, shocking the whole space is .


Black A Knights and Guard people go back.

It has been used a lot of strength, and the caregiver is stabilizing.

In his eyes, it is imperative.

At the same time, three black knights have been surrounded.

They stand four squares, form a rampant, ready to launch attacks at any time.


The caregiver is dark, retreat.

He swept his eyes and dizzy, Fang Xiaoxiao, a firm, "Miss, you can rest assured, I will save you out!"

After finishing, the caregiver is flashing, and the past is rushed to a black armor.


The Black A Knight has long prepared a big knife, and the corner is cut it.

" ..."

The body of body is directly smashed into light, disappeared.